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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Say What??

It is just noon and my weasels are both napping. Ahh! We have had a busy morning!
It all started at 4:45 a.m. when I heard John Burke talking in his bed. I have been letting him play in his bed and sleep through this when it happens, because we all prefer him to sleep 12 hours! He has been falling asleep until 6:45 or 7. Well, today I rolled back over in bed after I heard him babbling. Then I heard a blood-curdling scream. I knew what had happened, and woke up Heath in my running to the nursery.

He jumped out of his bed!! He was laying on his back in the middle of the room. And he was almost halfway to the door, so he got some air in his mighty leap. Praise the Lord he landed okay. Don't worry - Turner has never done this, and John Burke managed to accomplish it at 9 months. Wild thing.
Then at 5 a.m., Mom called me to tell me the doctors were calling in the family to see Nanny. Her heart rate was erratic all through the night last night, so we rushed in to check on her. I think we freaked her out because she looked very scared and overwhelmed when she looked up to see Mom, me, my aunt and uncle (followed shortly by Derek, our pastor, cousin Holder and 2 other aunts). She knew something was going on, and with her froggy voice (from a feeding tube) asked if she was okay.
We assured her that she was better now (?!), and she even called my mom and Barbara by name. Then Derek and I said "We love you" and she said (mouthed/froggy) "I love you, too." They found that she was bleeding somewhere and gave her some blood. I asked the nurses when I was leaving what was going on. They said this could go either way - she has been a different patient every day. They have told us twice she wasn't going to make it, but then she was stabilized (heart rate and blood pressure) while we were there today. We know it is in God's hands, but I sure was thankful to be able to talk to her today in somewhat of a conversation. That is definite progress, even if her little body is about to leave us. I even told her that John Burke had jumped out of the bed and she laughed!
Sweet Nanny with me when I was VERY pregnant with Turner. I tried to crop my belly out, but Nanny is so little - it wouldn't work:)

Then we had a doctor's appointment this morning. Turner (at 2 and almost 2 months) was 39 inches tall. That was off the charts for height - even for a 3 year old. Great - a giant. His weight was in the 75th percentile and his head was in the 75th (surprise). The doctor and I were talking about how people correct me all the time when I say he is 2. They like to say, "No, 3." I tend to say, "No, I was there. He just turned 2." Killin me. Anyway, we were talking about how he was going to be tall and how he has a big head (though she said it was somewhat proportional). She said something about that being a concern. She was still talking about him being compared to 3 year olds, though he is and acts like a 2 year old. I thought she meant his head. My mind started racing at what she meant - was it going to get bigger and bigger? I was relieved when I realized she just meant the poor guy was just going to be considered a very dopey 3 year old.
Sitting on the doctor's table
John Burke weighed 21 pounds and was 31 inches. He was in the 90th percentile as well, and weight in 50th. But, Melon was in the 75th for head as well. I think that is a Henderson thing.:)
The doctor asked me how many words Turner said, and I guessed 30-50. I have been writing them down since we got home from the store. I am sure I will want to compare John Burke's words in about a year or so. He can say (without prompting): "Eeet stuck (it's stuck)" - this is what everything is that he can't figure out, book, ook (look), night night, tie shoes, off, Mommy, Daddy, car, please, Burke Burke, eat, get out, uh huh, uh oh, thank you, hey, bye, cheese, Oh Boy, cackers (crackers), GiGi, Pop Pop, MeMe, Pap (he likes to ask for these at random), chips, whoa, urt urt (yogurt), ice cream (every time we pass TCBY), what's that? (I think this is 48,000 times a day), I want, etmo ( 4 packs a day), cup, water, at work ("Where's Daddy? Oh, Daddy's at work. Daddy car" - this is a common phrase), Auburn, nap (Burke Burke takin a nap), wipes, diapers, stink, balk (ball), duck, paci.
This was closer to 60 words. Don't tell me if you have a new 2 year old that is quoting Shakespeare. I am not saying we are a chart topper here, just glad to be verbal. I remember my niece Kate speaking in paragraphs at this age. I am gonna call that a girl thing.
Also, he likes to point at Chick-fil-A and request it. Today the girl at the window gave us our food, and I told her how nice her teeth looked now that her braces were off. Then, another lady working leaned out the window to yell at Turner and "Burke Burke" and I noticed she got her hair cut off by several inches and we had a conversation about it. Driving away, I realized we go there way too much!
This picture of Turner scares me. Really.
Finally, we went to Publix (I love that place) this morning. It was not smart for me to take them there right after shots, but it had to happen. And I meant to take a picture of John Burke helping Turner drive the buggy. We had people help us unload the cart, entertain my wild ones, give them cookies and then help me to the car. Worth. It. And I saved 40 dollars on our normal purchases with some great deals and unique coupons! The only bad thing there was when sweet Mr. Larry was taking us to the car, I had to pop my hood in the back open with a golf club. Gotta love that - but it is too expensive to fix the shocks. Anyway, I freaked out and started sweating because there was a People magazine in the back of my car, but the back cover was facing out. It was 2 people in a very racey pose, in tiny bathing suits. I am praying that sweet Mr. Larry in his seventies doesn't think I keep pornography in my Jeep. Oh, well.


  1. Ahhhh...another great dose of Kelly! :) You always make me smile! Praying for your nanny and so glad you got to talk with her this morning!

  2. Thinking of you and your family, sending our prayers.

    Your morning makes me laugh, wow..jumping out of the crib..what I have to look forward to

  3. OK, Kelly-

    this made me laugh :) Also, about the shocks on the back of the Jeep, you can buy them at Auto Zone or Pep Boys and install your self for under $50. We have done it on 2 cars! :)

    Kris Street

  4. Great update!! I mean seriously John Burke jumped out of the crib?!! wow!! Never a dull moment around your house right now!! Thanks for sharing about your nanny! Hope ya'll have some good times left with her!
    Hope to see ya'll soon!

  5. Funny post! Porter jumped out of his crib early too, but not that early. We looked into getting a crib tent to put him on lockdown, but just ended up switching him to a toddler bed. You can get them at one step ahead ( Just thought I would mention it.