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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Major catch-up 4 - May

Continuing my blog catch-up in bullet-ish form...I love May!  It is the beginning of summer, which is my very favorite time of year!  It is Mother's Day and my birthday and we almost always make it to the beach at least once to kick off summer.
 We ran down to the beach the first weekend in May because we hadn't seen Pap and Tappy very much.  Evidently I didn't get great pictures with them while there:(

 Hanging with Pap on the beach all day
 The condo always gives us a beautiful view
Granny Fran lives in Panama City so we were able to visit her
 and then Granny Eloise on the way back home.  So neat that the kids get to know and love these sweet ladies!
 Riding Toy Day at school - riding the big wheel Pap gave him for his birthday
 Mother's Day lunch at Outback - I love being a mom and my own mom more than words can even say!  Always a little bittersweet as we fondly remember Heath's mom and what a wonderful mother and grandmother she was!
 A ride around in Uncle Derek's new car after lunch
 We caught our first Baron's game in the new stadium and LOVED it!!
 The weather was mild and the atmosphere was awesome.  I want to head back soon - fun for the whole family!
John Burke celebrated some of his favorite twins in his class with a Frozen party.  We have gone Frozen crazy these days...this is Olaf on his face!  Collins LOVES to sing "Let it Go..." and I am hoping we are letting this phase go!
 We partied with our classes for end-of-the-year celebrations.  The kids had terrific teachers this year!
We celebrated my birthday on May 19th.  Turner and John Burke signed the card and I had to sweet!
 Collins completed swim lessons with Miss Lynn...she is swimming like a little fish all over the place!!  Her nickname is the "swim nazi" and she is not for the faint of heart, but wow is she good at teaching swim safety!
My favorite part of May was our family beach trip for Memorial Weekend.  Kate's birthday is May 29th and we usually try to head to the beach at least as part of the family to celebrate.  This year we didn't think we would be able to pull it off and decided last minute, so it was Lindsey and me and our kids and Mom and Dad...Brandon and Heath and Derek had to work and missed out on all the chaos! Here are some highlights:
 Collins and Morgan are twins!  I have bought 2 of the cutest smocked bathing suits for my strong-willed 2 year old to wear, but alas she will only wear this little ditty from Old Navy.  Good thing her cousin is willing to look so cute in it too!
 So much swimming with Pop Pop - his goggles are so cute

 Deep thoughts on the balcony
 Playground fun

These cousins love each other so much...and can also fight in a split second like siblings
One night we headed out to the sand with these nets and they ran around and got soaking wet and had the best time until it was too dark

My little tow-headed nieces and nephew
 We made the Pirate and Princesses breakfast a second annual event.  It is so cute - the waiters and waitresses dress up like pirates and princesses and entertain the kids in the most fun ways!
 A pirate story before their treasure hunt
Following the clues at the Hangout - found gold doubloons and Ring Pops - in fake mustaches from our waiter
Highly recommend the Hangout in Gulf Shores for this breakfast
Lots of movie watching and attempts at rest
We met up with some fun friends on the beach and had a ball
Missing our dad but we found some fun replacements in our buddies' dads

On the way to play with them down the beach we saw this washed up stingray.  So huge and they were scooping him up to throw him back in

Loving on GiGi 
At the end of the week my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Jim invited this crazy crew to come play at their house on Ono Island.  We had SO much fun, and I hate I didn't get a picture of them with the kids
Here is a picture of Barbara, mom's sister from my cousin's wedding at the beach in October - they are 11 months apart.  How cute are they?!

When we arrived, the children "stumbled upon" a message in a Diet Coke bottle.  Right up their alley!!!  It ended up being a treasure map!!!  They followed the clues and found the treasure box full of jewels and doubloons...behind Turner.  Uncle Jim also took us on a boat ride and they found another treasure box.  Best day ever for these pirate-loving fools!!!  What a fun great-aunt and uncle!!!
Following the clues
exploring with Gigi
Riding with Uncle Jim
 swimming in the bay and jumping off the docks...all 6 of them did this!

 Riding a rope swing off of the deck

 and discovering crabs in traps and hermit crabs
We were so sad to leave Ono Island and the beach itself.  The kids always have so much fun together in our favorite place!!  We didn't even hang out much at the beach, mostly at the pool and it was fabulous.  A wonderful kick-off to summer!!
 All right, now only 6 weeks behind real life...catching up hopefully continues!

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