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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Check out this Valentine's surprise that MeMe and Pap sent us! Thank you, and Happy Late Birthday MeMe! We had some of the best brownies ever from here - both boys helped us eat the whole package in 2 days.
Well, this is the first Valentine's Day where Turner traded valentines in class. He didn't really grasp it, but he did memorize who gave him which card, and he held on to them while saying his friends' names. On a side note, Heath asked him what he did at school today and who he played with. He said "Dee" - his teacher, and standard answer. He said "Dee pooted." I was in the other room, and I couldn't stop laughing. More because he is starting to catch me so off guard with what all he is saying. So random.
He is asking what everything is - all the time. Today he had a red shirt on (for V-day of course!) and it had a truck on it. But, we have to be careful with the word 'truck' and the word 'sock' - he says them both 'fruck.' And, I am pretty sure 10 different people asked him to say what he had on his shirt, and we laughed and laughed. Because he screams out 'fruck!'
He fell in love with the snow last week. I was hesitating taking him out. I didn't want to get cold, and dress him up, etc. But, I was on the phone with my mom and she reminded me how rarely this much snow comes to Alabama (though it seems more often lately, here in the season). She convinced me to let him explore in the snow.

He kept saying "I want snow." I was going to try to make a snowman, but I couldn't find my gloves, mean old Mom made him come back inside and get warm.
His snow boots
Just days later, it has finally gotten warmer outside. Yay! We played outside yesterday, and the boys remembered how much fun it was. Even John Burke got a turn on a bike.
Speaking of John Burke - he is a WILD man. I laugh at him, because he is so curious. And when he sets his mind on something, he will go full force after it. This could be really good or really bad later in life.
He is so spastic (I am not sure where he gets that), and loves to just flip around and worm his way across our floor from room to room. He has been waving more, and clapping (but it is impossible to get a good picture of that), and he loves to get so close to my face and just grab anything - hair, lips, nose and hold on and laugh and laugh. It is sort of cute, but it hurts!
And he is pulling up on EVERYTHING. Just in the last 2 weeks. He will try on anything - and today I watched him pull up (and fall over and over) on some pillows from our bed. Hilarious. And he got so frustrated!
Look at that thin face
Aha! Hard surfaces work so much better!
And who knows what that bruise is? It just appeared one day
And, he even graduated up to a big boy carseat. This summer, FAO Schwarz had a sale on Britax car seats (thank you, Volree) - and we are just now putting it to use. Kind of sad, but he is WAY too big - he needs it! Here he is trying it was driving Turner crazy trying to figure out what it was, why he needed it, and how it worked.
Here we were celebrating GiGi's birthday last week - Burke Burke in his baby chair for the last time
We love you, GiGi!
And, finally - we celebrated Valentine's Day this Friday night. Without children:) (Made tonight more fun to enjoy it with them. Outback to Go, TCBY, babies in pajamas - what else do you need?)
For Christmas, Evan and I gave Wes and Heath tickets to the Brad Paisley/Darius Rucker concert. We ate dinner at Bottega beforehand (is it bad that we ate on the fancy side, and I was really missing the cafe side? Lame? Oh well - it was so nice, especially without high chairs.)
This is not my favorite picture (of me - Evan looks cute, of course), but we had to document it. And our seats were great. We were at the bottom of the upper level, dead center, on the aisle. And we were able to sit down for the most part, which was great. I know this makes me older - but I was so glad we could sit and that it wasn't too too loud. Very entertaining!
Some hard-core fans in front of us
These people weren't sitting down. They stayed standing - I felt the need to document it. From my seat.
Evan was a trooper, because she is not a big country fan. But, this guy decided to bust out some Hootie old-school songs. Oh, all the words came right back! He was awesome!
Brad Paisley was such a great performer! He walked around the crowd, and seemed so casual and funny while he did it. Such a fun night with great friends! (And a great babysitter at home:))
Happy Valentine's Day! I am blessed to have 3 precious Valentine boys! Thank you, Lord!


  1. We were there too! And literally were only one or two sections from you apparently. Hate we didn't see you!!!

  2. #1 -Love the story of T and his teacher pooting! hilarious!
    #2 -GREAT family pic
    #3 -HATE that picture of me!!!
    #4 -Enjoyed dinner so very much... MUST DO AGAIN SOON! (the part without kids of course...)