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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Major Catch Up - March

Wow, life has gotten in the way of this little blog.  Life and then trying to get a new computer mixed with laziness and then summer time.  Anyway, I am updating now!  The other day Heath and I were debating something in the car, and I was able to pull something up on my blog and sadly confirm he was right.  Because I so quickly forget, I don't want any more time to pass without putting life on the blog...even if it is in bullet form some/mostly:)
We had a fun February (taken up with Disney World mostly) and March...
We played soccer with some buddies
They took turns being interested...not super stars yet
Lindsey and Evan and I attempted to run a half-marathon in Gulf Shores, and ended up getting a kid-free beach weekend out of it when it got cancelled for terrible thunderstorms.  Oh darn!
Heath and I went to his cousin's wedding...and met up with his spunky Granny Fran
John Burke's class dressed up like puppies and went on parade
And then John Burke said goodbye to his sweet friend Peyton when she moved
Collins got doted on by her MDO she is with Brittany, her bather and personal hair stylist.  Side note - they don't typically bathe students there:) I take it as a compliment...but it is probably an insult that she is always "filthy" to them 
Our sweet friends the Fitts who moved to Mobile came back to visit and cook out 
and dress like super heroes
We visited the planes at the Southern Museum of Flight with friends

and had play dates in the park...
and even cheered on our buddy Will Brooke at the Chili Cook-off!  Fun times with friends...and then came Spring Break!!
We had a busy Spring Break and we loved it!  We started out with a play date to the park in Leeds with 3-story fun!  However, I think my kids stayed on the merry-go-round for 2 straight hours
Then, Jami and I packed our kids up and headed to Atlanta for a quick 2-day trip.  First stop was LegoLand Discovery Center at Phipps Plaza.  So fun!
Lego replica of the city

Turner Field of legos!
Getting ready for the interactive ride - this place was great!  After the ride, we played with legos (of course) and inside a great playground.  Then we headed in the 4-D movie...we brought our friend Kina along for the ride and wow was she helpful!  Love her!
Then we headed back to the hotel for hours of swimming (funny to write in the summer where we swim every single day, but at the time we needed some water!)
The next day we headed to explore Stone Mountain and it was CHILLY...especially at the top of the mountain

View from the top.  So cool, but I was nervous my monkeys would run and jump too close to the edge, so we headed back inside pretty fast!  Stone Mountain was awesome, even with some of its exhibits still closed for winter at the time.  I want to head back and check it out in the summer, the kids had the best time exploring there!
At the end of the week, Lindsey and her kids came in town for a visit for their Spring Break too.  We were able to go visit sweet Nanny and get doughnuts with Pop Pop...

It ended up just being 2 weeks before Nanny died.  So so glad we were able to go see her one last time with the kids...even though she commented that it was very noisy:)  
 The last weekend our sweet friends invited us to come play with them at their farm
 Lots of fishing

and running
 and riding on the Bad Boy Buggy.  Heaven for little boys...
 and Collins too!
Phew!  March was crazy and fun and a little cold and we had a great time winding down at school and playing with friends and family!

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