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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Water Bug

Working on my tan this summertime..might take a while with Mom's skin!

One of my best friends told me the other night it was high time to update the blog. I know! Wehave been enjoying the summer so much, I haven't slowed down to post.
This cat loves loves loves the water! He has been in the ocean, the pool and the lake over the last few weeks.

Last summer, he hated the beach. Hated it. Given, he was only 6 months old, but still. Screamed the second my feet hit the sand. This year, he was all about it! Played in the sand and the ocean for hours! Thank God for MeMe and Pap, who spent many hours on the beach with him!

We spent time in the pool at the beach - both at the condo and at Granny's house (with the water slide). At first, Turner hung around the stairs and splashed and splashed. Then we introduced the floaties. He loves them - once we get past putting them on he will keep them on for hours! He likes being able to hold himself up in water. We took an Infant Readiness class when he was 9 months old, and he successfully learned how to hold his breath when he goes under water and how to crawl in and out of the pool. However, before I brag too much on the little water bug I must say that he is a Swim Lesson Dropout.
We went with our BFFs Evan and York to swim lessons this week. When we got there, York and Turner ended up being pretty advanced. Almost everyone else were babies with very little experience in the water. Sweet York cooperated, but guess who did not! If they did not involve my post partum swimsuit self, I would show you the pictures my mom took of us - running in and out of the zero entry swimming pool while the other children were sweetly kicking their feet and blowing bubbles in the water with their moms. Here is a picture of Slumpy (as I affectionately call him because he slumps down in his chair a lot. And he LIVES in his carseat chair) watching his brother at swim lessons.

This was how Slump Dog enjoyed the beach. The little bird LOVES to be hot!! Works well for us, in this summer heat, he is not slowing us down!

The first day of swim lessons, the teacher said "Now, we are trying to eliminate F-E-A-R." As she was saying this, Mr. Fearless dunked down underneath the water and came bobbing right back up. She stopped, clapped and congratulated him. When she came to us for some one-on-one swim time, I explained that I wish Turner had a little bit more fear! My mom watched the baby while I spent about 6 minutes in the water and the other 39 running in and out of the pool after my little dropout. He was so over it! We didn't even go for the last 2 days!
Last weekend we went to the lake with the Averitt family. Mr. Averitt let Turner drive the boat. He loved it, and took it very seriously!

We also watched Dad ski - don't worry, he's still got it! He skied 4 different times, and Turner loved watching him from the boat. That was before he fell asleep on both of his boat rides! Crazy - I guess it was the lull of the boat.

All right, off to feed this little bit. Story of my life! But, he is pretty sweet. Guess I'll keep him!

We heart summer. And water. And the fact that it makes babies extra tired!!


  1. Looks like y'all are adjusting well to two! Love all the pics. You've got some handsome boys!

  2. Kelly--I got here from Kate Henderson's blog, and now I am going to subscribe:) John Burke is so cute!!! And your swim lesson story really made me laugh.