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Monday, July 22, 2013

Fourth of July

You know what I do not love?  The sound of John Burke breathing in my ear on the side of my bed at 3:45 a.m.!  But, since he did and now he is fast asleep on my pillow, it is motivating me to update my blog!
We decided kind of last minute to head to the beach for the 4th of July.  Heath's cousin, Hannah, planned a birthday party for their grandmother a few months ago.  The date was July 6th, and we were glad when we figured out we could make it work!  So on the Wednesday before, we headed down for a (ridiculously rainy) weekend at the beach!
Luckily, Pap and Tappy were down there and also Jay, Kate and Ellie.  So, we didn't let the rain bring us down!
Hanging out with Jay and Ellie on the porch
The day of the 4th was monsoon-like, so we decided to head to a nearby aquarium called "Gulf World" for the day.  The morning was redeemed by a sea lion/dolphin show - even though it was sideways raining on us (the auditorium was partially outside).

Not my favorite pic, but seriously we were so wet.  Yet, the kids were happy!!

Soaking wet after the show
So glad for turtles and fish and birds to distract us!
A little less appealing (but completely inside) was the Reptile Show. 
Had to remember this guy who was showcasing the reptiles - which were a small lizard, a snake (points because it was albino!) and this small alligator.  Kind of lame, but we pushed through.  However, as he was modeling this alligator, it tee teed all over the stage.  Wow.  And then the show was interrupted as one of the managers came in and warned people to move their cars because they were very concerned that the outdoor sign was swaying and about to fall over!!  We were entertained, to say the least, but felt our time at Gulf World was coming to a close and headed back to the condo!
After naps and some swimming in the indoor pool (so thankful for that!!) we headed for a fun, and sort- of-sunny-for-a-minute dinner!
Sweet  cousins - I love that Ellie and so do my kids!  They were so spoiled with their built-in playmate for the weekend
Best buds
Friday we actually got to be outside for a little bit.  The beach was packed as if it were gorgeous because everyone had cabin fever!!

Jay and Heath - twins:)
Saturday was the main event!  Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, and it was sort of a bust this year weather-wise (however, I did get the most out of their red, white and blue attire:)).  So, we were glad we had this lady to celebrate during the weekend.
It rained off and on all day (of course...the rainiest I have EVER seen the beach), but Granny opened her house up to the 50 plus people who came to celebrate her! 
And the kids swam anyway - through the rain
Look at all those great-grandkids adoring her

85 years old and doesn't miss a beat!

Granny has a special place in her heart for John Burke.  Her maiden name was Burke, so they share that.  But she lets him cuddle up to her and appreciates him when he is shameless!  We all love Granny.  She is SPUNKY and always makes us laugh.  She loves her family more than life, and I am so thankful that Hannah and her family planned such a fun day to celebrate her!!
Since we have been home, we have mostly been... 
hanging by the pool with friends.  Especially baby pools!
Some of my sweet former students and lifelong friends played with the kids all day in the pool!
But we have also been riding camels,
visiting my sweet Nanny
lunching with friends:),
throwing rocks,
exploring playgrounds,
getting sketchy haircuts with Daddy at the barber shop (I fell down laughing - even though it is not the worst he has ever gotten - but Turner was so proud),
enjoying riding toys
mostly in our pajamas,
and of course keeping Target in business!!  Happy Summer!