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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Major catch up 2 - April

April brought a lot of fun things for us, a lot having to do with the preparation of our Lord's Resurrection on Easter!
 Pap and Tappy sent us baskets of Easter goodies...we love to receive packages!!!
 Our Sunday School class had our annual Easter Egg hunt and it was great!

 Look at all the kids...they were so excited!
 John Burke owned it:)

 They are at such a fun age where they all 3 had a blast!

These 2 are TROUBLE!!!!
The boys sang the next Sunday in the Palm Sunday service (in their yellow shirts) sweet!
Then, on April 15th my sweet Nanny died.  John Burke was devastated that he couldn't go visit her and say goodbye in the hospital.  He LOVED her in a special way.  March 22nd we were able to celebrate her 90th birthday with her, and we all had a peace when she went to heaven.  I love her fiercely and I am so thankful for the life she led and the example she and Dink were for us.  I am so thankful for all of the years I had with her and miss her all the time, but I am glad we had so many wonderful years together!!  So glad I have my little Collins as her namesake...her maiden name was Collins.
 Nanny and Dink with a 3-day old Turner.  I was crying and overwhelmed and panicked about a new baby and they were gracious and generous and cooked me dinner and loved on me.  So many wonderful memories with them!!
My sweet friend Lauren took some family pics of us amidst the craziness of April and I was so thankful!  Hard to get one of all of us these days!
I love these 3!
Easter was the next little bunnies before church
And after church we headed to Mom and Dad's for lunch and another fun Egg hunt
and bubbles with Uncle D
The week after Easter was especially insane.  On Sunday we celebrated Christ's Resurrection, on Monday we buried my sweet Nanny.  On Thursday we celebrated John Burke's birthday (next blog on that), and then Heath and I headed to Nashville to run in the Rock N' Roll Half-Marathon.
John Burke and Chloe turned 4 on April 28 and 30th
 My parents graciously kept the kids Thursday-Sunday so Heath and I could head to Nashville.  Heath had to work there on Friday, and then we were able to eat and play and prepare to run with our friends Ty and Meg and TJ and Martha Jane.
Heath and one of his best friends, TJ.  He and his family moved to Nashville last year and we have really missed them!  It was great to catch up for sure, and they showed us around such a fun city!
 After the race...Ty, Heath, me and TJ.  Back in November, my friend talked me into running.  I accepted the challenge and then Heath decided to join me!  It was a great experience, and like a true tourist I scurried home on Monday and stuck the "13.1" sticker on my car.  Pretty sure if I am going to run 13.1 miles, I am going to have to note it!  
 Fun to run with him (even though I pulled back and let the boys go ahead pretty soon into the race:)  Not trying to be a hero...just thrilled to finish!!
Next up...another catch up blog, this one on my John Burke turning 4!!

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