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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mini Pop Pop

Yes - the back of his hair is long enough that his teachers put it in a ponytail.

Today I found a hot dog bun in my jewelry box, right next to several pairs of earrings. Then I saw a roll of saran wrap on my dresser, and walked into the kitchen and saw no less than 37 ziploc bags pulled out of the box and strewn all over the kitchen. This lovely lady (yikes - his hair is getting long, I need to cut it soon) is a MONSTER!! He is just over 3 feet tall (off the charts for his age. Not surprising if you have seen him. Side note - I asked the doctor if he was going to be obese, she just laughed and said his weight was proportional to his height, just off the charts for both!), so he is tall enough to grab EVERYTHING and run off with it and a sly little grin on his face.
He is so stinkin cuddly and has a funny little personality. He can say several words, but still won't say them to me when I ask him directly. Yesterday morning he did walk up to me and say "cracker" and I handed him a cracker, but of course he would not repeat it. I have overheard him say several things - even words strung together, but never when he thinks I am listening. That stinker!!
He plain as day said "ketchup" to Kina when she handed him a french fry last week in the car. And he will say "I want my mama" when he is in his bed and I watch him on the monitor. But to my face - nothing. For some reason it frustrates me, but it also makes me laugh that he is tricky enough to choose when and where he wants to say something.
Anyway, the point of this post is to show how much I think he looks like my dad as a baby. We found these at my parents' last night, and Burke Burke is a Pop Pop junior.
Is it just me?
I love it.
Okay, I am going to finish laundry. I can't do it when Monster is awake!! But I do love that little Monster - especially when he is sleeping:) And his wild monster brother!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's a....


I am still shocked, and we are very excited.
Rewind - I have been sort of in denial that I was pregnant until the last couple of weeks, when we set this appointment. About 3 weeks ago, we set it for 2:30 today.
I have been going back and forth about a boy or a girl. I really didn't believe that a girl could come from us (I know it comes from God, but you know what I mean:)). But, I have felt much more nauseous this time and feel like I am carrying differently. But, my doctor and Dr. Ross both told me your odds go up for having another of the same sex each baby you had. Anyway, my prayer has just been affirming God's sovereignty, and asking Him to prepare my heart either way.
By this morning, my adrenaline was high and I was just ready to know!!! Either way - there were so many advantages to 3 boys - all the clothes and toys, I just know boys! They are comfortable to me, and my boys totally hold my heart!
But, part of me was holding out for a girl. I was reminding myself, though, that Heath and I have desired 3 children - so it's not like we were "setting out" for a girl.
Also, I have not told Turner or John Burke about a baby. Except to say, "Please stop kicking Mommy!" Or "Get off me - you are killing me!" Well, about noon today I saw Turner with his class in "big school" (which he is obsessed with!). Out of the blue, he walked up to me and said "Mommy, I get a sister." I turned around and said "What??" He repeated it, and I said, "Did the Holy Spirit tell you that?" He looked at me like I was crazy and hopped on his merry way. (Heath laughed at me, but I do think it was cool. He is right - I really was asking my 2 year old if he heard from the Lord. He is two.)
When we were sitting in the doctor's office, I told Heath I was going to be upset if it was a boy, that we needed a girl to take care of us when we were older. Heath genuinely did not care, and I then put it in perspective - God has given us a baby, I prayed mostly for its health, and for me to stop caring! I knew that no matter what, I couldn't change what it was and that God already knew exactly what we needed - way before I was even born. I felt ridiculous for caring.
They called me back and did the preliminary measurements without Heath in the room. Then they called Heath back. I could not read the tech's face AT ALL. She didn't give me anything!! (She did recognize me from before - that happens with 3 babies in 3 years). Anyway, she turned the screen on and said "Do you know what that is?" I said (a little sadly) "Is that a (boy part)?" She said, "No - that is (girl part)." I jumped up from the table. I grabbed the tech's hand as she was still rubbing it over my stomach and said "Are you serious???? No way!" Pretty sure she was laughing in my face, and Heath was saying "Did you just jump off the table??" Then I stared at HER little face, and hands and feet and kept telling the tech "You are saying HER!" She laughed (I am glad she wasn't totally annoyed), and told me SHE looked healthy and right on track. Praise the Lord for his sovereignty and his goodness and that SHE (still shocked, can you tell?) was fearfully and wonderfully made. I was so reminded of that as we looked at the perfect little spine and toes and face.
Her little alien head and hand
Her little foot
Anyway, we called our moms and siblings and then went back to meet with Dr. Adcock. We were running about 45 minutes behind, but I was on cloud nine!
My giddy self waiting in Dr. Adcock's office - Heath was not dying to take this

As I am writing this it seems a little silly and self-indulgent, but I really am not wanting to forget the details!! Turner is thrilled to have a sister (like he knows what that means), and John Burke remains clueless. We are, above everything, grateful to our Lord and his sovereignty, and praying for health the rest of this pregnancy!
Oh, side note. The boys were napping after school with their girl, Kina. She had been pushing for a boy, and told me this morning that I did not need a girl because it would be dirty and rough. Thanks, Kina. (I see her point). When I got back, she said Turner's last words before he went to sleep were "Mommy go to the doctor, and I get a sister." Then she said "Oh, LORD! Kelly's havin' a girl!! Don't you dare name it Anne something with an e on the end" - she knows me too well, and that I think names like that are adorable. She is constantly trying to keep me street smart and savvy - bless her heart, work in progress!
Just for fun - John Burke eating his very own biscuit/hash browns this morning (I always make them share) - and he got his very own water. And, he is dancing to that new "Moves like Jagger" song - his favorite. He likes to dance with his hands pumping. I love him.

Monday, September 12, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend Evan expressed interest in going to the Alabama State Fair. Her husband and I tried to tell her it wasn't cool, but in the end she won out. Heath was at a Fantasy Football draft and therefore unavailable, but Uncle Derek and Stacy and Chloe were going, so we all went together - me, the kids (and double stroller with a flat tire) and the Harlesses.
This was what we saw first. Yep - a bear in a cage. And I am pretty sure the picnic table being destroyed was not part of the act. And, the man in there with him kept saying, "Does anyone see that bar (bear)??" Ah, the ambiance of the fair. It just kept getting better...
We headed here next. Pig races. Some nice ladies walked out of their trailer and talked this attraction UP! That is where I heard the phrase "fair-tastic." They were professional pig encouragers. And those things were squealing!!!
Derek and Turner just soaking it all in
This lady had to kiss the winning pig
Next up, Burke Burke's favorite. The "exotic" petting zoo. Seriously - John Burke could not get enough of this. And he was barefoot, which makes me shudder to write. Here they are feeding the goat.
Uncle D took full advantage of the "petting" part and picked several of these piglets up. I think John Burke squealed as loud as these beautiful pigs when he did that!
A giant turtle in the midst of sheep, cows and goats? You bet. I bet other states don't have that.
Turner's (and Derek's) favorite - the camel
He paid extra to feed all these animals, by the way. Sadly, we had to peel ourselves away from the petting zoo. But, we landed at the....
"MONKEYS RIDIN' DOGS!" - Uncle Derek made sure to scream this at random all throughout the night. Side note - there is a commercial that runs about the fair and they key line in it is "Monkeys ridin' dogs!" I would say it is the main attraction of the fair, and it did not disappoint. This was one of the trainer assistants who brought the monkeys out. Derek, Stacy and Chloe ended up getting a close-up picture with them later, and I wish I had it.
Waiting for the race
Monkey/dog combo number 1
Contestant number 2 (my camera died right here, so I had to take these with my camera phone)
The race. Who even cared who won???
Chloe approved!
Camera phone still, sadly. Turner's favorite part were the "bicycles riding in the circle." Some Colombian men and their lovely assistant entered this cage and rode motorcycles in a circle, barely missing their assistant.
Lastly, Turner and York got to drive their cars. Evan luckily got some great pictures. The man in charge even let John Burke drive, too.
John Burke cracked us up. While Turner was excited and living it up, John Burke looked at us as he went around the circle like "What? I'm driving. So what?" Hilarious. Well, until we had to stop the ride because he wriggled out of his seat belt and stood up. I think that is why they have a height/age limit, but we were appreciative that the nice man let them keep riding. He even let the big boys ride 3 extra times without tickets. That is some State Fair courtesy!
We left shortly after to head home. I thanked the other 2 families because we would not have made it through without them. At least twice, I didn't know where Turner or John Burke had wandered off to, and Wes and Derek each ran and grabbed them. And I can always count on Evan and Stacy to entertain, hold and love on my children. It took a village! :)
Final story, I bought hats for them (Turner is wearing it while driving his car). Well, oddly, my car window was broken and wouldn't come back up. Heath had rigged it up, but Turner rolled it back down on the way home. While on Highway 119, Turner screamed "My hat!!" It had flown out the window, and then I had to answer 20 questions about why and where it went, etc. I panicked, hoping that his beloved lovey, Duck, had not flown out with it. I will not turn around for a hat, but I will for Duck.
I pulled over and searched the bags and the car. No luck. I called Heath, and he left our house to meet us at Heardmont Park - we were on an all out duck search. I was trying to soften the blow for Turner, telling him Duck was gone, but he was a big boy now and didn't really need him. He was nodding in agreement. But 5 minutes later, he said "I need ma-duck (my duck)." Ugh!!
I couldn't open my trunk (both the window and the trunk were fixed the next week...does it sound to anyone else like the jeep is on its last leg??), so I took Turner out, ripped his car seat out in the parking lot and pulled the double stroller out to search for Duck. Still no luck.
Heath showed up, and we headed back. The sweet parking lot attendants understood our predicament, as did the people taking tickets. They let us back in without paying, but assured me there was no way we would find Duck. Thanks.
Turner and I headed in and we were praying to find Duck. We started backtracking, and ended up buying another hat (because, you know, ours had flown out the window). All of a sudden, we headed back to the cars they had been driving, and Duck was laying right over the fence, solidifying my love for the cars operator. Turner yelled "Look Mommy! Jesus brought us Duck!" I agree!! Praise the Lord - he comes through, even in the little details.
I walked back by the funnel cakes and caramel apple stands (don't worry - Evan and I sampled both) and proudly paraded Duck to the car to a surprised but grateful Heath.
I called my mom to tell her of the night as Heath pulled into a neighboring gas station. Why, you ask? Oh, to buy black duct tape to fix the window back up. Jealous? He taped it up and we headed on our merry way, just an hour and a half later than we had originally left!
Redneck night? Oh yes. But a surprising night of fun and adventure I couldn't forget to blog about!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Yesterday was our first day of school!! John Burke moved into Turner's Kitten classroom from last year with Dee, Tinecia and Wanda. He is downstairs with me in the Mother's Day Out. But Turner moved upstairs to "big school" or Covenant Day School. He will go on Wednesdays and Fridays - 2 year olds go 2 days.
With his little rite of passage, he moved from a red MDO bag to a blue CDS bag. This has been a HUGE deal to him. In talking up his new school, I sort of created a monster. Heath said the other night they were pulling out of our neighborhood and he stopped Julie, our next door neighbor to tell her that he was 2 now and went to big school. (I am sure she was thrilled).
Turner has 2 fabulous teachers. I was so excited about his teachers and his classmates! Neither of his poor teachers had power back at their houses from Monday's storm. But, they had great attitudes and the kids all had a ball!
Turner with Miss Meg
Miss Abby (who I grew up with)
I was a little emotional dropping him off. More than I ever thought. I mean - I am downstairs in the SAME building!! I have just always been able to walk down the hall and see him throughout the day. Well, I learned the other day I can still go up and see him, I just have a little less control of when and where. But I need that!!
Turner with Rivers (he was sitting down)
I took him to see his teachers and Miss Abby's son, Rivers (one of Turner's best buds) was still in there. He and Turner sat down and laughed and played. I said "Give me a kiss." He did, and then looked back at the toys. With tears in my eyes I said, "Don't forget...your orange juice box is in your lunchbox." Seriously?? I am laughing writing this, but I really was teary. Wow. He looked at me and said "Then I want my lunchbox." Then I air kissed him and walked out. He went right back to playing. No big deal. He is so ready for preschool - I couldn't hold him back!
I did check on him once during the day. His teacher said several had cried, but he didn't bat an eye and loved all the new things and routines he was seeing. (My mom said I was like this about preschool/school, and I have a good guess Heath was too, so of course he gets it naturally).
Burke Burke with Read and Tinecia
John Burke went right to his 2nd mamas - I didn't worry one second about him. He sees these women almost as much as Heath and me, so he didn't care at all. A lot of his classmates cried, too, but not John Burke and Read! In fact, his teachers told me that John Burke and Read reminded them of the wild pair of Turner and Rutland from last year.
Turner and Rutland's first day in the 2 year old class - they are near each other, but notin the same class for the first time in 3 years. (*Rutland is significantly smaller than T, but he was crouched down in this pic, and T was jumping up. It just makes me feel better to say that about my giant.*)
They act like they didn't see each other last week - these 2 are hilarious together
I did check on him several times (just because I could), and one time he ran to the door and yelled, "Daddy!!" What?! I didn't get a good action shot, but I was joking that he looked like he was in junior high because he had on his new big boy New Balances with socks.
Serious Burkita with Dee...and Wanda
His teachers asked that I "keep dressing him like a big boy." No go, he will be barefoot with a jon jon on tomorrow, no worries. For the love, he is so big - I won't have much longer to do this! At his 15 month appointment today (even though he is 16 months), the doctor reminded me that both of my boys are off the charts in height! Yes, I know.
We can't forget our girl Kina, even though she is not blessed enough to have a Henderson for the first time since 2009...oh well, good thing another one is coming her way :)
Before I get too proud of my big, well-adjusted 2 year old. I got an email from one of the other mothers in the class. She said she had brought cupcakes for his birthday, and my precious angel leaned over to him and told him that the chocolate "looked just like poo poo." Luckily this cracked the other child up and she said he laughed all the way home. Where did he get too be so inappropriate? :) So proud.
First day of school 2010 (TINY John Burke!!!)
First day of school 2009 - TINY Turner