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Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Haircut (and New Year's)

This was a RIDICULOUS picture I took in our den last week. It was actually Heath's birthday (hence the shirt :)). Someone (surrounded by several birthday and Christmas toys) found his newborn paci, and wouldn't take it out of his mouth! But, it was a great wake-up call that it was time for a haircut!! His growing mullet was bothering me all through Christmas, so I finally called my girl, Allison, and she took care of business!

One more before shot - check out the back! And hair peeking over the ears...

Getting settled in the chair with Mr. Lion

Check out the cape!


"Hey - I look good!"

Finishing up - MUCH better! (though he wasn't thrilled)

I look like a man! First haircut - Dec. 29, 2009

We got back from Tampa this weekend. We left Wednesday, dropped Turner in Andalusia with MeMe and Pap (THANK YOU again!!!), and drove on to Gainesville. Then we drove the rest (not far) on Thursday. We had a great time in Tampa, but I didn't take many pictures.
It was great to take a break from this weasel and have some adult time with Heath, Jeanne and Jeremy and the Averitt family.

Look at that piece of carrot cake from New Year's Eve dinner!

Jeanne and her cute little mom

New Year's Eve we watched fireworks from the top of our hotel. We were party animals, and went to sleep well before midnight.

Watching fireworks

Messing with my new camera to get pictures of fireworks

The next day was the Outback Bowl! Heath and I got confused on central/eastern time and had a mixup with the wakeup call, but ended up making it. We just weren't 2 hours before the game, as planned. Darn.
It ended up being cold and rainy in the game, but I didn't regret being there. It was not unbearable, just surprising weather for Tampa!! I didn't bring my new camera in because of the weather, but I managed to snap this picture on my old one.

I needed to remember that I hiked up four steep flights of stairs and then all the way to the second row from the top. I was so winded that I couldn't see straight! That is sad, but I gave myself half points back because I am pregnant. Seriously, once I got to the top of the row to see Emily I could hardly breathe. We laughed - and then I was certain I was staying up there a while! That just happened to be the rainiest part of the game, but it was worth it to see Emily and her dad.
There were so many people at the game. We were in the lower level and saw a few familiar faces, but there were a ton of people in the upper deck! War Eagle! I did think there were going to be riots at the end of the game if we couldn't pull through, but alas, we did!!
That night we went to Orlando. Jeanne and I went to the Magic Kingdom the next day with her parents. Heath and Jeremy played golf on one of the Disney PGA courses (thank you again, Emily!) - I thought that would be a better present for him than the Magic Kingdom!

Christmas parade at Magic Kingdom

Sunday we made the trek home. We were in the car from 7-4 (with stops). It wasn't nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be. But, I was ready to see this guy!

The last few days we have been unpacking, un-Christmasing and chasing a weasel. Heath's dad commented that he and Turner "walked miles" around their house in Andalusia. I believe it!! He is loving walking! When I took him to school yesterday, I told one of his teachers, Shaneka, that he was walking now, since over the break. She did not believe me, until he took off (in a wobbly, sort of Frankensteiny with his arms kind of way). She was impressed!!
And, he is holding strong with saying "Daw" for Dog. Here is a picture of how he spends 70 percent of his time at home. Standing at the dog gate and pointing at Gordon (who luckily doesn't seem to mind).

Ignore Gordon's scary eyes - he is beautiful

He also says Uh-oh at the appropriate time (well, we're working on it not being uh-oh if you throw something down). He has started saying "Dah" and "Hey" when he wants to get our attention - he only says "Dah" when Heath is here, so I am assuming he understands. Who knows? You are going to think I am crazy, but I swear he says "Keh-yee" and points at me when he is excited or wants me to see something. What is that about? What happened to Mom?? Or Mama? I thought it was in my head, but Heath confirmed it, and then my sister did, without me even telling her. I swear - she said, "Did he just call you Kelly?" I want to say he is a genius, but I am pretty sure he is just crazy!


  1. love the haircut. it was so much fun seeing you and heath at the game & golf.

  2. I can't stop laughing at the picture of him in the tub. Corky!

  3. What a fun time!!!! Kelly, he is precious! :)