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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Making It!

By God's grace, we have had a smooth transition from 1 child to 2 children over the last 2 and a half weeks! I don't like change much, but I have learned I enjoy it more when it looks like this:

One of the many wonderful pictures taken by my friend, Lauren Winter

The hormones have hit me so differently this time! With Turner I felt a little overwhelmed the first few days. This time, I have been much more laid back, eating up moments with my little new one! He is just 2 1/2 weeks old, and I am already sad he is getting older!! I think because I can look at Turner and see how quickly it goes. With him, it was scarier in the beginning. Now we are more in a groove, and I can sit and hold and appreciate my tiny baby! I am loving the moments when his itty bitty self snuggles up on me - precious.
Seriously with the hormones though, on the first Monday we had John Burke home, Mom and I took him to the doctor to get his bilirubin checked. I watched a girl walk out with a child about Turner's age on her hip. I teared up thinking "This is the doctor I take Turner to. All those times here with him. My time with him is over." Ha! Then I remembered we will be back at the doctor 58 more times before elementary school!! As I type, I have had plenty of time alone with him - chasing him off the computer, scolding him for messing with the t.v. and stealing my Coke, etc. Needless to say, he is back to normal and has taken a new baby in the house in stride!

Still my baby.

I didn't feel that guilt before the baby was born about how I would love both of them. It came those days he was away in Andalusia and I was home alone with John Burke. He came back the Wednesday 6 days after the baby was born, and I missed him so much!! It was good to see him go, and I loved that my in-laws were so wonderful with him. We needed time to get adjusted without him. But then I loved seeing him come home (even if he seemed 15 years old when I saw him again - a new baby makes him look enormous!!).

Kelly's graduation from Pharmacy School
Look how happy Turner looks with MeMe and Aunt Kelly - he was treated like a king in Andalusia!

Last week was our first full week with 2 kids at home. Heath helped a whole lot, and I never got overwhelmed. As I said, God has shown much grace!! The baby has been nursing very well, and eats every 3 hours during the day, and sometimes does 4 hour stretches at night. I will take it for his age!!

Bedtime - Yay! Look how old Turner is. Shocking when compared to a newborn.

So far John Burke is a sweet boy. He is cuddly, and lets me kiss all over his little face! He is very alert (in those few awake times :)), and he gives funny looks. I swear he already knows how to cut eyes at me, and at Turner. Who, by the way, likes to "help" burp him (smacking him on the back) and swing him (pretty violently). Turner learned how to give kisses while in Andalusia, and he has been kissing Heath, me and the baby a lot. One thing we have to watch out for is this big head he swings around without knowing it!! He inevitably smacks John Burke's tiny little head with his big old melon about 7 times a day. I try to stop it, but he is a quick little weasel, and he doesn't know what a dangerous weapon he possesses!!
John Burke has already traveled to Auburn for Aunt Kelly's graduation. Well, we met up after graduation for lunch. But he loved Auburn!!

He also went to a farm in Sylacauga for our Sunday School party yesterday. He slept through the greased pig chase, but Turner didn't. However, now that Heath and I are one on one with children I couldn't get a good picture of Turner's face while watching this. Enjoyed watching it, but the squealing scared him and he did not enjoy the smell (neither did I)!!

The greased pig, covered in Wesson Oil - kids chasing him in a circle. Hilarious.

We have been hanging more around the house than usual, and it has been such a blessing to visit with family and friends. I am amazingly blessed by all who have showered us with gifts and meals! It makes the transition so much easier!! Come by and see us!

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  1. Sounds like y'all are doing great! They are precious. Hang in there, things do continue to get better and better.
    I remember the first few times I tried to grocery shop with two and I called Bert CRYING 'cause I was so overwhelmed. Bert was all, "Umm, do I need to come get y'all? Are you really crying?" I know, right? But, you quickly learn tricks to handling two by yourself. For me, the transition from one to two was the hardest. Since then, it's just another day with the inmates running the asylum. :) Two- FIVE, there's seriously not a whole lot of difference!