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Monday, September 21, 2009

9 Months

Turner turned 9 months on the 5th and went for his 9 month appointment last week.  He weighed 21 and a half pounds (75th percentile) and was 29 inches long (also 75th).  I finally caved and his big boy carseat came in the mail today.  He got a Britax Roundabout 50 (I just copy what Lindsey does on things like that), and we are going to set it up tonight - hopefully.  
He is very interactive at this age, and I catch myself truly laughing every day.  I miss that about my second graders - they would crack me up every day.  So it is nice to catch him making me laugh.  His laugh is hilarious - he just giggles and it is contagious!  

His favorite game is to say "Ah" and then Heath or I will respond "Ahh" and so on.  He can do this ALL DAY if you let him.  But it is funny to hear him respond!  Heath has also advanced the game to making a "bmmm" noise with his lips and blow bubbles, and he does the same.  Also, he loves to jump in the jumperoo and crawl around.  He has just mastered crawling in the last 2 weeks, and he still does the army crawl/pull thing.  And he loves to stand up - any chance he gets!  This is how I found him after his nap today. 

Guess we will be lowering the bed now!
He has also gone to all 3 Auburn games so far.  Don't worry - Mom and Dad of the Year here took him to the ENTIRE AU/WVU game.  So fun!  This is the only picture I got - on my cell phone.  
When we were walking to the game, the bottom fell out.  Sheets of rain!!  So, Heath ran back to get the car, and Heath and I stood under an awning at the Fisheries building.  This little weasel stuck his hand out to catch the rain and just laughed.  I was just glad he wasn't screaming because we were so soaked.  Heath came back and picked us up, and Jay and Kate.  We went to Amsterdam, picked up dinner and went back to the house to eat and get dry.  We put Turner in his pajamas and waited for the rain to stop.  Then we started getting word that the game was going to be played soon, and debated the safe, rational idea of putting him in bed.  Then we decided to bite the bullet and take him.  Guess which parent had hesitation - nope, not me.  I knew Heath wouldn't want to miss this game, and I was right!!  For the love, we were only 2 or 3 miles away! 

Why is this on the side?  View of the field while raining that I copied from Lindsey's blog...

We pulled on to campus and got a great parking spot, since so many people had left in the rain.  At this point, Heath and Jay reverted back to little boys, sprinting into the stadium right after kickoff.  Kate and I were trying to catch up, but we were laughing so hard we almost fell.  A drunk college kid ran by and said to his friends "the dude with the baby is beating me in the stadium."  Hilarious.  When we walked in (I had on Heath's friend's XL Auburn shirt and wet hair - but at this point - who cared?  Everyone had been soaked.  Write it down - Heath Henderson had on black running shorts, a long sleeve Under Armor shirt that said "Must protect this house" across the front, and a Baby Bjorn with Turner dangling in his pajamas.  So funny.  We really didn't care, though.  I wish you had seen how many people say "How old is he?"  And I caught 4 people saying "You are crazy."  I know.  But, the game ended up being so fun, and Turner was passed out with 5 minutes left in the first quarter.  He slept until half time, and then again in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  Praise the Lord the noise doesn't bother him!  Especially this game's noise - louder than I have heard it in years!!
Some other favorites of Turner's are bath time and playing drums.  He splashes water as if he has never seen it before.  And he does not like getting out of the tub, but I have to take him out when I am so soaked from his splashing. 

 For the drums, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jonathan have a real bongo drum at their house that he is obsessed with!  Now he likes to make other things drums, too, like his bumbo seat and the wipes container.  Kelly told me this weekend that he was getting a drum set for Christmas, and I suggested we keep it at her house, because I might lose my mind if he did that all day every day.  And he would hit the thing all day. 

Now we are going to start trying solid foods.  However, when we do this, he acts like I have fed him poison and looks like he is gagging.  So, we will keep trying!  Until next time, War Eagle!!!

About to pass out at the tailgate...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Last Week

Last week was CRAZY!!  I think because it was short - we had an action-packed Labor Day weekend, and then it was already Tuesday.  I have  a long post, but so many things to tell.  Important?  Not mostly.   But hopefully entertaining.
I will try to go chronologically.  We went down to Auburn Friday night for Turner's first Auburn game.  Don't worry - I know there has been another one since then.  I will end with that.
Saturday morning we walked around campus.  Heath's parents have a house in Auburn and it is so nice to be able to have that as a home base for Turner.  He had a morning nap and then we walked around campus.  I found one of my college best friends, Laura.  The last few years I have only seen her about once a year, but now they live in Griffin, GA so they will be closer.  It was fun to watch Turner interact with her son, Grayson.  And she also has a 3 week old (well she did in this picture - now she is 4 weeks).  How great does Laura look?!

Laura, me, Choron/Boney (who told me not to post this pic...but looks cute with her little pregnant belly!)

Future Auburn buddies - Grayson and Turner

We headed back to the house (after seeing Aunt Gina) and then went to the game. 

Us with another pregnant buddy, G (Turner is very sleepy here!)

 He was a squirmy worm but LOVED the game.

  Not bothered by the noise or all the excitement.  He was sweaty, though, so he and I headed to the Letterman's Lounge during half time.   Thank you Jeremy and Jeanne!!  We played with anyone that would hold Turner.  He liked Jeanne because she let him taste her chips (he hated them at first, then could not get enough) and then Jeremy threw him in the air.  Always a favorite.

  However, at one point, Turner spilled my drink and as I was cleaning it up, he spilled the rest of it.  UGHHH!!  I was about to throw him (not really, but sort of) and all of a sudden, someone grabbed him out of my arms and took him.  I looked up - grateful - and it was my mom!  She and her friends were in there, too, and she relieved me at just the right moment.  We left shortly after - in the third quarter - and he and I headed back to the house so he could go to sleep.
The next day we headed to Atlanta to visit Uncle Jay and Aunt Kate.  We went to a Braves game and Turner lasted the whole time.  3 plus hours, and even napped there.  It helped that we were in the shade! Heath wore him in the Baby Bjorn and he was pretty happy!!  Uncle Derek even came over to our seats to visit.  And, Kate fed him blue icee and he kept grabbing for more.  Little weasel.

After the game, Heath had some interesting drama.  We went to help Jay take down an ATM (a business venture), and Jay realized he didn't have anything to clip the wire ties.  So, he dug in his car and found a knife.  The Henderson boys have used (and abused) knives for years!  Well, Heath was using it, and stabbed his left hand - pretty deep.  When I walked up, I almost threw up at the sight of all the blood on his hand.  These Caribbean ladies were at the next booth and saw him bleeding.  They started saying "We old school.  Salt will stop the blood."  As Heath was saying "NOOOO" they dumped packets of salt on his hand.  Wow.  It stopped the blood, but Heath said he now understands the saying "It's like salt on an open wound."  He got in the car, and (against his wishes) we headed to the ER.  Well, Heath and I went in and Melissa and Kate kept Turner.  As we got in, there were 60 plus people all over the waiting room!!  People laying on the floor, looking pitiful (and disgusting), some wearing masks.  After the male nurse told us he would "put us through the fast lane" and it would still be at least 2 and a half hours before we were called, I went and sat down.  Heath went to get us some masks (ha! but seriously - sketchy).  Some guy jumped in his seat and I was surrounded.  And Heath was still holding salt on his bloody hand.  All of this together and I looked at a masked Heath and said "We're out."  We called Kate, and within 30 minutes we went to an Urgent Care near her house.  It took an hour (way better than 3 plus) and Heath got 4 stitches.  He has been okay since then - said the Tetanus shot he had to get hurt worse!  I wish I had a good picture.
Anyway, then Turner and I started Mother's Day Out on Wednesday.  We went Wednesday and Friday.  Turner might go some Mondays, too, but I work Wednesday/Friday.  It went well!  He loved it.  Here are some pictures.

Right before we left the house for his first day!

First day of school - playing in his classroom

  One is right before we left the house.  Don't worry, he pooped in this outfit before we even got out of the car, so we got to change outfits in the parking lot.  Side note - I don't always have extra outfits, but you are supposed to bring one for Mother's Day Out.  Guess I'll start keeping a COUPLE of them!!  Ughh.  So, that is why his house picture is different from his "classroom" picture.  He didn't cry at all when I left.  We went back to church that night for Bible Study, and he did cry when I dropped him off.  Don't worry - it was because he was hungry and ready to eat, but I told myself it was because he missed me.  The sweet nursery ladies said "She'll be back..." and I tried to believe that was why he was upset.  But, miraculously, he was totally fine when he ate his dinner.  Again, weasel.  I was 95% glad that he did well, and just 5% sad he didn't miss me at "school."  I had my hands full, though, in the almost 2 room.  I am sure many stories will follow.  Much different than second grade!!
Fast forward to this weekend.  Turner hit up the Auburn/Miss St. game, and did even better than last week!  He lasted the whole game, and took a long nap during half time and most of the 3rd quarter.  It was very nice to have so many Hendersons (and Stinsons) to help out and play with him during the game!!  War Eagle!!  

War (Snore) Eagle!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Zoo

What's up??

Turner went to the zoo for the first time this weekend!  I had a last minute change of plans on Saturday morning, and at the same time, Charlie and Courtney and Harrison called to see if we wanted to meet them at the zoo.  It was so fun!
When we walked in, there was a very tan, 60ish gentleman with a wife beater and white chest hair poking out standing with his wife? in front of the zoo.  He was yanking a hair from her chin.  A couple passed us and said "Dang, I think he is pulling out her whisker."  To which I replied, "It's awesome!"  with a thumbs up.  I thought Heath was going to die.  I think the woman being plucked should have been the one about to die, but she seemed mighty happy to be getting rid of the pesky hair!
Anyway, back to Turner and the zoo.  He liked it - and he sat in his big boy stroller (I know - he is almost 9 months, about time).  He loved the stroller and chilled out in recline mode most of the time.  Harrison walked and rode in a wagon, and he definitely knew his way around the zoo.  What a great tour guide!

Wouldn't give me a great shot in the stroller - way too busy people watching!

We tried to get a picture of Turner with Mr. Lion (seen above) and the real lion.  Didn't happen.  
Turner's favorite animals were the squirrel monkeys (hurts me to say squirrel).  They were yellow and little and jumped towards the glass a lot.  Probably because a man had his daughter in the window with a ginormous stuffed snake around her neck, and every time he could he would tap the snake's head against the window - hard.  Turner was loving it - I am thinking more because of the bursts of yellow in his face than actually knowing he was looking at animals.  The children's zoo was closed, so that will be a first for another time!  We made it to everything we wanted to see (I mean - Turner was pretty laid back about it this visit), and then it began raining.  A torrential downpour.  We ran back to the front of the zoo and tried to get under the awning while the guys got the cars.  We definitely got wet, but not too soaked!  
Here are some pictures:
On Sunday night, Heath and I went to the Glory Revealed II concert at Shades Mountain Baptist.  I gave the concert and c.d. and book to Heath for our anniversary.  It was INCREDIBLE!  What an awesome concert!!  I have always said that if you could marry someone based on a voice, I would marry Mac Powell.  His voice is so unique.  Before you start feeling sorry for Heath, I think he would marry him for that too.  We are equally obsessed with him.  Also, Trevor Morgan was there and did not disappoint.  Sidenote - Lauren and Jennifer, not sure if you read, but it brought back memories from Stampede Gatlinburg - was it 95?  I love him!  Aaron Shust was there - I didn't realize how many songs I recognized of his.  And Laura Story and Shawn Lewis.  The artists sang all together - they all knew each other's songs.  The songs written from the tour were almost completely scripture quoted in song.  It had a folky feel to it, and they had the words up (Heath didn't need them - already memorized all the songs) for those of us to follow along to.  David Nasser spoke - he and Mac Powell headed up the concert initiative.  Then they had a surprise guest come onstage.  It was Chris Tomlin!  Heath and I were LOVING it!  What a great date night!  It was unbelievable to be able to worship led by so many wonderful artists and stand in a room praising God with 2800 other people.  Praise the Lord!
When I got out of the car to walk into the concert (and try to race hundreds of other people in the door), my black Volatile flip flop busted!  I call it by name because this is the THIRD pair of Volatile flip flops this has happened to.  I shouldn't have been surprised.  I mean, we stepped out of the car and klutz here turned my ankle (not unusual) and the shoe broke!  So, it was awesome to walk in with one foot barefoot.  I eventually just took the other shoe off and ran up to the balcony barefoot to talk to someone.  Impressive.  A little girl from school saw me and yelled, "Mrs. Henderson - why are you BAREFOOT??"  She looked appalled.  I am sure her mom was, too.  Oh well.  Luckily, my friend Jane Ann brought me a pair from home.  I happened to be talking to her when it happened.  Speaking of Jane Ann - I have been lucky enough to teach both of her daughters and they are great family friends of ours.  She brought her oldest, Meredith.  They sat with us, and it was especially precious to be able to sing and worship with Mer Bear.  She is in 5th grade, but her heart for the Lord was so evident and she knew almost all of the songs.  What a blessing watching her genuinely worship our .  I pray Turner will be like that at her young age.  
Well, not much else going on around here except that Heath might die of excitement for Auburn football by the time Saturday gets here.  Turner's going to be in Auburn this weekend - pictures to follow!  Until then, he will just keep helping me with the laundry...