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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monkey Cat

This is the crazy nickname I have been calling Turner lately. Before he was born and when I loved Gordon so much, I used to make crazy nicknames about him. Gordito, Mr. Pugglesworth, etc. Anyway, now these crazy things come to my head for this weasel. And the last few weeks it has been 'Monkey Cat'. What??! Who knows?
I think about that a month ago he couldn't walk very steadily, and now he is IN EVERY ROOM! All the time. We can be standing in the kitchen and I will walk to a bedroom and by the time I turn around he is rounding the corner!! Unbelievable.
And he has been a huge mess! As I am typing this, I have just moved the trash can because he has pulled the same coke can out of it and tried to drink it 3 times. Next time I run errands I am buying a trash can with a lid!!
We have been hanging out with friends a lot over the last few weeks. Here are some pictures:

Turner and Harrison (at Cooper's house) - hard to get a picture!

Turner and his friend Stevie

Visiting with Nanny and Dink

Does Turner look about 15 in that vest? He did to me!

Chillin at lunch with his buddy, Luke (and Megan and Evan and York!)

I held this sweet baby and said "Aww, I miss this age." My dear friends reminded me quickly that I was about to have one this age again soon. Oh yeah!

Big Boy playing with his friend Charles' train set. How cool!

He has been getting into everything (as I mentioned). Daily we look a lot like this:

Wow. No words.

This happened just seconds before!

Heath found this last week. Can you see what is not supposed to be there? This is Turner's favorite ball popper toy. However, my little genius combined 2 favorite things - Daddy's cell phone AND the ball popper toy! Heath just had to use a screwdriver to fix it. It made me laugh really hard!

This makes me laugh, too. He has walked around with this empty milk carton (from the trash can, of course) for 2 days. He takes it everywhere. Weird. But, he first fell in love with it while playing in the refrigerator, his other favorite pastime. I love this age! This was Turner on MLK last year:

And, this year - when Heath so graciously stayed home from about 1:00 on with him so I could go shopping!! Thank you, Heath. I got a day off (on his "day off").

What a difference a year makes!


  1. Love the Monkey Cat's new do! You are so funny. Cute pics, as always. And at least the cell wasn't in the toilet! You look great by the way.

  2. I can't believe you let Stephen Woodham hold your child.

  3. Is Turner taller than Stevie? I think Turner has more hair.