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Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Broken Bone and some profiles

Well, this weekend we had our first broken bone in the family.  And it wasn't either of the boys!!  Nope, it was this little lady! (Who may look a lot like her brothers because she still only has a small tuft of hair, um and this blue hoodie on).
Anyways, she and I were playing in my room after bath time.  She is still not walking, but likes to pull up on things - sometimes.  So, I was playing with her and pulling her up and she would sit back down, then she would want to pull back up, etc.  Then, she must have put too much weight on her right foot, but she twisted down and I heard a little pop.  She started screaming!  She is usually a pretty happy baby, so it worried me.  We gave her a bottle and put her to bed, but I could tell she was hurting.  (Side note - Heath was telling our Sunday School class about it and said "We didn't think anything of it."  I wish that was the case for me.  I had those nagging mom moments all night where I was just certain her leg was going to rot off without immediate attention)
Look at those tiny little feet! :(
The next morning I had a meeting at church.  I was up and getting ready, and she was a little fussy and wouldn't put weight on her foot at all.  It wasn't red or bruised or anything, but after calling Lindsey (and Jami - you always need a friend's input!), I decided to call the nurse.  They told her to come on in.
The doctor saw her and decided it was a sprained ankle.  However, when we were finishing up, he did see some bruising.  And she would not let him anywhere near either ankle for that matter.  So he asked me to walk her down the hall, away from him and try to mess with it.  Yep - lots of screaming.  So he agreed to an x-ray.
In the waiting room at Children's - I do appreciate the cartoons and toys in the wait area!  Oh, and the fish tanks that entertained her for hours!
I really wanted to instagram or even take a picture of her getting her x-rays.  She HATED them.  But, there was only one girl working there and she had us in and out in about 6 minutes - no kidding, so I felt like a brat to ask her to stop so I could get a picture.  But I wanted to!
I was able to snap this picture of a very pushy woman at Children's who insisted she was told she would be seen ahead of everyone else.  And this is a poodle, right?  Usually I would ask questions as to the who, what, why? of this, but I just couldn't engage with her.  It was too much.  The dog did help entertain Collins and pass the time.  Good thing she didn't try to touch him because the woman screamed several warnings out about not approaching her animal.  No one was.

Well, the doctor looked at it and told me he was glad I had kind of pushed him, because it was indeed broken:(.  She chipped both sides of her little ankle bone, but since it was Saturday he told me to wait until Monday to get a cast on it and avoid the ER and more potential sickness.
So, Monday morning we spent a couple of hours at Children's Hospital.  The verdict was good, though.  The doctor looked at the x-rays and confirmed it was broken (which was good because at this point she was putting weight on it and looking at me like I was insane when I told the doctor she was hurt).  But, it didn't break all the way through the bone, just a small fracture.  He noted that babies heal very quickly and that he thought putting a cast on it might be harder on her little foot than not.  And who are we kidding?  She doesn't walk yet, so she is "naturally splinting it" as he called it.  Works for me!
Waiting to see the orthopedist at Children's
All has gone well and it has almost been a non-issue, except for when I had to run out of bible study today because I could hear her WAILING downstairs.  It might have helped if I had told the babysitters it was sensitive, because of course John Burke had stepped on it.  Ugh!  The doctor had said though, that it would be very hard to break it further...I don't know, John Burke is up for a challenge:)
Speaking of, I want to do a little profile of this phase of life for each of them.  He is like a little old man.  Very careful, very observant.  Way more observant than Turner has ever been.  I am realizing how much he is watching.  I have been trying to get the rest of my baby weight off, so I have been checking my weight on the scale more often than ever.  Well, one day I forgot as I was getting in the shower.  When I got out, he had pulled the scale out from under my sink and dragged it over to the shower by me.  Hmmm, that was a little reminder that I was possibly being neurotic and his little eyes were catching every bit of it!
And then today, right before his nap time, he was laying in the bed with me.  He went into the den and dragged a small chair in to the room.  He climbed up to the bed, kissed me right on the mouth and said "Well, I am heading to work!"  Just like Heath does every morning.  I laughed out loud.
He is the kindest and most careful brother I have ever seen.  When she was getting her foot examined, he had stayed home with Heath and Turner.  It was very disconcerting to him that she was in pain, and that he could not get to her.  As soon as we met for lunch, he jumped on top of her to examine everything for himself.
Sweet playtime in the mornings.  He likes to feed her Fruit Loops and make her laugh.  I am noticing, though, that he is getting closer to 3 years old and a few more fits and attitude changes are coming on.  Yay!
Turner is growing up a little bit in my mind.  More in subtle ways - he is able to sit through more dinners, play independently very well, eat more of a variety of foods.  He definitely looks like a 4 year old, which is good, because I think he has been for a while, and now he is starting to maybe act like the little boy that he looks like.  It was awkward when he looked 4 (in height) as a late 2 year old, because those surely did not match up!
His latest thing is to tell me what 4 year olds get to do - since he is the only one in the house.  4 year olds get BIG Optimus Prime toys, they don't have to sit in buggies at Target, they can have "DocPeppa" in the mornings.  He wishes.  He is a kind-hearted little thing, but oblivious to things going on around him sometimes.  I can't get any details out of him from his day at school.  I am just now starting to hear one or two things and I savor them, and then realize they must have been HUGE events for him to take note!  He is having a horrible time keeping his hands to himself on the playground, especially.  But his teachers assure me he is not the only one, and seem to think it is normal 3-4 year old boy stuff.  I am trying to find ways to motivate him to behave.  The other day we talked about drawing Xs on his hands so he would remember to be gentle with them.  I didn't actually do it, but he did have a better day?!  So maybe I will try that tomorrow.  I am not scared, and Lord knows he is not!
He has been venturing off "green" - the safe zone for behavior in his class.  Pretty sure he is the Mayor of Yellow, and again, he is not bothered by it.  I always try to show disappointment or sadness when he tells me, and he will promptly hug or kiss me and say "It's okay, Mommy."   Hmm.  Missing something.
He is very into the Ipad - which is giving Heath a run for his money.  I have laughed in Heath's sudden interest in limiting Ipad time.  Maybe it is for Turner's well being.  Or maybe Daddy wants his toy back.  He is also very into me - he likes to ask daily if he can lay near me to rest.  Last night at 3 in the morning, Heath and I were startled to wake up to screaming.  We both jolted out of bed, and Heath got up there first.  He was wailing at the top of the stairs saying Mommy had left him - evidently I was at Target without him.  I guess it is nice that that is what his nightmares are about in this innocent phase of life...not that I like that he was having a nightmare!

Finally, this little nugget.  She is gaining some weight - now 18 pounds.  The boys weighed this around 7 or so months, so she is more petite.  But, girl can take down some food...if she likes it.  Like this chocolate chip cookie.  If she doesn't like what I am giving her, or she is done eating whatever, she will slap it out of my hands!  That is a new change - the boys never did that.
We like to call her Colley Wolley - her formal name is Colley Wolley Doodle All the Day.  I like to sing   "Colley!!!" and John Burke will complete it for me.  And she loves to twirl her feet.  That is actually one of the things I noticed she couldn't do on Saturday to clue me in about the break!  Her teachers Tuesday called it the Colley Wolley dance and assured me she was back to doing it!  Hilarious.  She also keeps her tongue out, and I am trying desperately to get her to say things other than "Hey!" and "Dah Dah!"  Sometimes she changes the emphasis, but it is still Dah Dah.  What am I, chopped liver?
Be back soon, this little angel turns one next week!! (Oh and I should mention that the sweet pictures where my kids are looking at the camera with the pretty backgrounds were done by my friend Emily Joy!  Love them!)

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