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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last Valentine's Day, we found out this lovely lady had RSV and he had to get a breathing treatment and an inhaler. Well, almost exactly a year later we got a breathing treatment again!
Resting - very, very rare. Clued me in something was up.
After this sight, I took the boys to the doctor to get checked out. Sicky had to get a chest x-ray, bloodwork and this breathing treatment.
And look who was playing sweetly in the background. I said sweetly - not neatly. I hope I am not the only person who has to get on all fours at least twice to clean up the room before we leave.
Luckily, everything was clear - his coughing was just giving him fits. It hasn't been called asthma yet, and I am hoping it won't, but right now he is Sir Wheezy.
And, just for the heck of it, we checked this little animal's ears. They were both pretty infected - one she described as 70% bad, and one as about 60%. Who would have known? My only clue was that he wasn't eating as much - and if you look at him, that is unusual. So, we have been on the mend this February. And PRAISE GOD for this spring weather. Just when I thought I couldn't hate January and February more.
Playing with Pap and Ellie
Playing with Pap and Ellie almost exactly a year ago
Anyway, fast forward a much healthier week. We are in Andalusia for Heath's work and some family time. Turner was so excited that he couldn't even take a nap (except about 20 minutes) because he was too busy saying "Pap? Where's Pap? At work? MeMe at work? MeMe at the house?" The whole. way. down.

We have only been down here a few hours, but we have been living it up! Playing outside, watching the big "fruck" working on the septic tank, pulling out containers, running around everywhere. Loving the wide open space for sure! Ellie is either going to leave loving these boys like brothers or dreading being around them. The jury is still out!
Shameless Snuggler
Oh, and P.S. I just figured out how to hook my phone to the computer to get pictures off. And Kate even let me in on the fact that my phone was charging while plugged in. Hmmm. Exciting to me! So, I wanted to show this for all of you who know how organized I am :). But seriously, check out this earring organizer I copied from Pioneer Woman's and Susan Carothers' blogs.
Ignore the dust and Cheerios box. That's how we roll.
Gangsta in monogram. Peace.

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