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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Recap of Holidays

Her first Christmas!

Happy 2013!!  We had a great break from school - around 3 weeks off - so we are glad school started back this week!  I didn't take my camera out nearly enough, but I am posting some highlights:

Christmas Eve with our friends Joy and Pete - their daughter Amanda is going to have a baby this spring and they will be the best grandparents!  Our kids had so much fun...if only I had remembered to take our annual family picture of the 5 of us.  Oh well, odds are it would not have turned out!
Pop Pop and Collins on Christmas Eve
Dinner with Pap and Tappy and family a few nights before Christmas 
John Burke explaining the nativity scene to Collins (side note - we were at a birthday party this weekend and I let Collins have some cake.  John Burke kept coming behind me wiping her face off with a napkin.  Ironically, his own face was disgusting.  But he sees it has his duty to take care of her and he takes it very seriously!)
John Burke's loot from Santa.  A few weeks before Christmas he decided and announced (with a little prompting from our friend Kina) that he needed his OWN train table for his room and that was all he wanted for Christmas.  Of course.  Thankful for facebook and a dear friend with an old one to help Santa's case!
Turner's presents - anyone heard of Rescue Bots?  We hadn't until his birthday, but Santa found a lot of stuff just in time for a Transformers/Rescue Bot Christmas
Collins got mostly clothes...because she is not even one!
But she wasn't sad!

Playing with Christmas toys on Christmas morning.  Such a fun year because the boys were at a fun age to be so excited about everything!
Christmas lunch and presents at GiGi and Pop Pop's house
Nanny came to GiGi's house and was very amused by all of the children, thankfully.
Turner "helped" Pop Pop grill some of the meat on Christmas morning
Shameless Burke Burke loving on my mom
The Henderson grandkids at Pap's house Christmas night
Pap showing them their Christmas presents!
Granny Fran the day after Christmas - Burke Burke just looked at this and said "Sweet Granny" :)
Modeling the track suits that Pap and Tappy gave them - yes Heath got one, but no it didn't match.  I wish it did.
Another pair of Christmas shirts from Pap - this was the day we joined Costco.  So far I like it!!
With Auburn not playing in a bowl game and not much to do, we had a New Year's Eve Party.  It was fun - we rented a jumpy and I prayed and prayed it would be mild weather, and luckily it was!!  Lots of kids running around crazy and we had a ball!
Collins and her boyfriend Jack at the beginning of the night
The madness - we had glow sticks for bracelets and necklaces (thank you, Dollar Tree) 
Heath grilled - the New Year's Eve party was also a makeshift birthday party for this guy because his birthday is December 28th and he usually gets the short end of the stick.  Good thing he doesn't seem to care!!
Uncle Derek making Collins look tall
John Burke helping Heath pack.  This past weekend he took a guy's trip to Taos, New Mexico to visit our friend Trent and his family who are out there for this year.  Here he is with Stephen, Charlie and Trent.  They had so much fun!

Back home it looked like this:

Crazy - thankfully our dear friends the Bennetts let us bring the chaos to their house.   Yikes.

I found these in my shower this weekend.  John Burke kept calling for me - his latest thing is to say "Mommy!  Mommy HENDERSON" we need to clarify.  This is a water bottle - that I started and he took over, as usual.  An empty box formerly full of raspberries that he and Collins attacked on the kitchen floor I guess while I was in the shower?!  And a piece of cold pizza that he helped himself to, and then subsequently fed to Collins for breakfast.  Hey, she ate it.

My prize from Heath - he had it delivered Monday as my prize for staying with the kids all weekend.  However, my prize to myself was the babysitter(s) that I got to come and help some of the time:)

Pap and Tappy came this weekend to deliver our 4-wheeler riding toys.  They were too big for us to bring back after Christmas!

Isn't she cute?  Collins thinks so.


Look who is growing some more hair...and she will be one in 2 weeks!!
Until next time!

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