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Monday, June 28, 2010

Go Braves!

Last week, I went back to work for the week. I taught an AMSTI math class to second grade teachers. It was nice to not have 2 diaper bags with me all the time, and made me remember how much I love teaching and miss 2nd graders! However, I could not have done it without a team of people - my mom, Heath's mom (and sister), Heath, my sister and Covenant nursery. That is a lot of people for these 2 for just 5 days!!
They look sweet - and they are. But a lot of work!!

It made me appreciate staying home for now - I was exhausted! I give working moms more credit than I imagined. So much to balance!!
After that crazy week, we felt brave (ha!) this weekend, and headed to Atlanta for the day to watch Heath's favorite baseball team, the Braves! We had a wild time. It was crazy HOT and 2 small children were definitely a challenge, but we had fun. Here is a little list of the events (in no particular order):
- Getting to nurse the baby in the First Aid room. Awesome. But, he had to eat! And I swear he was on top of a blanket and I turned around to throw something away and he rolled over! Given, he had a slant underneath him, but still! He is crazy strong!!
- Having someone knock on the door while John Burke was eating, only to refuse to "share" the nursing room. Seriously? The lady working the first aid room (which was barely air conditioned, but better than outside) said "She said she don't want to share!" Whatever - more makeshift hospital bed for the baby and me! And I am hoping it wasn't the young woman with her 2+ year old standing outside when I left.
- Turner kicking the backs of the three men in front of us because it was shockingly close to us. I am sure they loved it!
- The guys on the end of our row walking out - several times - thanked me for bringing my kids to the game. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and think they were being serious. I mean, who doesn't appreciate an 18 month old, 8 month old (cousin Ellie), and 8 week old at a game?? Luckily, I only half heard him in the heat and constant scooting out of the row and was too hot to start something.
- When we were leaving the game, I turned around and asked the girl behind me to hold John Burke. Kate looked at me like I was crazy. Because I did ask a stranger to hold my baby. But, she had been playing with Turner at the beginning of the game, and Kate didn't know that. At that point, the girls held Ellie too while we moved our small arsenal of baby items out of the row.
- The drunk man walking 17 times out of our row. We were on the end, so we got to get up for him a lot (which was probably a relief for the 3 men getting kicked in the back). He leaned in Turner's face and was joking around with him. Turner promptly grabbed his (large) nose. He said to me "It's okay - I know I have a big nose." Awkward. Then Turner did it again and laughed and laughed!!
- This one is for real - Chipper Jones hit an amazing homerun. The crowd went wild. The team pretended like they were running on the field, and held back, so it was just Chipper. Everyone gave him a screaming standing ovation. Really neat to see!
- This daddy got to share his passion for the Braves with his sons for the first time!
Great family pic :) This was obviously the end - we were worn out!
Afterwards at The Varsity with Jay, Kate and Ellie. Delicious! And I think Ellie and Turner look sort of alike!

We also got Turner's haircut this weekend. Or you can call him Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber. We went at the last minute, so we ran in SuperCuts. Not so super. The girl was extremely annoyed to have to cut his hair. She did everything she could to avoid it, sweeping the floor, rearranging her station. She was waiting for the other 2 girls working with her to finish. But alas, she was lucky enough to cut Turner's hair. Some highlights - she said "Has he, like, ever gotten his hair cut before?" Yes. Though it did not look like it. Then, he had to sit in my lap. She rolled her eyes and sprayed him with water. Then, she looks at me puzzled and said, "Does he like to get sprayed with water??" Yes, he does. We know. Weird. Then she turned a corner, I guess intrigued by him. He moved around a lot, even in my lap. She looked up and said to me "I hope you weren't expecting this to be straight." She was dead serious. I almost said, "I hope you weren't expecting me to pay if it isn't." But I held my tongue. Good thing, because he bucked his head like a bronco and I apologized. She says "This ain't my first rodeo." Awesome. Looking at this awesome 'do, it might have been!
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  1. Oh the resemblance. :) I needed a good laugh this morning. So glad and impressed you braved the game. You're awesome.

  2. You always make me laugh! What a super Momma to handle all of that! We took a short trip to Nashville recently, and decided not to travel anywhere again until the boys are all teenagers. Seriously.