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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tagged (HHH)

Happy Father's Day!!  I am blessed to have Heath as a husband and father.  I also love that we are blessed with my dad, his dad and my 2 grandfathers as well.  What wonderful examples!  Heath was up to Abbie's challenge and decided to answer this tag game...Here goes (it has been edited for spelling and grammar :)).  

8 Things I did yesterday:
1.  Took Turner to Chick-fil-A for breakfast and hung out with him practically all day...poopy diapers and all.
2.  Cut the grass after changing the blade on the mower...we will now be able to stay in the neighborhood.
3.  Read two chapters in a book, while Turner slept.
4.  Watched the Braves and Golf on the same day!  Yeah!  Trying to raise the boy well.
5.  Went to a cookout at Jeanne and Jeremy Wells' house.
6.  Tried to figure out what Kelly thinks is wrong with her Jeep brakes, unfortunately I am far from handy with cars.
7.  Washed the dishes and a couple loads of clothes...I am somewhat domesticated.
8.  Read a blog for the first time since the last "list" game that I was tagged on!  Thanks Abbie!

8 Things I wish I could do:
1.   Take a nap.  In my past life (BT), I loved Sunday afternoon naps.
2.  Exercise more regularly, but this is more of a discipline thing than anything.
3.  Be President.  Someone needs to save this country from Communism.
4.  Be more excited about Kelly's "couponing".
5.  Accept new technology...i.e. facebook, and twitter, etc.
6.  Give away Gordon...any takers?  (for those pet lovers and PETA members, I am half kidding...that does mean I am half serious!).
7.  Be more funny.
8.  Be less anal/type A scheduled.  This might help my marriage!  

8 Shows I watch:
1.  Boston Legal (RIP)
2.  Brothers and Sisters
3.  Two and a half Men
4.  Auburn Football Review (in the Fall)
5.  The O'Reilly Factor (except now I can't)
6.  Any Sports shows...SportsCenter, Braves, et. al.
7.  Bachelor/Bachelorette...I know, but at least it is not The Hills, Housewives of wherever, or the like.  Right TJ?).
8.  Castle

8 Places I have traveled:
1.  New York City, my favorite!
2.  San Diego, and by result LA.  I much prefer SD to LA.
3.  Boston
4.  Whistler, British Columbia...home of the greatest skiing trip ever.
5.  Hawaii
6.  Several spots in Mexico
7.  Panama City Beach, FL...and thus Club La Vela!!
8.  Spain and France on a high school trip.

8 Places I would like to travel:
1.  Australia
2.  Hawaii, again
3.  Washington, DC, again
4.  Andalusia, AL
5.  London
6.  To every baseball stadium for a game
7.  Mt. Rushmore...I am a nerd.
8.  National Championship Football game.

8 Favorite Foods:
1.  Fridge Cookies, for every one else that would be fudge stripe cookies.
2.  Home grilled steaks.
3.  Area 41 Pizza, not Pizza Hut, Jeanne!
4.  Carrabba's Speidino de mare
5.  Green Beans
6.  Milo's Sweet Tea
7.  Mom's four layer dessert
8.  Rollie's pork tenderloin and Sherry's zucchini and squash.

Thanks for tagging me, Abbie.  HHH

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