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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Great Christmas!

We had a terrific Christmas. A wonderful reminder how blessed we are - by our Savior's birth, by family and close friends. Mostly pictures - I don't want to forget!

We spent Christmas Eve at the service at Covenant and then dinner with the Moores - our longstanding tradition!
Family picture on Christmas Eve. Notice (if you can) Turner's 2 front teeth - he got them for Christmas!! And 2 on the bottom - we went from 0 to 4 in a matter of days!
All the Starrs...

And the Moores...we seem to outnumber them!

Someone's favorite thing to do at their house was to play on the air vent. Seriously - for half an hour!

So funny. Then we headed to the Averitts for a later Christmas Eve party, but I didn't bring my camera. And Turner was fast asleep!

Playing with his new musical instruments from Santa

Heath opening his Christmas/birthday present from me - a trip to the Outback bowl this weekend! War Eagle!!
Then we went to my parents' house and opened presents with these monkeys! (I forgot Turner had matching pajamas - that would have been a cute cousin picture. Oh well.)

Then some candid pictures from lunch at my parents' house with Mom's family.

Some sweet time with great grandparents...

Grandad Starr - this is his serious annual Christmas outfit. No really. It is cute (in a way), but stands out! I wish you had seen our family the first time he wore it years ago. Festive he is, but he wore orange socks?! Hmmm.

Picture with Dink - who calls Turner "Smiley"

And sweet Nanny
Then we headed to Andalusia for dinner. Here we are with Uncle Jay and cousin Ellie at Granny Eloise's house.

Heath looks like Turner in this picture to me. But Turner doesn't look just like Heath. Weird.

Sitting like a big boy at the table (in a booster seat!) with MeMe and Pap

Playing with Granny Eloise
Turner is blessed to have 5 great-grandparents to love on him. We love and appreciate this and know it won't last forever! Here is the fifth and final one - Granny Fran!

Turner not liking Mom's new camera (thank you Aunt Kate for the tutorial - I was excited about the mom camera, but overwhelmed)

Ahh, Granny had the magic bottle to calm him down.

And the BIG news is that Turner Bug is walking! He officially mastered it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - what a fun gift! One that might come back and bite me :)

Now we are off to Tampa for the Outback Bowl. Did you know Auburn made it to a bowl game too? War Eagle and Happy New Year!!

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  1. Hey Kelly! I met you and talked to you at Gina's baby shower. Delaney was with me and her and Turner are about the same age. Anyway I saw you guys are adding another baby to your family and wanted to stop by and say congrats! I love reading your posts some of them crack me up!