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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Recap

Burke Burke had on Christmas pajamas all day today. And Turner preferred to nap with "No shirt!" Whatever. That is the kind of day we had - they have been flirting with fevers since Friday and the whining is out of control. But, I hope we are on an upswing. Anyway, I wanted to recap Christmas through pictures (and add some things they are doing lately - for posterity's sake). On January 18th. I am so on top of things...
Christmas Eve we went to the church service(s) at Covenant (Heath was working them) and then we went to eat at our dear friends the Moores' house
The boys were matching (not Turner and Heath - just Turner and John Burke) until John Burke messed his outfit up. Go figure.
Luckily Aunt Stacy let us borrow a Christmas outfit of Chloe's. Do you think he stretched it out? They are only about 7 or 8 pounds different in size.
This is for people who say John Burke looks just like Grandad..I don't think so.
Chloe and Kate were matching, too
Will had his friend Dave over. He was incredible on the piano and played every Christmas song we could think of. (He also provided entertainment when he said he was from Chicago and my dad thought he said China and proceeded to ask him when he was returning to China. Oh, Rollie.)
This was the scene that Santa left in our den.
It was his first Christmas! He loved it, of course!
Christmas morning we went to my parents' house for breakfast.

Nanny was there to watch us open presents. (Sidenote - please pray for her! She had a stroke yesterday and it was pretty severe. She is in Intensive Care and we are praying God's will for her recovery. We are not ready to lose her!!!)
Grandad got sleepy while we were opening gifts - too many people taking turns, I guess
We had to document the White Christmas!
Look at this little Snow Bunny
(Turner is watching me type this. I said, "Who is this?" He said, "Elmo." That is a compliment, Chloe. He loves Elmo.)
Then we headed to Granny's house in Andalusia for dinner
Eating ornaments with Cousin Ellie
Captain Fatterson ate 3 rolls for lunch and 3 for dinner. That is more than Turner has ever eaten in his lifetime!
Back at MeMe and Pap's, we opened our presents! This was Turner's. Can you tell he loved it? (Lately he has been saying "Oh Boy!" when he gets bath time or when he is allowed to ride his "actor." Also, he is liking to tell me "I don't want that" and "Stop, Mommy!" - like today when I was singing in the car)
We caught up with Granny Fran
And Ellie showed Turner how her new kitchen worked
Look what John Burke got! Thank you, Uncle Jay for helping Santa assemble it.
The next morning this guy ate a whole pancake by himself. I wonder how he is getting so big :)
Then Heath and his dad took Turner for a ride in Pap's Model A. He LOVED it, even though it felt like the arctic outside! Even in Andalusia!
We finished up the break with a visit with Lenley and her 3, my 2, Kate and Ellie and 2 of my most favorite twins on the planet! This picture about sums up the madness of that day...and the whole break. Being on the Mom side of Christmas is way more exhausting!! But it was a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth with precious friends and family!


  1. You made it sound like it was Will's FRIEND, instead of a friend from work who couldn't get home for Christmas.

  2. You are so funny! Love the recap and pics.

  3. I love all of your nicknames. Captain Fatterson is right up there with Slump dog millionaire for me.