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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall so far

We have had a Fantastic Fall!  School started at the end of August, and this is the last year we are all at Covenant Day School.

First day of school picture
Turner is a big kindergartener.  He goes 5 days a week this year and he is loving it!!  He is blowing me away with all he is learning!

 John Burke is in 4K this year, and this is one of his sweet teachers.  He is having a great year, but he has a mouth on him.  He got in big trouble one day for telling his other teacher he was going to "Pop her open like a book!!" when he was mad at her.  First of all, he was a dead man for being disrespectful.  Second of all, what does that even mean?!  Grateful for teachers who love him and show him grace!
 Collins is acting every bit like a 2 year old these days.  Here she is with one of her teachers, Mrs. Abby.  Do you see that look in Collins' eye?  That was what she gave me the whole first day of school.  Not too apprehensive, just ANGRY to be in "real" school (preschool) and away from the showering of attention she constantly received at Mother's Day Out.  Her look said "I will pay you back for this!"  I really love how much more she is talking these days, and it is fun to watch her taking things in and giggling and loving her brothers and her friends.  I am less impressed with the levels of fits at this age:(
Kindergarten has been action packed, and Turner had Grandparents' Day at the end of September.  My mom stayed at her school that day with her class, but Pop Pop, Pap and Tappy were all able to come and visit Turner's class and play with him for a while.
Also in September, the two year olds had an ice cream party for the students and their parents.  It was really cute and Collins LOVED having Heath there for a little while.  She is KILLING me with her loveys in pictures.  Stinker.  At least this time she wasn't eating it!
John Burke's class and the rest of the 4 year olds went on a hike at Ruffner Mountain a few weeks ago.  Each child has been able to start out the school year with fun things!  He was obsessed with the hike and I was able to hang back and talk to the other parents while their poor trail guide entertained his class.  It was really cute.
We have also been on a real soccer team this fall.  It has been really fun - 7 of the 8 kids on the team go to our church and are all friends of ours.  What we lack in soccer skill, we make up in friendship:) 
The boys have really enjoyed playing, much to my relief.  Turner can easily get distracted and run to the woods or surrounding areas, but he is pretty good when he concentrates.  Both boys have been able to score, and it is fun that our team is laid back!
 One Sunday, Pap and Tappy headed to lunch with us and GiGi and Pop Pop before a big soccer game.  These kids are lucky to have such fun grandparents!
We have also been cheering on our Auburn Tigers.  Each Friday, we dress up for school in our Auburn clothes.  The team really appreciates it:)
We took the kids to the San Jose State game - well, until half time because it was a later game.  They had fun - Collins fell asleep, but the boys are getting to the age where they are more into it.  And John Burke's day was made when we ran into his "gurr-friend" Kina.

Heath and I even got to go to a couple of games without the kids.  Our friends the Fitts who moved to Mobile last year were able to meet us last minute for the LSU game and we had so much fun!

These 2 don't go to school or nursery on Thursday, so I have gotten some fun time with them while Turner is at school.  They are best friends, and are constantly getting in trouble together.  He loves to call her "his baby" and she is not scared to turn around and whack him.  Not so heart-warming, but it is real life:)  He is LOVING anything crafty these days - he has his own art box with pencils and crayons and paper and markers and stickers, etc.  It is annoying but it is one of the only things that will truly keep him occupied!  She is obsessed with her loves and watching t.v. in "Mommy bed".  She isn't potty trained yet (I dread the thought), and loves to say "Der's no poo poo in der!" about her diaper.  She is very opinionated about the movie Finding Nemo and would watch it all day every day if I would let her, and that annoying Peppa Pig!
We love our next door neighbors, Mr. Ken and Mrs. Helen and their daughter Ms. Jennifer.  The kids escape to their house any chance they get, and they are so gracious to entertain them and hang up their artwork and give them treats!  A few weeks ago, they took us to see a magic show and eat dinner at The Club.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture with them at all, but here they are with the kids from this summer.

The boys were brave enough to hold the magician's bird
Collins wanted to pet the magic bunny, but only with Heath holding her!

Collins and cousin Morgan on a jeep ride one afternoon - big girls!
We have enjoyed playing outside every afternoon and night since it is cooler, and John Burke is upset that we are not more decorated for Halloween.
These lovely pumpkin characters are on our front porch now
We really do love Mickey, Minnie and the Ninja Turtles.  Loving the innocence in this phase of life!

 Last weekend, we went to our church's third annual Camp Covenant at Alpine Camp in Mentone, AL.  I sometimes dread the packing and planning for it, but the actual time spent in the woods as a family and a church family is so fun!!  I didn't take many pictures, but this one was from the square dance the first night.
 John Burke with one of his favorite friends, Alice and her brother.
Turner's leg while we were on the hay ride.  Alpine is so fun because the kids can run and play and get dirty, and Turner made the most of all of those things:)
Collins and her buddy Fiona in our cabin.  This was the first year that Collins came and stayed the whole time, and she loved it.  Thank goodness for the junior high girls who were also at Camp and how much they entertained the two year olds!!
My dirty birds and their fake smiles after our last meal at camp.  SO fun and so exhausting!!  A definite highlight of the boys' entire year!
Lastly, Collins and John Burke and I went to the Pumpkin Patch today with our friends Jackie and Elon.  We decided to go last minute and had a gorgeous weather day!
You gotta love a good pumpkin patch!  We kept our plans quiet from Turner since he had school, but he doesn't seem too mad at me this afternoon.  Good thing he loves kindergarten!
We took a covered tractor ride to pick out our pumpkins (not that we needed anymore:))

 We got to ride horses

 and get pumpkin stamps.

We rode a little train pulled by a golf cart, ate some lunch, saw some animals in a petting zoo and then ended our day at the jumpies!!

Climbing up the big slide
One last picture before we left.  What a fun impromptu trip to Hayden, AL...not that you can tell by Collins' face!  Happy Fall!