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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Did someone need a light switched on or off? This is his new favorite thing
Oh, and "drying" his hair
DISCLAIMER - I never intend to write a novel for a blog. However, every time I write, I do. I should apologize, but I am not really sorry. I know it will happen again. The only time I update is about every other week - and then I overload with pictures. A friend recently said she doesn't really have time at work to read the blog - she just looks at the pictures and skims. I don't blame you!
Taken this morning when I was taking too long to pick out something to wear/dry my hair. I came in and they were giggling almost to the point of screaming. Sure, because they had taken the shell of a tent apart (the long black stick in Turner's hand) and were BOTH swinging it around the room. Turner, I expect this from. But John Burke? Already? Their faces were in response to my simultaneous fussing and picture taking.

This week has not been my favorite week. However, when I have these 2 little crazies to look at, it ALWAYS makes me laugh. What a reminder of hope and joy they are. It sounds cheesy, but I realized that I am blessed to have worked in an elementary school and now around babies. Those are 2 very happy places to be, even in bad weeks!
I am officially crawling everywhere. I have been pulling myself like a slug across the floor - I don't really use my legs. Yesterday Mom put me down in the den, and I surprised her in her bedroom in about a minute and a half.
Wait for it...
Boo! Peek-a-boo is his favorite game right now. It cracks him up. And me. Because he laughs so hard. In the car the other day, he kept doing it with a blanket in his car seat to me in the front seat, and Turner next to him. I laughed, thinking at what a funny personality he already has, just shy of nine months! Also, I thought he had one tooth, but he has 2 (they informed me at school) and 4 on the way on top! This is especially exciting since Turner did not receive tooth one until 13 months!

Burke Burke with Nanny around Thanksgiving
Last week, my sweet grandmother Nanny went to the hospital. Lindsey was over there on Monday (MLK Day), and she called the paramedics because she thought Nanny was having a stroke. The paramedics agreed something major was going on. Long story short, she was moved from the ER to the ICU. They weren't sure she was going to make it. The doctors are still trying to figure out what is going on - stroke? infection? - they are "perplexed." So, please keep my sweet Nanny in your prayers. The good news is, she was just moved out of ICU to a step-down room. Not great, but better. She sat on the side of the bed today, and she has been talking a little. She called Lindsey by name, and could tell them her name (Elizabeth) and that she was called Libby. Huge things!
Turner and Nanny taking turns kissing
I haven't been able to see her this week because I had a nasty stomach bug on Tuesday. I thought I was dying. Seriously. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and threw up, and then again at 6:30. When Heath hears the first hint of a gag, he is halfway down the street. So he moved to the couch, but then (praise God) took the boys to the church and arranged childcare all day long. Good thing, because I could not lift my head up! I made my way to the doctor around noon, and I am SURE that was a sight. I knew I was sick because I seriously considered laying on the floor of the doctor's office. I take it for granted that I rarely ever feel that sick. But, I wanted to get checked for the flu. Anyway, the doctor (who remembered me from years ago when I complained of an earache, but it was really Gordon's hair in my ear. He told me to stop letting my puppy sleep in my bed immediately) assured me it was either food poisoning or a 12 hour, very quick virus. Turns out that is what it was, and I was able to return to the land of the living Tuesday night and Wednesday. Today it is like it never happened. Hallelujah it has not spread!
Delois with her baby John
Also, last week John Burke's precious teacher and my friend, Delois, passed away. She went in the hospital at the same time as Nanny (a few rooms away), but ended up with a bacterial infection that overtook her body. I have been broken hearted. Just the thought of John Burke (her little Jun-Jun) sitting at her feet every day from when he was 10 weeks until now makes me so sad, but so appreciative that she was his second mom! She knew him as well as I did, and that really hit home since she has not been back at work!
Where he sat - right at her feet, until he could weasel her into picking him up and placing him on her very voluptuous chest, his favorite place to sleep.

She and I had a very funny relationship - she loved to tease me for being too loud around the babies, and supposedly breaking the clock in their room (which I did, but would never admit). A few weeks ago, I came in dressed in workout clothes (with no real intent to work out) and she said "Wow - you look sharp." Hmm. Sarcasm. One of the reasons I loved her. She was ALWAYS happy - always singing and laughing and teasing people and mostly, loving loving loving on babies. She told us all the time that she had done many jobs in her life, but none made her as happy as holding babies and spending her days with them.
I jokingly accused her of making him fat. She insisted he needed more food, and though we would argue, she ALWAYS found a way to slip him extra "powder" as she called it. I let her - she took care of him enough, how could I not?? Her daughter told us yesterday when we talked to her that she would refer to the babies by name at home. One example she used was "Baby John." I broke down - that was my baby!! That's what she called him! On Friday, when I took him into her classroom, he looked for her. It makes me cry just to type it, because he loved her in whatever capacity you can at that age!!
I had my first experience at an African-American funeral today as we celebrated her life. I loved it! A whole lot of praising the Lord and spreading the Holy Spirit. I needed that. We were able to focus on the fact that her body was buried, but that she was in a better place. My heart ached for her daughter - they had such a fabulous relationship and lived together. But, I know God will take care of her. It made me feel selfish for being so upset this past week - I have only known her a year and half, her daughter was so much closer. But we were able to tell her daughter what a blessing sweet Delois was to all of us, and it has made me realize what a unique generation hers was/is. Hard working, kind and generous!
All right, enough Debbie Downer. A bright spot in the weekend was going to Auburn for the Championship Celebration. We stayed with the Hendersons and were able to hang out and eat some of our favorites - Niffer's, Barbecue House and Amsterdam. Ahh! But, more importantly, the Celebration at the Stadium. I thought that the Celebration was gonna be kind of cheesy. However, it was really neat. The place was almost entirely full. CRAZY!

And even though we were lucky enough to see the real game in person in Arizona, this was so neat to be able to cheer and celebrate with other Auburn fans. If you are not an Auburn fan - this is probably not gonna mean anything to you. But, they focused more on the Auburn family than the football team, and I, of course, even teared up watching the highlight video.
Recognizing the team
Hard to see - score from the Auburn-Oregon game

Something about being a child and grandchild of Auburn graduates, and then one myself, meeting my husband there, being able to take our (sleepy) kids to the field Saturday to watch it instilled such a sense of pride in my Tigers. It was worth my toes being so frozen that I had to waddle to the car!
And Happy Birthday to our dear friend Evan!! We were lucky enough to celebrate with her in Auburn! We love you!!

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