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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PCB 2011

The last couple of weeks, our days have looked a lot like this:
Here is the scene - I was running out the door to go see The Help with friends (FABULOUS!), and Turner said "Why Burke Burke get all the peanut butter?" I looked up and saw this animal. Ughh! And he was kind enough to spread it all over the den carpet. He definitely smiled with pride when I grabbed the camera, and tried to wave. The weasel!
Needless to say, we needed a beach trip. We went last week to Heath's parents' condo in Panama City, and our dear friends the Bennetts stayed next door at Splash - the condos with an indoor water park. It was fabulous!

The Bennetts (in the lazy river) were brave to hang with us.
Part of the Splash park
We did a lot while down there...
Played at the splashpad
Rode the water slides with Daddy (John Burke trembled when I tried it with him, but jumped to do it with Daddy. Go figure),
Practiced swimming with floaties and without! Turner has almost mastered swimming - he loves to be underwater any chance he can. Good, but scarier for me :)
We went for walks,
and ate a lot of Thomas doughnuts.
We spent some good time with Granny Fran
and went to Back Porch and the bouncy houses at Pier Park.
We danced to our favorite show, Sid the Science Kid,
we ate, played football and attempted family pictures in Rosemary Beach
and did a LOT of swimming in the hot tub back at the condos (until the nice security guard kicked them out for being under age).
This little wildcat fell in love/obsession with his goggles, or "gossles" as he calls them. This is how I found him when I woke him up from his nap...
Ridiculous. And yes, they are upside down. He prefers them that way?!
Kissing Daddy. John Burke preferred Daddy the whole time, and even learned how to say "Hey Mama" and "Hey Daddy", but only when he is not prompted. Last night he brought a bottle to Heath and said "I want some" and I overheard him say "Hey Dee" and "Hey Kina" to them at school yesterday. Again, only when he can sneak it by me. And then he looks at me and laughs, because he knows it drives me crazy that he won't talk when I ask him to!
Don't worry MeMe and Pap, we did our best to clean up for you. I mean, how messy could we be? Ha! See peanut butter picture at top.
Ahh, so fun! I miss it already!

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