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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have been meaning to write these down for a while now. Turner has the funniest little voice. I need to keep recording it on video, so I won't forget it. It is pretty high - and he is learning so many words and talking in sentences. It sometimes amazes me that I can communicate with him so well, after 2 or so years of talking TO him and not WITH him.
Do you like his European capris at the park today? I need Aunt Lindsey to hem them. ASAP.
Every time you ask him how old he is he smiles and says "Poor (4)." He says it with such confidence. And then I say, "No, really how old are you." He will say "Really. 3." Like he is negotiating. I have heard him one time - only once - admit that he is really 2. And he laughs - so he knows he is messing with me.
Lounging around with Daddy (and Ellie)
Also, if he doesn't know where someone or something is he will say they are "at work." This stems from me telling him that Daddy is at work all the time. Every morning he starts out saying "Mommy - I wan get out!" until I get him out of bed (praying that the baby bed lasts for several more months. We will see.) Then he says "Where Daddy?" followed by "Burke Burke awake?" or "Where Burke Burke? Awake?" I have made up a song for Turner when he asks about Daddy - "Daddy at work. Daddy at work. Daddy at work, work, work." I am a talented songwriter. Even Turner looks skeptical when I sing it.
Doing their favorite things - drinking a bottle, and hanging on to nasty Duck and paci
And, he calls Gordon "Wunny". Not sure why, but he is insistent that is his name. Today he said "I wan' say hey to Wunny" and spent several minutes in the side yard hanging out with Wunny. And of course, now I only call him Wunny, which makes Heath crazy!
It took me a few minutes to figure out "Mer!" (sounds like myrrh) Oh, that means "come here!" I hope I don't sound like that to him all the time. Today at the park he said "Pisa" (Pearson or pizza, depending on the context) "mer!" Oh, and I couldn't find him at one point, and I heard some wailing in the distance. I looked for him, and followed that familiar whine, and I found him in the bottom of a tube-like slide - it looked like a submarine and was high on both sides and dipped down in the middle, and high on the other side - sticking his hand out of a hole for me to pull him out. His little face looked so pitiful. I should have felt bad for his crying, but I couldn't stop laughing. I had to climb in, and he was saying "Turner stuck" over and over again. Then, I had a time figuring how to get out, but we made it.
This guy hanging out at the park - eating a stolen chicken nugget and "tanning"
We had fun in Andalusia this weekend, and we went to a fundraiser for Meredith's Miracles, a philanthropy for Heath's sweet cousin that died of cancer when she was five. The event was called "Cookies With Characters" and there were about 1400 or so people there at the Kiwanis Center in Andalusia.
We met up with Parrish, Katie and Sylvie, or "Suffy" as Turner called her. She is so adorable!
These boys had a ball! So many characters - Mickey, Minnie, Dora, Diego, etc. But there was only one that we were zoned in on. Ehmo.
He stared at him in awe as he danced on the stage, and then jumped down to find him in line to take a picture with him. But, when he did, he wouldn't go any closer than this??!
Playing with cousins Winston and Sam - someone was jealous of their light sticks
Guess who got light sticks of their own? This turkey was practicing his favorite pasttime - pulling up and trying to stand.
Burke Burke had fun getting to know Sophie. She was so sweet and let John Burke love on her, over-pet and pull her every which way. And Turner found a definite partner in crime in Ellie or "Eh-yee." When we were packing the house on Saturday to leave Andalusia, Kate and I heard little toys being thrown over the balcony into the den. As we looked, we found little chess pieces all over the floor. And, we looked up and found a guilty Turner, arm ready to launch, and Ellie, handing them over and laughing. Trouble. In the car on the way to the park today I overheard Turner saying "Love you, Mommy. Love you, MeMe, Love you Ellie. Ellie at work." And we ask for Kate and Ellie lately (Uncle Jay was working so he wasn't there.)
Look at this little angel. He is a happy, happy baby. He is laughing all the time - especially in the car. They entertain each other very well. Good thing, because we are always in the car! I got this picture this weekend.
It was very sweet!
And this was at a restaurant last week. They were sharing a high chair.
But, don't let me fool you. Most of the time we look just like this around here!
Off to take a bath...

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  1. Okay you need to blow up and frame the picture of them holding hands! Looking at that sweet picture everyday is the just the right way to start your day!