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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Time

We took Turner to see Santa for the first time last week. He and cousin Kate LOVED it, but Blake not so much. The intent was to get a picture of all 3 kids with Santa, but they moved too much and it was hard!
This is actually Turner's second Christmas. His due date was Christmas Day, but then he came in time for Christmas! I would say this is the first Christmas he will remember, but probably not. But, he has been in the spirit nevertheless!
We went to a friend's Christmas party/playgroup. Here were some attempts at pictures of the kids. It was a great time - these little munchkins were all over the place and having fun. And it was great to talk to friends I don't see all the time!

Yesterday was his Christmas party at school. His teachers think that I dress him up "too girly." So, they bought him an outfit to "man him up." I thought it was funny, though throughout the day, he began looking more and more like a lumberjack.

They were looking for Rocawear (I had not heard of it), but they settled for Polo. :)

On a side note, they bought this outfit in his current size (12 month), but thought that I needed to go trade it for an 18 month so he could wear it longer. So, I went to K and G to trade it out. Let's just say that they (his teachers) thought this was hilarious, because I was the only white person in the store. Heath says this is inappropriate to write, but I really don't know how to say it any other way. Here he is with his teachers - Shaneka, Kina and Na'Shira.

Back to his first class Christmas party. I took this picture of the other cute little mothers and their kids partying it up (I didn't tell them I was taking this picture!). The next is a picture of the party dog/lumberjack enjoying it! Ughh!!

In other exciting news, we found out yesterday that baby number 2 is another boy. We are very excited! Heath was pulling for boy, and I was pulling for girl - he won! It was an exciting day because with Turner, I knew 100 percent he was a boy. So, there was never any wondering. This time I had no idea - wasn't sure either way. Here were several of my thoughts as we were looking at the ultrasound (in no particular order):
"Oh my goodness, I am really pregnant again...I see it moving around!" (kind of freaking out/overwhelmed - I tend to be in denial about pregnancy, but that is hard as you watch your child inside of you!!!)
"Aww, not a girl. Will I ever be able to buy bows and ruffles?" "Good, a boy. We are already in boy mode/have tons of supplies and clothes."
"If Turner could pick, he would have picked a boy - they will really be best friends." "Oh my goodness, I am going to have 2 boys 16-17 months apart. Lord, please help me!!"
About an hour after finding out, I was happily in denial again. I know, that is messed up, but that is how I get by these days. I am so blessed to have another baby coming - mostly thrilled, partly scared out of my mind.
If it had been a girl, I would have been shocked and excited, but then overwhelmed. I have NOTHING girl, and don't see myself with enough energy (or money) to order new bedding, paint another room, buy new precious outfits. (I would like one eventually, but I know I can't order them!) Dr. A reminded me yesterday that God gives us exactly what we need at the right time. I KNEW when Heath said he wanted another boy, that would be what it was. I looked at Heath on the way into the ultrasound and said "My thoughts are 75% boy, 25% girl." His main thing is that if they are going to be this close, he would rather them be the same sex. He keeps saying "They can just pal around and beat each other up." ?!?! I do see what he is saying, but that is not the most comforting! My biggest hurdle is that we do not have any clue on a name!!! We will figure something out soon.
I will say that when I went to tell Turner at school (he seemed really interested :)), I remembered there is something indescribable about a little boy and their mom! This little weasel kills me!
I was really reminded yesterday what a miracle babies are. They are truly a gift from God, and I am beyond blessed that this little nameless boy is growing so perfectly and is healthy already! Here are some pictures - when I saw his head I said "That looks like Turner!" I promise - it was crazy how much they resembled!! It made me smile to watch him move and flip around and wave and suck his thumb. I will love meeting him, but glad it is not too soon!!

In other news, Turner is FINALLY getting some teeth. I felt 4 of them this morning. That means we have gone from 0 in 1 year to 4 in a matter of days! They haven't fully poked through, and he tries to bite (gum) me every time I try to investigate!!
He is a wild man. He has decided he loves strawberry pop tarts. But, I don't see how he is eating any, because more ends up in his hair, on his body, in his diaper, and on the floor than in his mouth!! I am not kidding. A mess!

And, his favorite news. He is a big boy, and has turned his car seat around. He loves it and I laugh driving down the road as he loves looking out the window and "singing" to the radio - preferably Christmas songs.

Can't drink that water bottle - just likes to hold it. And eating a Nilla wafer - of course!


  1. Congratulations! Turner will love having a brother so close. Obviously, we're huge fans of boys around here. :-) It will be fun, though they will wear you out! I say all the time, physically, my four boys wear me down... emotionally, Lucy wears me out before breakfast! We're happy for you guys.

  2. K and G. Oh, guuuurl. Hilarious. Congratulations on another boy. What a precious gift from God.

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  4. I am so excited for you three! Turner will be a good big brother and now you will have two of them to entertain you!

  5. His is so cute! THat outfit is cracking me up!!! Those teachers must REALLY love him!!!

    Congrats on baby boy! What a precious gift from God. (I know my sister just typed that, too...) As for the name...don't sweat it. T and I were still arguing, er, I mean discussing what MC's name would be at 11pm the night before I was induced. I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful. :)

  6. I love that little lumberjack... if he will just stop spitting in my face!

  7. Congrats on another boy! I am so excited for you guys! Our little men will have to be good friends. I laughed aloud when I read that you are still "in denial" about baby it bad that I am as well & the doctor says he will be here ANY DAY?! Guess it will feel real when I hear him screaming in the middle of the night!