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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Major catch-up 3 - John Burke turns 4!!

John Burke turned 4 on April 28th.  He goes to school on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, so we had his birthday party on a Thursday morning at Chuck E. Cheese!  We missed family who couldn't make it, but he was celebrated for several weeks, so I wasn't worried!

He was easy to deal with about this party.  He is pretty particular in the rest of life, but he didn't care what kind of party we had.  Actually, he mentioned a party at a park, but I didn't want to deal with rain/weather, and Turner had been asking for a Chuck E. Cheese party, so we went with that.  He didn't even care about his cake (which was actually cupcakes) I picked dinosaurs.  He DID enjoy having a crown full of tokens to wear and a table set up just for him.  He walked in, put on the hat and said "This means I'm the BOSS!"  Nope.  After a quick chat, he was a little more humble:)
Heath was able to come for the first little while, but had a meeting since you know, it was a work day
Luckily Pop Pop is retired now and he came as my back-up
Cousin Ellie and Aunt Kate were actually able to make an appearance
We had the place almost entirely to ourselves...the beauty of a Thursday morning.  We had almost 40 kids come with siblings, etc. since almost everyone went to our school and follows our same schedule!  The more, the merrier.  Our party host even asked if we were a local home school group:)
The kids got to eat pizza and cake and ice cream
Then Chuckie came and sang and danced for them
and we watched the birthday boy/self-proclaimed king blow out his candles
Then Burkie got to go into the ticket tube and try to catch tickets
His friends crowded around
Then the "Boss" personally handed out his party favors
 Our precious neighbor Mrs. Helen came to watch him celebrate.  She helped us clean up afterwards too.  So thankful for her and her sweet bond with John Burke!!
What a fun morning celebrating our cuddly, bossy, CURIOUS, sensitive little social butterfly.  We love you so much John Burke!!
Side note on this last picture - this is his friend Alice.  On his actual birthday he was at school.  He decided it was a good idea to kiss her on the lips for his birthday present to himself.  Good thing her parents are friends of ours...awkward!  Hopefully he won't be celebrating like that anymore!  A mess!!!
Oh, and he is dying for a pet.  He loves everything animal these days - our neighbor's dog and cat, insects, stuffed animals, etc.  So I told him months ago he could get a real fish for his birthday.  We went on April 28th after school with a plan to get one goldfish.  He had decided on that and already named it Goldie.  He is so creative.  Anyway, goldfish were a little more maintenance than I had planned on (wow that sounds lazy of me), so we went with Betta fish. And of course we couldn't get just we left with 3!  Collins, also creative, named hers Peesh, which is her version of fish.  John Burke picked a blue one and named it Blue Goldie, appropriately.  Turner picked the name Optimus Prime.  Happy to report they are still alive...which is about 2 months longer than I ever gave them credit for!

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