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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turner's First Thanksgiving

We had a crazy, whirlwind weekend this past weekend, but it was so fun! We started at my aunt's farm in Childersburg for Thanksgiving with my mom's family. Their farm is so cool - they have a log cabin (with all the amenities), and about 200 acres. We haven't been out there in years, so it was nice to see it again!
I am going to remember the day through these pictures...

I rode to C'burg with this in my hands, because I didn't want it to fall. I got it from Erika's blog, and it was tasty, especially if you like pumpkin. But, I wasn't totally sure how it would go, so I made an apple pie, too.

This was just one picture of the spread of food. As always, delicious.

Dad smoked this turkey - very good

Someone could not get enough sweet potatoes!

We may have a problem on our hands one day! This may be inappropriate, yet not surprising if you have met Uncle D. And, I let Turner pick up a cup and play with it. Turns out it had a few sips of beer in the bottom and someone got their first taste. Awesome.

Turner with cousin Caylen, isn't she cute?

And this was with cousin Holder. I thought it was funny how tall he looked (and really is) next to Turner. And I wanted to show off Dad's tennis shoes!

Turner made crawled his way around the cabin until someone would pick him up.

We played outside some - including the swing. Look at sweet Nanny in the middle.

Kate won the award for playing the hardest outside.

We found Grandad's teel Member's Only jacket (circa mid-80s?) so Derek gladly modeled it.

Nanny, Dink and Grandad were all able to join us.

After lunch, Uncle Brandon took the little boys for a ride on Uncle Jim's tractor. They seemed to love it!
Then, we headed on to Auburn. Here is a picture of Turner meeting cousin Ellie for the first time.

The next day, MeMe and Granny Eloise (Heath's grandmother) kept the kids at the house so we could go to the game. I really, really appreciated that. Turner has been to 6 Auburn games this year, and is a real trooper, but Heath and I LOVED an adult-only game! :)

Kate, me and Emily at the game. Forgot how much fun I have with Emily!! Also forgot that I don't know how to edit pictures I copy from her facebook page. Emily kept hitting the Bama fan in front of us in the head with a shaker every time Auburn would do something good. She had a straw hat on with Bama on it. It (the stupid hat) was awful, and it might have been me that kept hitting her in the head. It was so hilarious to me!

A shot of the field - I forgot how fun it is to be at that game! It was so fun, even though we didn't win. I was AMAZED how well we did!!
And look who we ran into right before the game!

Laurahelen and her fiance Billy! I did edit this picture because I am starting to show the pregnancy, and I didn't love how it looked in the picture. And, on a side note, I don't think I have ever been the shortest person in a picture. I love it. Must have been on a hill or something.
Well, Saturday we had Turner's first birthday party. But, I am saving that for a post in itself! Oh, other side note - I love that the sort of creepy Santa on the new background of the blog has more teeth than Turner - he is still sitting at 0!


  1. LOVE your dad's white tennis shoes. Clearly, awesome.

  2. You are so funny.... Love that you were willing to admit your contribution to the intoxication of a minor. :-) We've had similar experiences, except ours are way more redneck than that... one involved a coke can and skoal-- that's all I'll say.

  3. i also love the tennis shoes. good ole rollie. and seeing that pic of you and kate and emily...i couldn't help but be nostalgic of when the bachelor was actually good- huddling in emily and kate's room to watch.

  4. Hey Kelly! Just found your blog through Lauren Hayes' page-love all your Thanksgiving pics! Turner is so precious. I am so happy he and Hayes get to play together at school! And he is already 1 I see? Getting so big! Have a great weekend!!