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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend...and a turtle?!

Of course the boys ate breakfast twice at Chick-fil-A for the holiday. Look who is mastering the slide!

We always go to the beach for Memorial Day weekend. But, Kate Bug was turning 4 and had a fabulous party on Saturday, and I couldn't gear up for time without Daddy to help at the beach (when he would have to drive back for work), so we stayed here.
We did a LOT of swimming. We played in the pools at Kate's house for her party, and then went swimming at my parents' house on Saturday night.
Then Sunday we headed to the Hoover Country Club pool with some friends. Turner thought the baby pool was fabulous, and it was perfect for John Burke to walk around in. Of course I didn't remember to take any pictures.
The boys with Aunt Mary - I tried to get their cute little smocked American flag shorts in the picture, but I guess they cut off
Yesterday, we spent the day at my parents' house. My aunt Mary and her husband Ed (they got married last year) drove from California. ACROSS the country!! Wow, I don't want to do that. But they were picking up some stuff of Grandad's and they were adventurous. So we were able to see them yesterday. We had a fabulous time!
Pop Pop and Uncle Day-rek are guaranteed entertainment (and rest for me)
Randomly, I found a large turtle walking across the road on the way to GiGi and Pop Pop's house. I got out and picked it up and put it in a neighbor's yard so it wouldn't get hit. (Sidenote - I am not an animal lover at all. I swerve for squirrels.) But I wanted to show Turner, maybe it was the teacher in me. Of course he wouldn't look at it.
Anyway, I had a salad bowl in the back of my car that I had left at my parents' from John Burke's party. Luckily it was big. So I stuck Turtle in it and threw him in the front seat. I thought it was funny for a little bit, but when I called Evan to tell her, Wes quickly added that it could be a snapping turtle. Why had that not occurred to me?? Probably because I don't like animals much. So I started screaming in Evan's ear - sorry, Evan. I felt like his little beady eyes were sticking out and staring at me.
I surprised Mom and Dad and Kate and Blake. I started wondering in the car if I am going to be that weird Mom that my kids and their friends talk about. Probably.
We checked him out, petted his shell, and determined he probably was not a snapping turtle. He was not hissing or anything. Lindsey helped the kids clean him off, and then we waited for him to eventually waddle off. Ah, our little Memorial Day turtle. So far, Turner has asked SEVERAL times about the turtle, but especially as we have passed the point in the road that we found him.
All clean - check out how big that was. Wouldn't you put it in your car too? :)
I need to add that Heath was at home pressure washing the driveway yesterday morning, or this entire turtle adventure would not have happened. He thought it was insane, and was puzzled when Turner kept talking about a turtle.
I keep thinking that I need to write down the funny things Turner keeps saying. I can't remember what I have written and what I haven't, but he loves loves loves Kiet Coke. We got our carpet cleaned last week, so he is not allowed to eat or drink anywhere but the kitchen (why haven't I been doing that up until now? Good question). Today he walked in the kitchen and said "Turner spill Mommy's kiet coke. Please no spankin spoon!" Well, he did have to have the spanking spoon because I had told him a MILLION times not to go in the den.
And this morning, he and York argued all breakfast whether pancakes (cakes) or biscuits (bissits) were a better food. Seriously? Evan and I were cracking up, while telling them to quiet down. They were LOUD about their little discussion.
And in the car, Turner likes to open the gate to our neighborhood and the garage door. He will start about 5 miles from the house and say "Can I have the little one?" which is the clicker for the gate. Then, he must open it and trade for the "big one", which is the garage door opener. He does not like to vary from this system. It makes my sweet across the street neighbor nervous as he watches our door open and close, open and close. The same neighbor, Jim, also has small heart attacks every time my children run towards the road. Bless his heart.
The other thing I wanted to remember was that he likes to say "I can't" - this annoys me to no end. And "for a minute" - "Can I play the game (Words with Friends, Angry Birds, etc.) for a minute?" "Can I watch Elmo - just for a minute?" and my favorite "Me and Burke Burke sucker/popsicle/Kiet Coke for a minute?" Such a little negotiator...oh well, he is waking up from his nap. Gotta go play outside..."for a minute!"


  1. I love all the Henderson adventures!!

  2. I mean, I have known you for so long, and you still crack me up at the things you do! Of course you would pick up a huge turtle on the side of the road! ha!

  3. Her Highness was standing next to me when I pulled this up and she said, "Who's baby is that?? Well isn't he just the cutest thang?!" I love that you picked up a turtle. Do you know how much those stupid things sell for in pet stores?? We considered getting Thunder one a while back, but they were like $85! And that was just the turtle! Not the tank or food or anything. Crazy. You should have sold it on ebay.
    Hope y'all have a wonderful summer!