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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

McWane Center

This is the scene as I am typing. There is something about babies, just out of the bath and in their pajamas that is so sweet to me. They smell so good!!
John Burke almost has 4 teeth on top! And he is growing hair! Wow - getting bigger. Somebody just asked me the other day if he is pulling up on things yet. I said no, and that night I noticed him pulling up on the coffee table. That stinker. He shows no interest in walking yet (no rush here, much easier without the walking!), but he crawls all over the place. More like a lizard slide than a crawl, but he can move!
Yesterday, Turner was napping and I was playing Angry Birds (my new favorite game), and I heard a rustling sound behind me. I noticed Burke Burke had been very quiet. He had found a bag with a donut in it (I was saving it for Turner after he woke up) - and he devoured it. It made me laugh, and he was NOT letting go! And he attacked a Pop-Tart like a dog the other day. I realized it was because he hasn't really had sweet things before, I am sure it tasted delicious!
A few weeks ago, we went to the McWane Center with friends. It was so fun! I didn't know how it would go - I haven't been there since having children of my own - but we had a ball! Turner loved everything, especially the water. I had to drag him away from it!
Our friend, Read, playing at the water table the correct way.
And Turner's way of playing in the water table. I caught this picture because I had my camera out, then I had to yank him out with one hand after I snapped this. Of course he dove in headfirst. He LOVES water. He also kept taking cups and walking a few steps AWAY from the table and dumping them on the floor. Good thing several people from our church was there, so he wasn't attacking strangers. But still!
The babies even had a place to lounge around in
Making imprints on the plastic "needles"
And dancing with friends
And our trip would not be complete without an all-call over McWane Center. My little angel was about to get on the elevator with his other 2 friends. Their moms and I had our babies in strollers. Well, Pearson and Brooks got on the elevator with him, but then got off to wait with their moms. Don't worry - Fearless didn't get off the elevator. And it shut very quickly. So, I hopped on the one next to it and tried to find my little scavenger. I wasn't too panicked because it didn't open up to the outside, but I did want to find him - fast. I went to the third floor, no sign of him. So, I went back to the first floor and got off. I looked across the way and he was playing in the little house of mirrors exhibit, like "What's the big deal?" The McWane people were very helpful - they said this happens all the time. Then I heard "The toddler has been reunited with his mother" over the walkie-talkies. I grabbed my toddler and we headed on our way. He keeps me on my toes! This was my revenge...:)
Fun...wind blowing on them
Still fun...

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