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Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching Up

We have had a lot going on! I have been tired and lazy, and have several things I want to update on here! Here goes...
It has been about a month, but the boys went to the first 2 Auburn games. We left early for naps during the Utah State game (and listened to Auburn pull off a miracle in the car!) and then we stayed 5 hours and watched every minute of the Mississippi State game. The boys did great for being 2 and 1!
Auburn vs. Utah State
Look at the cute outfits MeMe got them!
Right before the eagle took a wrong turn and flew right into our section!! Turner just kept screaming "BIRD!! BIRD!!" He was terrified - so was I. But then it was cool when he flew away.
Then, our life has looked a little bit like this lately.
Heath and his partner - after much prayer and consideration - switched from Merrill Lynch to
kind of blurry, but UBS. He is doing the same thing, just at a different firm. We are very excited about this new opportunity! And, look what the new boss sent to me on Heath's first day!
The week he changed jobs was the same week we found out we were having a girl, so it was a wild week! But, things have gotten way more back to normal now!
Turner had his first field trip. His 2 year old class went to Homewood Park for a picnic and some play time. All of the kids had their matching t-shirts on and they were huge! Don't worry, Turner took care of that.
He seems a little too comfortable with his class :)
Friends both from his class and from others
We had such a fun time! And Heath even joined us for lunch, but somehow dodged a picture.
Then, last week - hallelujah! - John Burke got his first haircut. It was MUCH needed! Before:
Yikes - very shaggy
And... the back. Cute curls at times, but really just masking a mullet.
He was a champ! He sat still and was very quiet the whole time. No drama! I was very scared, so they were both loaded down with Skittles and suckers. Not scared to bribe here.
Voila! Jenni worked her magic! "How you doin?"
Look at these crazy sucker-eaters with their big boy hair cuts and shoes!
Lastly, we took a family trip to Old Baker Farm a few days ago. I had never been, and of course neither had Heath and the boys. We had fun and it was a gorgeous day!
Turner got to drive a tractor and
a "horse"
Beautiful (LOVE pregnancy shots:)) family pic on the hayride. Cowboys jumped out at us in the middle of said hayride. They shot guns, and John Burke's face looked a lot like this. Turner was also terrified, and it didn't help that Heath offered to give him to the bad guys. I could not stop laughing at how freaked out they were. I know, I am not compassionate. I also laugh hysterically when they get shots. I don't know why. Heath felt bad afterwards, when they both left the shock phase and started crying. But they were fine.
Looking for pumpkins with Daddy
Ah! A prized one for our front porch. Happy Fall!!

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