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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Let's just start this by saying that I have a pretty weird array of photos lined up for this blog. Hmmm, I need to take some more cutesy/normal pictures for the future. These first 2 are from VBS last week, when John Burke was playing with a bearded dragon. He was ALL about the reptiles. And I was ALL about the hand sanitizer. When we went to pet the snake, he grabbed it by the face and twisted his fingers around its tongue and laughed. What?? Meanwhile, the guy from Ed's Pet World knew Turner by name and let me know he wanted nothing to do with any of the animals. That little stinker.
Oh, and please notice Burke Burke's smooth forehead in the last picture. Because this is what it looks like today.
Yep. John Burke had his first trip to Children's ER today. He was walking down the hall with me at church (I would stay he has been a pretty steady walker for a month now), and he toppled on to his bottom. Then, his head bent over and hit the tile floor. I was right there and it didn't look like a big deal, but this was what he looked like immediately when he popped up. And that freaked me out. I couldn't look at it - it wasn't our typical goose eggs (my kids have big heads, so lots of room for these). It was like a bubble!! And a few weeks ago at the Splash Pad, I saw a little girl have a similar bump like this and it freaked me out the whole rest of the day. Sooo, I called Heath and we headed up to Children's Hospital.
I was definitely slapping his feet and singing to him to keep him awake in the car, because some of my precious nursery friends kept letting me know I did not need to "let him die" if he fell asleep. No pressure - they were dramatic, but I was pretty grossed out. The sweet nurses in the ER let him take his much needed nap. That was really what I was worried about - just wanted to get him cleared before his long afternoon nap in case something had happened. But, if you notice this little joker fell, cried a few seconds, and then was totally normal. He was smiling in the picture a few minutes after (that I took to send to my nurse sister and doctor bro-in-law).
The doctor made me feel better about coming, but she and another doctor both looked at him and agreed he should be fine. Which is what I was thinking deep down, but can't really mess with head injuries. :) I had to show them the original pic so they could see the freakish bubble. Just a minute ago, Turner said to Heath "Burke Burke has a ball on his head. It purple." That's about right. (Thank you to Jami who took Turner with her to her house to nap - I am grateful we avoided the running commentary at the ER).
First hospital bracelet (well, since birth)
Praise the Lord for a good report - looks fine to me here (after his little nap)

On to other topics, Heath and I were able to escape this weekend for a no-kids beach trip with our buddies Wes and Evan. It was FABULOUS!! We had a precious girl named Stephanie keep the boys at our house, and the boys were in love with her. My sister has known her for several years, and referred her to us. She was a dream - she was awesome with the kids and even did my laundry, restocked my groceries and cleaned out my car (deep cleaned). Easily a better mom than I was this weekend, but I'll take it! It was worth it to have a long weekend in the sun and out to eat with friends without high chairs!!
Evan and I didn't get any pictures - in fact, this was the only one of me from the weekend. It was at an italian restaurant and that is an albino frog dangling its fat little legs down. I heart albinos.
Here is a better shot. It's not about the frog as much as the albino. I love albino anythings.
A more normal picture. Heath and Wes were able to go deep sea fishing and catch some red snapper. They had a limit of 2 each, and I think they had a ball trading up to meet the limit!
One thing I love about my husband - he is pretty well-rounded. He hasn't been deep-sea fishing in years, yet was able to fillet these red snapper like a champ! I stood and watched in disgust/amazement. And Wes was an excellent fisher host - awesome boat and reels and a day of fun for the boys (and for us, who laid on the beach and read!) Thank you Wes and Evan for a fabulous weekend!!

We have been doing a lot of this lately, and I only hope they didn't give Stephanie the pleasure of experiencing this while we were away. They like to be naked and they are LOVING baseball. Turner is all about watching the Braves on t.v. with Daddy, and John Burke is all about stealing the baseball and bat and tee from Turner any chance he gets!
I feel compelled to put a somewhat normal picture in here, without any animals (since almost every other one in this blog is bizarre). Lauren took Easter pictures for us, and she got some really cute ones! Sadly, Turner was sick on Easter Sunday, so I had to miss church that day, so it was a weird Easter around here. But we have some sweet pictures to pretend with!
Finally - I need to record some of the things Turner has been doing so I don't forget. He is talking in full sentences usually, and it continually catches me off guard. He likes to tell me in the car to "Watch out, Mommy" and "Don't go fast!!" (or "Go fast!" - it just depends on his mood) and today he said, "The music is too loud, Mommy." Oh, excuse me. He is constantly speaking up for John Burke, and likes to direct me on what he himself would like, directly followed by how I can meet Burke Burke's needs. "I want red sucker, Burke Burke have orange one." His little advocate.
He is almost exact on his colors when asked to identify (sometimes he defaults to calling things green just because) and is pretty good counting to 10, just tends to leave out eight? He is still very concerned with cars, their colors and their owners. And he has been extra cuddly lately - maybe because I was gone this weekend? - he has told me several times a day that he loves me, though he will snap at me if I choose to take a toy or privilege away. A work in progress for sure...


  1. Kelly, please keep Turner and John Burke from having any accidents in the month of August b/c that is when I will be working PEDS ER. Your never ending love for albinos is amazing.

  2. Oh my gosh - Caroline defaults to green on her colors too! Random :-) Fun post, Kelly! Sorry about JB's bump on his head! And you look super cute in your picture. I love your necklace.

  3. Oh my goodness Burke Burke!! I would have freaked out. Let's do a GNO soon. I need a margarita : )

  4. ah, salmon. kk, pay more attention please...