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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our First Stitches

Well, I thought I was going to blog about our first trip to the McWane Center. We had plans to meet a friend and her older son and leave the babies at the nursery. So, I was dropping John Burke off in the nursery. We were checking in, and Turner was playing in the lobby on a bench by the window sill. All of a sudden, he fell into the metal window sill. I saw it happen, and didn't think it was that big of a deal.
This is where it occurred. This was after we got back from the hospital, hanging with his friends Brooks and Pearson. Of course, he got right back up where he had been. He is stubborn - wonder where he gets that?

He started screaming like a maniac. I looked at him and said, "You are fine." Then, he looked up at me. I yelled to my friend Laura, "He is not fine! Lot of blood." I panicked a little bit, but more I just got light-headed. We decided to go to Children's, and luckily Laura offered to ride with me.
Most of these pics were taken with my phone. But, this I took with my mom camera. Because I had it in the car. Because I thought I would get cute shots at McWane Center. Hmm.
Halfway there, I asked Laura if she had put Turner in the car. She reminded me that I had. I didn't remember anything - I was just trying to find my way to Children's Hospital. Turner stopped screaming once we got in the car and he got his blasted paci and duck (his BFFs). Laura helped me find the hospital in all of its construction downtown, and Heath met us there. By the grace of God, there was NO ONE in the waiting room. It was totally empty. They took us to a triage room and put a bandaid on him and some numbing gel (that was miraculous!).
They walked us back to a room, and we had the sweetest nurse and doctor there. They took great care of us. They even told Heath and me that we might need to sit down because we looked like we were going to throw up - which was true.
Playing in the room. At this point, Heath and I were much more affected than Turner.

They restrained Turner in a papoose thing - he was swaddled in a blanket and then strapped in (like a straight jacket). He did fine, praise the Lord for my new phone (my old one fell in water about a month ago - RIP) that had Elmo on YouTube. He did fine, barely cried (except when they washed the wound out. I had to turn away for a WHILE - not really because he was crying so much, but because of how deep it was!) Also, I wonder what the doctor thought of me taking pictures on my phone? Lame? Maybe.
Strapped down, yet still asking for his duck. So there is his little nasty friend. Right by his side.
Final verdict - he got 7 stitches. And they are beautiful! He looks like Frankenstein, and they said to look forward to 2 black eyes on their way. Yay! And, he has 2 broken front teeth from about a year ago when he cracked them on our tile floor, so he probably won't be winning any beautiful baby contests any time soon. That's okay, I will still take him.
They made me check his teeth to make sure they hadn't fallen out. I think that would have made me the most upset. I know it is sad, but we are already down to 2/3 of front teeth in the front. Have mercy.
Riding home, eating his Cheetohs reward for being a trooper

On the way home from school I asked him if he had stitches today. He said "Uh huh. Right here." He pointed to his face. I said, "Where are they?" And he said, "My nose." And he said, "It hurt." I am amazed how much he is talking now that he turned 2!
I caught him EATING my new cowboy boot. Like a goat.

So that was our fun-filled morning. Now, the patient is sleeping and his WILD little brother keeps rolling around on my bed and on top of me while I type. He is busier than Turner ever was, and he is almost crawling. He gets across the entire floor by rolling around and pulling himself. I am amazed at his determination. And his newest trick - he is waving. I thought it was just a coincidence. But, my dad asked him to wave to him on New Year's Day, and he looked up and waved to him. He is a genius!
Happy New Year everyone! I am hoping to put up Christmas pictures, assuming we avoid
another ER visit!


  1. oh my gosh, Turner...I don't know if im looking forward to this big toddler stage! I would have freaked out too! Glad he is ok and didn't go in his eye or something! On another note, still want to eat JB! I am obsessed with him! Let's have a play date when you get back!!! I miss ya'll!

  2. I am soo glad Turner is ok! Bless you and Heath! I know ya'll were worried parents! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  3. oh my gosh! KELLY! i totally would have passed out. no doubt in my mind. you are SO TOUGH!

  4. Bless his little heart! And yours. Those things are awful. The blood would have made me light-headed too. I hate that they had to tie him down. So sad :(

    Remember when you came to Alb. and Ellie had just knocked out her first front tooth., and then the second one when she was 3. She also fell from the top of my parent's hardwood stairs all the way to the bottom last year. Two nights before Christmas Andrew fell from the top of ours to the middle landing. And then the very next night fell off the back of his chair at Krispy Kreme and landed on the back of his head. So many many more to come!

  5. Whew!!! oh, hang in there. You are so strong!

  6. Kelly,
    Your story brought back memories of when Lea was about Turner's age. She fell out of bed one night. I, not wanting to turn on any lights, ran into her room, picked her up and got in the bed with her. The next morning when we woke up I about died b/c she had dried blood all over her face! She too was put in one of those straight jackets (it upset me so bad that the doctor asked me to sit in the waiting room while they stitched her up) and got 7 stitches above her eye. She still has a small scar above her left eye. Glad to know that Turner is okay now.