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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A wedding and some tricks

On February 11th, Uncle Derek and Aunt Stacy got married. They had a small wedding at our church. Reverend Hay officiated (this sounds like a wedding announcement in the paper) - that was very sweet because he has been our pastor our whole lives. He baptized all 3 Starr children, and he married Heath and me as well. Last March, he baptized Turner. He also led my dad to the Lord when he and Mom were first married. So, it was very special!
After the wedding, we all went to The Club for a dinner. It was very nice! I did not know they had totally redone a lot of The Club, especially the State Rooms. They look like a whole new place. The view is still amazing!

The kids at the wedding

The honeymooners didn't get off to the Keys as planned. With the snowstorm of 2 weeks ago, their first flight was delayed. They were told they couldn't fly out until the next day. So, they played in the snow, shopped and enjoyed Ruth's Chris at their hotel. The next morning their flight was cancelled again! So, my dad drove them to Atlanta at 6 that morning. Two or so cancelled/standby flights later they finally took off. I love the aquarium in Atlanta, but I was glad that didn't have to be their honeymoon! Anyway, we love them and are excited to add Stacy to our family. Stacy Starr - I have to get used to saying that...and seeing Derek with a wedding ring!
Now, to the master of trickery! Look at this little black-eyed face.

He dove into a toy. This happens 47 times a day. Seriously. Lately, he has been giving this pregnant mama a run for my money. I love his personality and he really is a blessing and makes me laugh out loud, but I just wish I had more energy.
For example, the other day we were heading to the hospital to see this baby.

Sweet baby Averitt

I was picking up some nursing gear for his mom at A Pea in the Pod. I thought we were the only people in the store, so I let the weasel down to roam around. Well, next thing I know I hear a blood curdling scream. I look up, start running and dive to the floor, loving the fact that these maternity pants I am sure are falling down in front of the sales lady. I had to dive to the floor to pull Turner's legs out from under someone's dressing room, where he was hanging out and laughing. The poor lady (who I thought was a smidge dramatic - I mean, you are pregnant! Better get used to babies!!) did not come out of her dressing room until we were out of the store. How embarrassing! Turner didn't seem to mind.

This was the scene I found this morning. This happens all day, every day. I have stopped putting things back in drawers, and I have learned to stop putting books back on the shelf until he is sleeping. He will just pull them back down, which especially burns up his OCD father. I keep finding things all around the house - this week it was a lost Motrin bottle in the bottom of the laundry basket, a spoon and a Sharpie pen in the dog food bag, 3 of Heath's hats in the toilet, and as I am typing this I am looking at Precious eating the charger for the computer. It is plugged in the wall - help me, Lord!
One other trick he has mastered is walking out of his classroom at Mother's Day Out. I didn't believe his teachers when they told me he could do this. But, when he hears my voice in the hallway, he waddles over to the door, turns it and pulls. He even waves and says "Dye" as he exits- I am so sure!

Oh yeah, and he loves to pick up my phone (or the house phone or anything that resembles a phone), put it to his ear and say "Hey" or "Lo?"(hello). Hmm, guess we are on the phone too much!

Family pic out to eat the other night for my dad's birthday...this guy below sat at the table and made a barking noise when they were singing the Japanese birthday song to Dad. RTR!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I love reading blogs. And I get annoyed when people don't update I guess I am annoyed at myself! I try to do every week, but that is rarely the case!
I was going to write a lot about where all we have been - like celebrating my Mom's birthday last week. In short, we went to Leonardo's, where we were serenaded by the accordion man. Turner liked it - from a distance! Also notice Grandad's face. He kills me!

Or our recent trip to Andalusia. We went here:

to see Heath's dad at work. He had a little helper! And then we played with MeMe - and played and played and played. Aren't grandparents wonderful? They step in and enjoy Turner so much - sometimes he is cute to them when he is not quite as cute to me. :)

"Dawh, Dawh" - Cater the "dawh"
Walking/running through the house!

Then I thought I would write a Valentine's post. Look what Heath gave me! Jackpot!!

An Edible Arrangement!!

Side story - he doesn't eat any of this except grapes. Really. More for me. Anyway, we had been dating about 8 months. We were in my parents' kitchen and I was cutting strawberries. I set some aside for Heath, and he told me that he didn't eat strawberries. I literally glared at him and said "If I had known that 8 months ago, things might be different!" I was serious. I know - it is crazy, but I love fruit that much. And my husband does not! Needless to say, we have worked through it. Praise the Lord for my loving and very patient valentine.
However, our Valentine's Day was very downplayed this year. Rewind to Friday morning. We were all waiting on the snow forecast. I got up to get ready to go to Mother's Day Out. When I went to wake Turner up, his face was bright red and he was burning up. He had 101 fever. I thought for a second about giving him Motrin and going on to school. But then I took his temp again because he wouldn't do anything but cry in my arms. It was then 102.5. Too high! Ugh! I wasn't feeling too hot either. I have been fighting a sinus infection - and you can't do much about those pregnant. Have I mentioned I am (to quote Evan) "snow over" the weather. Bring on the SPRING!!
So Turner and I don't have cute pictures from playing in the beautiful snow this weekend. However, Heath took some great pictures. It was really amazing!

Turner and I ran to Publix in our pajamas to get some milk (listen - Turner can't live without it), and some ingredients for an apple pie for a dinner party we ended up not being able to go to! We were looking mighty fine! I saw a friend, Ashley, and she knew right away we were sick! Awesome.
Saturday we were feeling better, and I went to a couple of baby showers. When I got home, Turner didn't have a fever, but would not eat anything. He was grunting every time he breathed, and this continued for about 30 minutes. I called Lindsey and Brandon, and we decided to take him to Children's South to get looked at.
They were wonderful! I was very impressed! An ADPi from Auburn ended up being his nurse (she was after my time, but recognized us) and they took him right away. If you mention infant and labored breathing they take you pretty quickly! He had a chest x-ray (that I had to miss out on, thank God Heath was there). They ruled out pneumonia (Random fact - that word has all the vowels in it, you are welcome). Praise the Lord for no pneumonia! But his oxygen was low and kept dipping lower. He was not a fan of having to put the monitor on his toe.
Then we gave him a breathing treatment for 10 minutes. Turner is crazy strong. It took both of us fully restraining him and smothering him with the mask with Albuterol to make it through! But, luckily his oxygen went up and we were able to go home - one nurse had said we might have to admit him. Thank God we didn't!

This is how Turner walked up to me Sunday morning. You know your child is sick when he grabs the Motrin, walks it to you, then turns and grabs the syringe and places them both in front of you. Seriously!

This weasel has been taking breathing treatments and some antibiotics, but his doctor called first thing this morning and gave him the all clear! He is so much better! He is still not loving the breathing treatments, but he is getting better. I even did it by myself yesterday while Heath was gone, and we lived through it.
So, that was our romantic weekend! We didn't mind, as long as this monkey is feeling better. And we were lucky to go to our friends' house to eat a homecooked meal (I brought a Publix pie!) Happy Valentine's Day! Coming soon, a post about Uncle D getting married! I just feel bad writing it without him seeing it or being in town to approve it!