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Thursday, May 27, 2010

From the Beach

Check out the sting rays - not a great picture from the balcony, but there are hundreds of them! So neat to see. A guy working at the condo said they migrate every 2 years and that is what is going on!

Here is where we are. Gotta say - it is pretty wonderful. Even with little monkeys running around!! This past weekend, the four of us (weird to say - I have a family of 4!) were down here with Heath's parents. It was sooo wonderful because they help so much!! John Burke is on my good list because he has been easy so far. PRAISE GOD!! He has gotten in a pretty good rhythm of eating at 10ish p.m., waking up around 3 and then again anywhere from 6-7:30. This has been the last week, and I will take it!! He goes back to sleep after he eats, which has been my prayer!

My boys hanging in the condo
John Burke laying out with us on the porch yesterday while the others napped

Heath and his parents left Sunday night, and Lindsey and her kids came down for the week. We have joked that John Burke is the easiest by far on this trip. The other 3 are very fun, but all over the place! She and I always know something is going on when it gets quiet.
You should see the looks we get when we go places. We walked to the beach the other night. I carried the baby in a sling, and immediately Turner, Blake and Kate were off! Turner decided (after 4 days) that he actually does like sand. Previously he has hated it!! But, Blake hated it, and Lindsey had to carry him. Kate was all over it, and the ocean. She is a brave soul, not very afraid at all. I think 17 people have said to us "Y'all have your hands full!" And then they laugh. We know! But, it has been very fun.
However, we have learned going to the beach with kids is just a whole different animal. The days of laying out are over for now (except during nap time when someone else graciously watches the kids). And everywhere we go involves buckling and unbuckling 4 children 2 and under plus ourselves. The Red Bar (more of a restaurant with a bar for readers unfamiliar:)) was quite an experience the other night! Worth it, though!

Lindsey and the monkeys

Kate "babysitting" - every day she helps me with the baby. She said today "He wants to hold me!" She is very gentle with him, and always makes sure he is covered with a blanket. She likes to tell him how cute he is. What a big girl! She even offered to feed him - not so much with the breastfeeding, but sweet to offer! At one point she lifted her shirt and said, "I'll do it, KK." (That is what she calls me). I wish she could!

I don't like the actual beach much. We prefer the pool. I took Turner in the ocean this weekend, just one on one. It was hilarous. MeMe watched from the balcony as the waves picked Turner up, flipped him over, and he landed face first on the sand. And then he laughed! Luckily, I am used to him and didn't panic. But, I was done after that and we headed to the pool.
All right, more later - I forgot I have some cute pictures on my other camera. Oh well, off to the pool!!

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