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Monday, June 15, 2009


I just wrote another post (I know - when it rains, it pours).  I hope I finish this little tag challenge - just to spice up some blogs!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1.  Drove back from the airport at 7 a.m. - by choice
2.  Shot a death look at a woman in Wal-Mart was crazy (see below post)
3.  Went to sister-in-law's wedding shower in Andalusia
4.  Hung out with some former students
5.  Ate at a meat n' three in Greenville, AL (and recognized a girl from classes at Auburn but couldn't place her and she didn't seem super-interested either)
6.  Gave 5 dollars to a church youth group who attacked our car at a drive thru in Prattville - I am a sucker when they say you can send a kid to camp
7.  Traded 95 dollars worth of formula at Wal-Mart (and it was just 3 and a half canisters)
8.  Changed 3 poop diapers (most in a day that I can remember to date)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1.  Lose the rest of this stinkin' baby weight - don't worry, this weekend renewed some of my determination 
2.  Meet Brody Jenner and/or the Gosselin family (even though they are played out, I know)
3.  Read books more often - I read 4 at the beach just because I had free time!
4.  Teach part-time (So far this is not an option)
5.  Sew and applique like my mom and sister (but why if they can?)
6.  Be at Auburn again - like go back in time as a college student, not just in the town
7.  Have more consistent quiet times (this is controllable!)
8.  Give this dog a tranquilizer because he is screaming in a thunderstorm and just woke Turner up

8 Shows I Watch (just 8?)

1.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette - on right now
2.  Jon and Kate Plus 8 - hoping for the best
3.  The Hills - Speidi???  Seriously.  Dear media, stop giving them attention!
4.  Army Wives
5.  King of Queens
6.  Brothers and Sisters - Heath's favorite
7.  Live with Regis and Kelly - she is so cute!
8.  American Idol 

8 Favorite Foods

1.  Spaghetti - but only how my mom makes it
2.  Milo's - but no special sauce
3.  Fruit
4.  Chocolate 
5.  Breezeway chicken (Auburn)
6.  Steak
7.  Chick-fil-A anything
8.  Quizno's turkey sandwich (but only after being pregnant)

8 Places I Have Traveled

1.  New York, New York
2.  Hawaii (honeymoon)
3.  Europe (but it has been a while)
4.  Los Angeles (this month!)
5.  Phoenix, Arizona (Grandad's old stomping grounds)
6.  Colorado (I am very graceful on skis)
7.  Mexico
8.  Jamaica

8 Places I Would Like to Travel

1.  I wish I desired to go to Europe more.  Kinda like it around here.  
2.  Australia - but it would have to be a while to get on the plane for that long
3.  The beach more often
4.  Scottsboro to see a dear friend
5.  St. Thomas
6.  New York again
7.  Orlando (been there, but it will be fun to take Turner when he is older.  Right, Emily?)
8.  Nashville - it is so cool, and I don't go there a lot

8 People I Tag

I don't think 8 people will do this, but I will say Kate and Lindsey.  Some people groan when they are tagged, but don't act like you don't read these.  At least I do! 

I am leaving you with a cute picture of Turner in Andalusia yesterday with Grandpa Frank on the tractor!!

Why didn't he get the Henderson skin?  Poor thing.


  1. He doesn't have to be to old to come to Disney World - people bring babies of all ages. I will watch him while you ride SpaceMountain.

  2. Thanks for the Scottsboro shout out! I assume you're referring to me unless there is some other s'boro friend I don't know about... Andrew has been asking when he could hang out with Turner again.