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Monday, June 15, 2009


Wow - we have been at the beach for 2 weeks.  It was wonderful!  Lindsey and I (and the 3 kids) stayed in Orange Beach.  The first week Nanny and Dink (my grandparents) and Mom were there.  It was nice, but I wish you had seen the looks we got at restaurants when we walked in with Lindsey, Mom, me, a 6 month old, 7 month old, 2 year old, 85 year old and 91 year old.  At one restaurant we literally got the farthest table from the front (Oyster House) and Dink had to walk about 6 miles on his walker.  Luckily, Heath was there to help him and Dink was totally driven by oysters in sight!!  Heath stayed the weekend with us, and it was great to have him there to help.  Turner and I have been traveling since May 21st (California and then the beach), and then yesterday Heath left for New York until Wednesday night.  I had to introduce Turner to Heath.  Just kidding.  It will be nice to be here in town all together again, though.

Turner went swimming for the first time.  He loved the pool and floating around.  However, he would have NO PART of the beach.  Zero participation.  We walked outside and he screamed as if I was beating him.  Let me tell you that Heath Henderson is always hot-natured.  Always.  Our house is like an igloo.  He has passed this trait on to his son.  Turner noticed the heat and lack of air conditioning when we walked outside.  We spent 10 or so minutes setting an umbrella and chairs and exersaucer and bouncenette outside and towels and snacks and bottles and pacis, etc. for the kids.  Then, we literally walked out on to the beach, and Turner was hysterical.  He never gets that mad.  His face turned purple and he was grunting while yelling.  I tried to make him wait it out, but about 4 minutes into it, he let me know he was serious.  He and I made our way back up to the condo.  The millisecond that his little self hit the air conditioning, he calmed down.  I had to strip him down (out of his cute little bathing suit) and put him in shorts and a t-shirt before he would totally calm down.  And I think sand was on his nerves, too.  He was fine and fell asleep when we finally got changed.  No wonder, he had worn himself out!!  The weasel.  But, he made up for it when we went swimming in the afternoons and at night.  Very cute.

Kate-Bug, Blake-ems, and Turner with Gigi.  Matching outfits on the boys thanks to Lindsey's sewing!

It was great that he (and Blake and Kate) got to spend time with Nanny and Dink.  Dink calls him "smiley" (however he is Captain Whiney as I write this right now).  He mastered rolling over again and again while we were at the beach.  However, if he gets stuck on his stomach, he will let you know.  We started calling him our songbird because he does this screech/laugh talking thing constantly.  Cute but sometimes annoying!!  It is his happy sound, and it is better than crying.  However, he did it in the grocery store today and he sure can get loud!!
He also turned 6 months while we were at the beach.  We go for his 6 month appointment tomorrow, and I just can't believe how fast it goes.  I am really liking him at this age.  He giggles a lot and has funny facial expressions.  That leads me to my next story...
Yesterday I had an odd experience.  Turner and I took Heath to the airport at 7 for his flight, and then I had some errands to run.  I am a psycho about not ever paying full price for diapers and formula.  When I went back to work, Turner started taking more formula during the day (not every feeding, but about half of the feedings) and formula is SO expensive.  And it is annoying to watch bottles every day - Heath is much better at it, but anyway.  I make sure I have coupons and sales when I buy diapers and formula.  I have been waiting on formula at Publix - he likes a certain kind and they are always out of it.  Anyway, I traded some there yesterday morning.  Precious only likes Similac.  He won't take Enfamil well.  How does he know the difference???  All this to say, I was returning Enfamil at Wal-Mart after I hit Publix.  It was an ordeal - I had to trade everything in, then go get new things, then come back up to Customer Service and then go to a separate line to buy my traded-in diapers (Precious also can only wear Huggies - he breaks out in Pampers).  As I was waiting in the line (at 7:45 on Sunday morning?!) this woman started talking to Turner.  I was holding him because he was hungry, but I was trying to finish shopping.  She turns to me and says "I think y'all (who - all new mothers on the planet?) put these babies in their carseats too much.  What - is it hard to just carry your baby?"  I wanted to say, "Well, he isn't getting any lighter and how am I supposed to carry him and push a basket and then am I supposed to Britney Spears him on the way home?  You know these carseats just pop in and out?!"  But I just smiled.  Turner stuck his tongue out at her.  She walked over and said "I am going to get that tongue."  I didn't freak out - she said it sing-song and that wasn't too weird.  However, the weird part was when she stuck her FINGER in his MOUTH!!!  Then, she pulled it out and did it AGAIN!!!!  She said, "That is what I do when my cats are screaming."  I am thinking - your cats?  Seriously?  But I chickened out and said, "Oh yeah, their tongues are like sandpaper. Ha."  What??  Why did I do that???  I wanted to say "You think everyone else has germs but you, but I just saw the dirt under your fingernail caress my little boy's tongue.  INSIDE HIS MOUTH is off-limits, especially to strangers."  I should have said it.  I think she saw the horror on my face because she said, "What?  I have hand sanitizer on."  From when?  2 hours ago?  Thanks.  Here, touch his tongue again.  Seriously.  Then, she said "He is a big old boy.  Is he eating baby food?"  I said, yes, he likes peaches and sweet potatoes and bananas (Aunt Lindsey helped me with baby food boot camp at the beach).  She said, "Well, I used to eat baby food apricots ALL the time.  But now they done took the sugar out and they taste disgusting.  Poor kid."  Weirdo.
I am hoping to get pictures uploaded and then I am going to hopefully write another blog that I was tagged on.  I know - I have time on my hands since Heath is out of town.  No worries about the groceries that are still on the counter and the laundry that I haven't gotten to yet.  :)

Hangin' out in the condo and then Kate helping at bath time.  What a big girl!

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  1. what a great vacation!! Love the pic of Turner with his sunglasses and AU outfit on. too cute!