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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bouncing Back

Showing off the new john-john Aunt Lindsey made and monogrammed. I love the color!

As I type this, we are watching an old rerun of The Cosby Show. It is the one where Cliff dreams he is pregnant and so are Martin (Denise's husband - I had forgotten his name, Theo and Elvin.) What a good show! Funny to watch that episode pregnant, because they were pretty dead on with the stereotypes at the end of pregnancy!
Anyway, I can't believe it is the end of January! We have been pretty low key this month - especially last weekend and this week. Because of that nasty, violent, highly contagious STOMACH BUG!!! And we didn't get it from Lindsey and Kate and Blake - we got it all on our own. I am guessing at MDO!
Last Friday (9 days ago), Turner woke up crying. That is unusual, but he was sort of moaning. It was 6 in the morning. I just kept thinking - we don't get up at 6! And eventually he stopped - without me checking on him. Oops. I got in the shower and all ready for school. I went to get him up and throw some clothes on him, and he was covered in throw up!! That is the first time he has ever thrown up (vs. spit up) - except the time at the mexican restaurant when he choked on a chip and I had to fish hook my hand down his throat to get it out and then he threw up on me.
Anyway, thank God that Heath had a meeting nearby last Friday morning and was still at home. He helped me throw him in the bathtub and start washing everything he slept on/came in contact with. But then this little weasel was TOTALLY normal the rest of the day. And he had eaten a TON the day before (he isn't always the best eater - pretty picky), so I thought it might be a fluke. No fever. No other symptoms. No more throw up.
Until Saturday morning. At 6:30 I started throwing up and threw up every hour until 5:30 p.m. It was a nightmare!! I don't throw up. Ever. Have never thrown up pregnant (except for in labor with Turner), and hadn't thrown up this pregnancy either. Well - it got me. Luckily I was able to get some phenergan (sp?) - and it helped me sleep through the day, but didn't stop the throwing up. Awful. Don't worry about Heath - he was moved into the guest room completely by 6:31 a.m. Then he and Turner were able to have a Father/Son day all day.
It is amazing how God wires men and women so differently. It is so much harder for a Dad to keep children all day when they are used to working. I don't like calling it babysitting - because they are a parent! But they did great all day and they left me alone, which was fine with me because I couldn't hold my head up! However, by 8:30 p.m. I was much better - changed the sheets, ate something - it passed, thank God!
Heath never threw up, but didn't feel good last Sunday. But Praise the Lord it is out of this house!! I haven't had the throw up bug for as long as I can remember - even teaching school the last 5 years. But, I should have known that this little carrier monkey would give it to me. We eat and drink all the same things and I can't tell you how many times a day I kiss him!!
A hard lesson this week has been how long it has taken Turner to get back to normal. I like being able to predict him on a daily basis - when he eats, sleeps, what his moods are about, etc. That was shot this week! He was so dramatic this week. Laying on the floor (even at school), crying more than usual, and he wouldn't go to hardly anyone but Heath or me.

Turner with the mom-to-be. How great does she look for being 34 weeks??

We went to Jeanne's baby shower at the school on Wednesday. It was so nice to see old friends and I saw some of my old kids for just a second before the bell rang. But, Mr. Drama here wouldn't show much love. That is very unlike him! Someone would talk to him and he would put his hand to his head like Scarlett O'Hara and bury his head in my shoulder. Luckily my friend Sallie kidnapped him for a little bit at the shower and I was able to talk without my sidekick.

Turner with Mrs. Hampton - my favorite principal ever. Eating his foot??

Anyway - moral of the story, I am glad we are bouncing back. He still hasn't gotten back to 100 percent in my eyes or at Mother's Day Out. Even at church today a few teachers mentioned that he wasn't himself. Turner - please come back!! I take your normal sweetness for granted. I need it back!!
I also learned this past week that I would completely lose my mind if we stayed in the house all the time. Turner's favorite pastimes are dodging around the corner into the refrigerator or dishwasher, and unloading any drawer or cabinet he can find. I have stopped picking things up until he goes to sleep, because I can put the same things back up 4-5 times in a ROW! And then I will say "GRRRR" and in my ear I will hear a tiny voice say "Grrr!" Good thing he makes me laugh!!

Unloading the laundry from the basket. What a helper.

"Helping" pull out all the diapers - and these 2 pictures are just while I am writing this!

He is also starting to say a few more things. He is for sure still saying "Keh" for Kelly - we are working on it. It is like he knows I want him to say Mama, and he says "Keh" anyway! He is my child that way! He says "Dah" when Heath walks in a room, and he sort of says "Tuh" for Turner when he sees himself in the mirror or knows we are talking about him. If we say "Yeah" he will sometimes repeat it. And he likes to put my cell phone up past his ear and say "Hey." Awesome that he can mimic cell phone usage and remote control usage. Hmmm - wonder what we do a lot of!
I almost forgot - he waves to himself and says "Dye" for Bye. On Friday we were at Publix (I saved 57 dollars!! Seriously - on stuff we would have bought anyway!! I love couponing!!) and he waved and said 'dye' to everyone. Bless him, he kept getting shot down. No one would respond! Maybe 2 people. But don't worry, it didn't bring him down. Waved to everyone in the store. Just trying to be friendly, guys!
Happy February! Glad January is over!!

P.S. - This Newk's cup reminded me of a funny story. On Tuesday I was having a bad day - got 2 tickets in Homewood - for speeding and running a stop sign. Never even saw it! Anyway, I picked up Turner at school and we went to lunch at Newk's with some BFFs - Gina and Luke and Evan and York. Thank God - I would have gone into a depression about the cost of both tickets, so lunch with friends helped. I digress. As I was busy in mom mode - feeding cheese curls to Prince Charming, dropping purse and diaper bag, trying to keep him in his seat, etc. I saw 2 cute ladies come and sit at the table next to us. But they were all dolled up. Maybe I noticed because I was in a J.Lo-like maternity track suit. Awesome. Anyway, they were all sparkly, and I just thought "Wonder where they have been?" But then I was back to being glamorous myself. Ha. Anyway, when we left, Evan asked me if I had seen Sara Evans. That is who it was sitting right next to me. Probably thinking "Who is making all that mess?" about my child! I got more excited than I should have, handed Turner to Evan and went back into Newk's to see her up close. It was her for sure! Good eye, Evan. Good thing I was a sly fox and pretended I had left something under my table to get a better view! So sneaky - hey, I will take any star sighting in Birmingham! And I am not even that into her! Now, a Celine Dion sighting could be a whole different ball game....Dye!


  1. Can you post a picture of the track suit?

  2. LOVE reading your posts. Its like you are standing beside me and just telling stories. Love it. You are too funny!