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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th Highlights

We were at the beach this weekend for the 4th. Here are some highlights:
Making good food - Heath's mom and I made this fruit pizza. We also made oreo balls (DELICIOUS!) not once, but twice while down there.
It rained some, so we hung out in the condo more than our last 2 trips. Turner is warming up to his brother. (Side note - he has not had a freak out about John Burke since he has been born. He has been indifferent more than anything else. He will not call him by name, but he will kiss him if we ask him to go kiss his brother or the baby. Progress.)
Turner became obsessed with hats ALL WEEKEND. It started with the Braves hat from the game last week. Then it was any hat he could find in the condo.
He found this one in MeMe and Pap's bedroom. He likes to point it out, put it on his head, then put it on your head.
We spent the day of the 4th with Megan and Kurt, and old and new friends in Rosemary Beach.
Probably won't frame this one, but the boys were looking:)
Very fun - here is a picture of their house!
And where we got to eat barbecue on the greens of Rosemary. Beautiful.
And hang out with all these kids and their families. Turner was in an excellent mood at this point - he went and took a nap so he could wake up and enjoy the fireworks.
He loved them, didn't mind the noise - but he did get tired.
His brother, however, was mesmerized. Hilarious. I kept picking him up saying things like, "Ooh - did you see that?" "Look!" (I tend to get out of control during fireworks. I LOVE them.) I even did a few fist pumps and screamed "That's what I'm talking about!" I forgot that I was holding the 2 month old instead of Turner. He didn't give me much of a response, but I like that he is starting out liking fireworks at a young age. Megan is a better mom than I am because she was covering Macey's ears. Oops. The finale was so amazing I needed sunglasses!!
And a side note - Turner is equally driving me insane and cracking me up. He has started pitching fits more often (no fun) and testing my patience a lot! But, he also entertains me to no end. On the way home from church tonight, Heath passed us on 280. I didn't see him, but I heard Turner yell "Hey!" He was pointing and waving at Heath. He also saw me check on him through the window at the nursery and did the same thing. He jumped on the table and started dancing and pointing at the window from his classroom. My friends (his teachers) think I am crazy - I was dancing back through the window. It is supposed to be mirrored, but Eagle Eye always sees me!
This is the picture from about an hour ago. I ran the bath water and went to feed the baby. This cat didn't want to wait, and just hopped on in in his shorts. Then, when we ran in there, he poured cups of water on him - just laughing and laughing. Heath says that Brad Paisley song "Water" is his theme song. He is right! You like him in the background?? :) I am putting this one up without showing him first...:)


  1. You love fireworks? I might have a video of you and the Independence day fireworks at Magic Kingdom from a few years back. I think you are singing along with the music and I remember some fist pumps.