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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mini Pop Pop

Yes - the back of his hair is long enough that his teachers put it in a ponytail.

Today I found a hot dog bun in my jewelry box, right next to several pairs of earrings. Then I saw a roll of saran wrap on my dresser, and walked into the kitchen and saw no less than 37 ziploc bags pulled out of the box and strewn all over the kitchen. This lovely lady (yikes - his hair is getting long, I need to cut it soon) is a MONSTER!! He is just over 3 feet tall (off the charts for his age. Not surprising if you have seen him. Side note - I asked the doctor if he was going to be obese, she just laughed and said his weight was proportional to his height, just off the charts for both!), so he is tall enough to grab EVERYTHING and run off with it and a sly little grin on his face.
He is so stinkin cuddly and has a funny little personality. He can say several words, but still won't say them to me when I ask him directly. Yesterday morning he did walk up to me and say "cracker" and I handed him a cracker, but of course he would not repeat it. I have overheard him say several things - even words strung together, but never when he thinks I am listening. That stinker!!
He plain as day said "ketchup" to Kina when she handed him a french fry last week in the car. And he will say "I want my mama" when he is in his bed and I watch him on the monitor. But to my face - nothing. For some reason it frustrates me, but it also makes me laugh that he is tricky enough to choose when and where he wants to say something.
Anyway, the point of this post is to show how much I think he looks like my dad as a baby. We found these at my parents' last night, and Burke Burke is a Pop Pop junior.
Is it just me?
I love it.
Okay, I am going to finish laundry. I can't do it when Monster is awake!! But I do love that little Monster - especially when he is sleeping:) And his wild monster brother!

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