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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last Week and a Recipe

Last weekend my cousin got married. I want to say little cousin, but he is not so little now! Interesting fact (that I didn't tell him because I was pretty sure he wouldn't think it as interesting) is that his birthday is the day before mine - May 18th. He was born when I was one day shy of 7 years old, and I vividly remember it, because I thought it would be cool for us to share a birthday. Anyway, then he got married on July 30th - one day shy of 7 years after us (July 31, 2004). See? He is 23 and newly married, he won't be as in to my interesting fact! I wish we had gotten pictures of at least one part of the wedding - I stole this little one from facebook.
Congratulations Holder and Abby Nevins! Your wedding was beautiful and so Christ-honoring! (side note - I felt every bit of 30-and-pregnant-with-my-third-child in a sea of 23 year olds at the reception..that is really sad).
Anyway, we had a weekend full of wedding events from Thursday until the big night. But, we did have time on Saturday to sneak away to the lake with some friends. They have a place in Gadsden, and we always have a ball when they let us come with them!
Looking big
First sea-doo ride
John Burke wasn't too sure...but
ended up letting William drive him around (with Daddy)
Swimming with Sarah Beth
Then, a neighbor from down the road drove up and hung out with us a little bit. We have met him before. He is very friendly and loves the kids. He introduced himself as "Wayne. Just Wayne." Just Wayne took us down to his lake house to see his big fish!
Wayne's Lake House
Wayne's fish - they were huge! The secret is the loaf of bed stuffed in that white tube...he showed us.
The catfish Sarah Beth caught
Those whiskers make me miss Gordon :(
Heath got to ski (one of his favorite things)
And John Burke did one of his favorite things - walked around with a broom he stole from a neighbor's deck. Thankfully they weren't home.
Changing the subject, I had to post this picture of Turner with his friend Rutland. They are the same age, Turner just looks like he could eat Rut-dog. But, he can hold his own and they are fast friends!
Doing what we do - playing at the church with our girl Kina. The 2 year olds in swim diapers were cracking me up!
No words, I wonder why he is so spastic? :)
And a random summer recipe I will leave you with. I saw this on a friend of a friend's blog and I love it now! It is calzones. I just bought the pizza dough from the bakery at Publix (everyone else seems to do this already, but I just learned about this. They have delicious, fresh dough in a bag for about $2.50). I bought 2 bags because my kids love pizza. Each bag of dough made 2 calzones or mini pizzas for the kids.
The directions even come on the bag of dough. It says to let dough sit at room temperature for about an hour. Then roll it out (or use John Burke's bottle if you can't find a rolling pin), to get all the bubbles out. Then just fill it with whatever! For the kids, I had some Publix pizza sauce and then put mozzarella, cheddar and baby pepperoni on there. Then I cooked it for 15-20 minutes at 425 degrees.
For our calzones, I split one bag of dough into 2 calzones. For mine, I didn't use sauce (I don't like it much) and filled it with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. I pinched the edges over and then brushed some olive oil on the top and sprinkled with some coarse salt. I filled Heath's with pizza sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni, folded and sprinkled again. Again, I cooked for 15-20 minutes at 425. They tasted like Mellow Mushroom, and were pretty cheap! I wouldn't have taken a picture, except Heath raved about it! And it was so easy!!

And just so this won't be a boring post, here is a scene from today:

Turner just walked in my room as I was writing this. He found a (maxi) pad in the bathroom in one of the cabinets. He brought it in and claimed it as "Daddy's diaper." I am going with it.


  1. I have been crying laughing over this. I couldn't even read it aloud to Parrish due to my hysterics. Thank you the vivid imagery and thought-provoking story.

  2. Ya'll had a busy weekend! Love your pregnancy comment around all the young 23yr olds! haha! Come back and see me asap in store!! Will have to try these calzones...right up our alley!!