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Thursday, May 26, 2011


It feels weird to say thirty, because in my mind I think I just finished college. But then I remember I am a mother to 2 little monkeys and that wakes me back up! That is weirder to me than the number 30!
Last week I had a week of Kelly. It was fabulous! Heath started out with a surprise party for me on Sunday night with some friends at Big Blue Bagel. I was impressed - he pulled it off! We were supposed to go to a Third Day relief concert, but instead we ended up on the patio of Big Blue. So fun!
Then we went to my favorite restaurants with friends and family all week long. Chuys, Outback, Melting Pot, Cheesecake Factory. Wow - thinking about that makes me want to eat cleaner! But it was so worth it! On Thursday, the night of my birthday, I went to see Water For Elephants with Evan (such a good movie).
When I got home, I found this on my front door, caution tape in my driveway and my house rolled. I tried to get pictures, but my camera wouldn't work at night. It was 10:30, and my neighbor informed me that he saw the bandits - some of my former students. In a crazy way, it was the perfect end to my birthday week. It made me laugh!
Turner pre-haircut, eating his new favorite food. Peanut butter. But not on bread - he spits that out. Just on the spoon - whatever, it is protein.
Meanwhile, Turner is cracking me up as he is stringing sentences together. This week he asked me who Burke Burke's mommy was. I told him I was, and he said "No, you're my mommy!" He had not realized that they share me. Which I don't understand, because he is his advocate in all situations. If he gets a sucker, he says "Mommy - Burke Burke sucker. Blue one please (or whatever color "John Burke" is wanting). He is very concerned that I am going to leave him out, but equally concerned when he believes "Burke Burke needs spankin."
Then, today we passed a car wash. Usually, he says "Nate (our friend at Express Oil Change) fixes Daddy's car." But today he started shouting "Nasty! Nasty!" I asked him what he was talking about. He said "Daddy vacuumed Mommy's car, and it was NASTY!" Um, he was right. I laughed so hard.
Motor Mouth hanging out with MeMe in Aunt Kelly's hospital room

Also, for my old Oak Mountain girls, our friend Boris came and cleaned my carpets this week. What a miracle worker!! (I thought I got a before picture, but it is probably a lot less incriminating that I did not.) This was the highlight of Turner's week - he LOVED meeting Boris and interrogating about the carpet and all the processes involved. Boris (our former overly qualified janitor from the elementary school) was overly gracious and talked to him all morning long, letting Turner "help" him.
He also LOVED meeting our newest nephew, Cameron. Heath's sister, Kelly, had him on Monday and he is a little cutie. The nurses took him to the well baby nursery for too long when he was first born, so we didn't get to hold him. But we will soon.
And, before I forget - this guy is officially WALKING. He is on the same track that Turner was on - they start at about a year and really get used to it by 13 months. He still thinks it is easier to crawl, which I am not too sad about. But he is getting better with walking. If he could just bend those knees. My chunky little Frankenstein!!
See ya!

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