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Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Yesterday was our first day of school!! John Burke moved into Turner's Kitten classroom from last year with Dee, Tinecia and Wanda. He is downstairs with me in the Mother's Day Out. But Turner moved upstairs to "big school" or Covenant Day School. He will go on Wednesdays and Fridays - 2 year olds go 2 days.
With his little rite of passage, he moved from a red MDO bag to a blue CDS bag. This has been a HUGE deal to him. In talking up his new school, I sort of created a monster. Heath said the other night they were pulling out of our neighborhood and he stopped Julie, our next door neighbor to tell her that he was 2 now and went to big school. (I am sure she was thrilled).
Turner has 2 fabulous teachers. I was so excited about his teachers and his classmates! Neither of his poor teachers had power back at their houses from Monday's storm. But, they had great attitudes and the kids all had a ball!
Turner with Miss Meg
Miss Abby (who I grew up with)
I was a little emotional dropping him off. More than I ever thought. I mean - I am downstairs in the SAME building!! I have just always been able to walk down the hall and see him throughout the day. Well, I learned the other day I can still go up and see him, I just have a little less control of when and where. But I need that!!
Turner with Rivers (he was sitting down)
I took him to see his teachers and Miss Abby's son, Rivers (one of Turner's best buds) was still in there. He and Turner sat down and laughed and played. I said "Give me a kiss." He did, and then looked back at the toys. With tears in my eyes I said, "Don't forget...your orange juice box is in your lunchbox." Seriously?? I am laughing writing this, but I really was teary. Wow. He looked at me and said "Then I want my lunchbox." Then I air kissed him and walked out. He went right back to playing. No big deal. He is so ready for preschool - I couldn't hold him back!
I did check on him once during the day. His teacher said several had cried, but he didn't bat an eye and loved all the new things and routines he was seeing. (My mom said I was like this about preschool/school, and I have a good guess Heath was too, so of course he gets it naturally).
Burke Burke with Read and Tinecia
John Burke went right to his 2nd mamas - I didn't worry one second about him. He sees these women almost as much as Heath and me, so he didn't care at all. A lot of his classmates cried, too, but not John Burke and Read! In fact, his teachers told me that John Burke and Read reminded them of the wild pair of Turner and Rutland from last year.
Turner and Rutland's first day in the 2 year old class - they are near each other, but notin the same class for the first time in 3 years. (*Rutland is significantly smaller than T, but he was crouched down in this pic, and T was jumping up. It just makes me feel better to say that about my giant.*)
They act like they didn't see each other last week - these 2 are hilarious together
I did check on him several times (just because I could), and one time he ran to the door and yelled, "Daddy!!" What?! I didn't get a good action shot, but I was joking that he looked like he was in junior high because he had on his new big boy New Balances with socks.
Serious Burkita with Dee...and Wanda
His teachers asked that I "keep dressing him like a big boy." No go, he will be barefoot with a jon jon on tomorrow, no worries. For the love, he is so big - I won't have much longer to do this! At his 15 month appointment today (even though he is 16 months), the doctor reminded me that both of my boys are off the charts in height! Yes, I know.
We can't forget our girl Kina, even though she is not blessed enough to have a Henderson for the first time since 2009...oh well, good thing another one is coming her way :)
Before I get too proud of my big, well-adjusted 2 year old. I got an email from one of the other mothers in the class. She said she had brought cupcakes for his birthday, and my precious angel leaned over to him and told him that the chocolate "looked just like poo poo." Luckily this cracked the other child up and she said he laughed all the way home. Where did he get too be so inappropriate? :) So proud.
First day of school 2010 (TINY John Burke!!!)
First day of school 2009 - TINY Turner

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  1. Turner and John Burke are ADORABLE!!! Love their matching outfits and their school bags!! Getting so big! Always loving hearing your stories from the day! Hope you are enjoying your skinny jeans :)