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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Things

We have been LOVING the spring weather, and have been on the go!!  Playing in the park, riding our toys with thankful to be outside.

Also outside is our new neighborhood cat, Abner.  The kids love him, Heath hates him.  I am indifferent - he is like 13 and de-clawed on the front and is very loving, so I don't mind him.  Except for when he sits in our driveway for hours and won't go home.  We hear he might be deaf, so I am careful pulling out of the driveway because who needs that on their conscience??
John Burke has been telling people he got a cat.  I couldn't find my phone last night at Wednesday Night church and figured he had stolen it.  I found him showing pictures of himself with the cat to our church pianist and her table full of friends.  She was glad I found him, because they had no idea who John Burke or the random cat were until I walked up.  He is a friendly old bird, that John Burke.
The boys have both had spring programs the last few weeks.  The 2 year olds do a separate program in the spring, and I appreciated it because it was short and sweet.  John Burke LOVES to sing and was very excited.  Here he is with his friend Elon.  They were bumblebees.
Singing with passion
Oh, until song 4 of 7.  Then he went between two classes and just sat for a spell.  

Then, he came and sat in my lap and laughed as he watched his class.  Not sad or embarrassed like a normal 2 year old might be, I guess he felt like supervising?!  Here is his sweet teacher pushing him back to the stage.  But, he was done.  4 songs were enough.
Our little bumblebee...refusing to smile.
And last week was the 3/4 year old program.  I just prayed for mediocrity - is that bad?  My boys have a go big or go home mentality in life and this does not fail in school programs.  So far we have jumped up and down on stage, called out for me, waved, etc. in past programs.  I just wanted him to sing and do the motions with the other kids.  Aim high.
He did it!!  3rd row, green shirt...looking like everyone else!!!
Yes, a transformer toy was awarded for just obeying the rules.  He was so proud of himself (for not acting a fool!!)
Afterwards with his teachers, Catherine and Carrie
They have been great this year, and very patient with my older spirited child :)
This little nugget hasn't had any spring programs yet, thankfully.  But, Lazy Bones is still not walking so I set up a re-check on her foot with her orthopedist at Children's.
It was a family affair as Little Sister got another x-ray.  This was her third, and I finally got a picture.  Her doctor was very thorough, and wanted to check the whole leg and make sure her not walking isn't bone related.
John Burke sneaking in the x-ray room
And our waiting room at the end of the 2 hours and after Heath went back to work.  The staff at Children's was so impressive.  So kind to Collins but especially the boys as they waited with her.  Turner had just learned the letter X at school and was fascinated with the x-ray machine (but he kept calling it 'archery'?!) so they humored him and gave him a tour and answered all his questions.  The picture above was when one of the nurses came in and brought bags of toys because he could tell we were getting restless!
First water cup of her own from our fave place - reward for shots today at the 15 month appointment (21 pounds, 32 inches for future reference)
Verdict in the end was that she is just lazy, and taking her time.  I had noticed she had not been putting weight on her foot, and that is why I scheduled the re-check.  Of course for the doctor, and for his partner who also checked her she stood on it completely normally.  She made me look like a liar!  
On another note, we have had 2 beautiful and busy weekends in a row.  Heath got last minute tickets to  the Saturday round of the Masters.  He was supposed to take a client, but the client was out of town.  So, mid-week we decided to go for a quick 24-hour jaunt to Augusta.
The only picture we got because cameras are not allowed - we stood in line at the clubhouse and the guy emailed us.  I was very impressed and we had such a fun time.  The course was beautiful and the food and people-watching were great.  Oh, and the golf :)  I don't even watch golf normally, but Heath does.  He has been before so he was able to show me the whole course and we just walked around and followed golfers and even ran into a few friends from Auburn.  The best part of the day was just being off the grid - just the 2 of us and cell phones, emails, etc. were in the car so we weren't distracted!  Gorgeous setting and I would definitely go again.
And of course we had the preppiest kids at church the next day in their Masters attire
Heath even insisted on getting Collins a dress with the little yellow symbol.  He was just a little excited to go to Augusta, can you tell?
John Burke with Kina...she was the reason we were able to run over to Georgia.  She watched our kids  for the weekend.  She is looking extra tough-girl in this picture, but don't let her fool you.  She is so excellent with my kids!  Mom and Dad came over the day we were gone and took them all to lunch and the park, and they said Kina was running a tight ship.  Of course!  This picture was from last weekend, when we ran into her at A-Day.
Auburn was crazy!  But it was also a gorgeous day and felt great.  I have NEVER cared about A-Day.  Heath called me out on the way down there that possibly I cared nothing about the new coach, game, etc. and only wanted to shop and eat in Auburn.  Hey, we all have our reasons to go down there.
We had a great lunch at Amsterdam and then headed in the game.  Collins and I made it until half time, and then we had to go shop downtown.

John Burke was very into the game...talking to Chloe about some plays (or probably Aubie)
I had to take this picture because Dad and I were continally amazed at how full the stadium was!  In the first quarter, the upper deck was empty.  And then by the end of the first quarter, it was full!  They were not exaggerating when they said 83,000 people were there.  For A-Day!!  Mind blowing, but the traffic downtown after the game revealed that the trees were the big seller for the weekend.
I did take a picture.  I may get my diploma revoked for this, but I feel like people took the tree drama a little far.  It was sad to see them die, but wow - I didn't realize how many of my facebook friends had a deep emotional relationship with these trees:)  I joke, but it was neat to see people fill the town and stadium up to honor a tradition.  That I was good with:)
War Eagle!  This little tiger turns 3 this weekend, and praying his party doesn't get rained out!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a full week last week.  It was a wonderful time spent with friends and family in celebration of our Risen Savior!
My sister and her kids came to town for their Spring Break.  So of course we had to hang out every day they were here!  We went with them and 2 other friends and their kids to the zoo on Thursday.  It was packed - with all of south Alabama on Spring Break - but these kids didn't let it stop them and we had a blast!
The only picture I got - watching the sea lions

Friday we met Lindsey and mom and the kids at the outlets and had fun in the sunshine there
GiGi bought all the kids sunglasses
Cool cats

Then, Friday afternoon we headed to a friend's third birthday party at the park.  Heath was off work, so he came with us and it was nice to hang with friends in the nice weather!  That night, we were able to sneak away to celebrate another friend's birthday with just adults, and that was nice as well.  The kids spent the night at my parents' house.  That doesn't happen very often since we all live in town.  I realized that they need to get out more when Turner completely flipped out as we were leaving.  He ran back to the car and buckled himself back in, insisting he was coming with us.  He kept saying "This is not my home.  I do not belong here."  Please!  He was with GiGi and Pop Pop!  And of course John Burke had to cry as well, out of brotherly togetherness.  Luckily, as we drove out of the driveway the act was over and they didn't want to leave when we came back.
Bright and early Saturday morning we headed to an Egg Hunt with our Sunday School class.  It was so much fun and I think it will become a regular tradition!  Look at these cute doughnuts I got at the new Heavenly Donuts store.  Adorable and so fresh!  

The boys took it very seriously and filled their baskets with eggs.  Turner did not care for the hard boiled eggs, and threw those down and kept going.  Ugh!  No appreciation for a pretty egg, just a candy hound.
I am not sure why I brought Collins' basket.  All she did was scoot around on a blanket.  Here she is with her friend Annie.
We tried:)  The boys sang in church last Sunday, and we have still been listening to the c.d. in the car this week because John Burke is obsessed with it.  But the words were so precious to overhear them wandering around singing.  They say "Who died..and came alive again?  Who came to rescue you and me?  Who came to make all things brand new?  Who did it all for love of you?  So sing and dance and leap and run, His name is Jesus, little one."  John Burke calls it the leak and leak and run song.  But it helped us talk to them about Easter through those sweet words!
I usually make a bunny cake, but a few weeks ago we tried Pioneer Woman's chocolate sheet cake and it was amazing.  John Burke deemed it his birthday cake (a full 6 weeks before his birthday), and was very irritated when I had to throw it away to keep from inhaling the whole thing.  So he has been asking to make it again.  Saturday night he helped me make this for Easter lunch.  So so good!  Had to throw it away again today for fear of eating the fudgey icing in its entirety.  Seriously.
We didn't talk too much about the Easter bunny - I just didn't want to handle all the hype or requests I knew Turner would have!  So they walked by these initially Sunday morning.  
But then we had a post-bath discovery of the baskets.  Almost all naked.
And they made me smile because they actually cooperated for a few pictures.
Very sweet!  They are always like this:)

Heath and I didn't mean to coordinate tie and dress.  I blame him - I totally had my dress planned long before he had his tie laid out!  We took some obligatory Easter pictures and then the kids changed clothes and played with cousin Chloe at my parents' house.  We had a great lunch and family time and then headed home to rest.  What a wonderful past week!
Blessed to have wonderful friends and family but more importantly a wonderful Risen Savior!
Happy Resurrection Day!  Love, Heath and Heath-er