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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekend of Firsts

This weekend we didn't have very much going on.  I was worried it would be boring, but we ended up having some surprising fun, and accomplishing some firsts!
Friday night we went to dinner - at 5:00.  Early Birds, yet the restaurant was full.  Anyways, this little lady drank out of a straw for the first time...while her brother tore up some spaghetti!

Then we headed to Target for some groceries and since it was only 6:15 we picked up a few bath toys for the wild weekend.  These 2 were very proud of themselves for shaving like Daddy!  We also bought bath crayons, but I am about to throw them away since John Burke decorated my closet wall with one today.
First shave - he was bragging to our friend at church today that he is a big boy because he shaves his face

This picture makes him look old/a little creepy

Unrelated note, that night John Burke helped me make some fudge and some of this caramel popcorn.  My first time to make it...delicious!

The next morning, we went to Chick-fil-A, as usual for Saturday morning.  We called my parents and ended up riding with them out to Veteran's Park in Leeds.  We went there once last year, and I told my dad about it this summer.  He has taken Lindsey's kids a couple of times, and he thought it would be fun to take Chloe (she was hanging with them) and our kids there!

First swing ride (since she was a tiny baby)...pushed by guess who?
Sweet brother John Burke
Turner was busy climbing with Pop Pop
For this picture I said say cheese!  He said "cheeEEeese" with an inflection in the middle because he realized how high up he was.  Look behind him - a three-story slide.  Look who had to go down the slides...
Chloe and GiGi!
And not to be outdone...
Pop Pop!

First slide ride
Merry-go-round - old school.  (Please notice the towel drying - my sweet dad brought it to dry off the wet equipment and John Burke walked him to every square inch of the place until it was all dry.) All fun and games until you flip off! 
Luckily it didn't bring him down...dirty bird
So much fun.  That Chloe is such a girly girl, and SO MUCH CLEANER than my boys.  Taking her to the bathroom at lunch was an experience compared to my boys.  She asked where the trash can was?!  I didn't know that could happen!!
Later that afternoon we headed to a birthday party for 2 of our friends.  It was an animal party, and I knew John Burke would be intrigued.  There was a bird, turtle, lizard, snake, alligator and more.  Turner wouldn't have anything to do with them, but John Burke and Collins were all about it!
We loved the bird
He held it on his arm...and then freaked out and yanked his arm down.  Then the bird flew into our unexpecting friend Liz and I laughed until I cried at her reaction.  Because I do not care for birds and would have had the same response!  Poor girl, can't turn her head around for a second with John Burke and any pairing with an animal.
Watching the Burmese Python.  Then he was brave...first time to hold an alligator!
We told him to give the thumb's up sign and this is what we got.  Close enough.  He wasn't scared at all.  And honestly, neither was I.  The guy in charge did this whole song and dance about the alligator being trained to not bite and sticking the rubber band on him so he wouldn't snap, and I guess I totally bought it, because at no point did I even flinch at my 2 year old holding an alligator!  It just made me laugh, and made for a notable weekend for sure.
A few more firsts
First ride in the car seat - she is obsessed, but this was just a short run.  Haven't changed her over yet, she is still a little too small.
First bow - well, almost.  She wore it on the way to school, but she screamed in the car and I took it out and said she "lost her privileges."  That will show her!  
I will leave you with these fearless protectors!
We had a conference with Turner's teachers last week.  It went pretty well!  We did learn that he is working on opposites.  So I have been quizzing him - up/down, big/small, etc.  The other day I said "If something is not cold, it is..." (fanning myself to help him)  His answer.  "Thursday!"  ??? We have a long way to go, but he is just in the 3s.  I keep reminding myself.
Also these 2 asked Uncle Derek last night if they could smell his car.  Turner whispered it to me while we were eating dinner, and I couldn't understand what he was saying.  Then I figured it out, and I couldn't talk because I was laughing so hard.  Um, they were serious. They like to do that when visitors come (especially to our dear friend Emily.  Sorry, Em.)  I promise I don't think we are that weird, and then they never fail!
Looking for their new transformer - pretty sure his name is not really "Meth Head", but Turner insists that it is.  Okay, I have said too much.

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