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Friday, November 6, 2009

11 Months

I have an eleven month old!!  One month away from a year!  How is it that when you are pregnant, time ticks away slowly, but once they are born, it FLIES!
Trying to think of some highlights of eleven months.  Still Toothless Joe.  But I am hoping some teeth are poking through before a year.  Cross your fingers.  He likes to play with remote controls and cups mostly (still), and walks around the table or on the couch, etc. when he is holding on.  No steps yet without holding on.  He is understanding a little more who Gordon is (our pug).  I wouldn't call the 2 best friends.  Gordon sniffed Turner's bottom the other day and it freaked him out and he screamed.  Then, he stared and stared at Gordon, not necessarily in a loving way.  He still loves the bath, and his loveys - especially Duck and Mr. Lion.  He is trying juice, but only from my cup.  Won't have much to do with a sippy cup yet.  I think he likes mine because it is not watered down, I probably need to start doing that!  And he is eating more and more table food - especially crackers and recently vanilla wafers at school.  
Last weekend, I went to Atlanta 3 days in a row.  Thursday I went to Market (so fun!) with Mom, Lindsey and Katie Compton.  We had a good time, and Turner stayed at Ms. Lee's all day.  That is where he went last year when I was teaching.  He got a good report.  I warned them that his favorite thing to do is crawl around (FAST) and climb up on things, then fall down and hit his head.  They told me that is exactly what he did!
Friday we headed over to see Jay and Kate in the hospital while we waited for Ellie to come.  Then we headed to Auburn for the Ole Miss game.  I thought it was going to be rainy, but the weather cooperated and it turned out to be a really fun game!!  Turner the Tiger turned many heads.  I think people forgot it was Halloween.  But seriously, I probably heard 543 people say "OH - look at that baby."  Then Heath would say "Trick or Treat!"  He did great during the game, and even napped with Aunt Kelly (a wonderful built-in babysitter, seriously) during 2nd quarter and half time.  I think he was warm and cuddly in his tiger suit.

After the game, we headed back to Atlanta to see baby Ellie and Jay and Kate.  So sweet and she  had those squishy little cheeks.  She already looks different, however we did see her just a couple hours after being born.  :)

Now I have a niece and a nephew born on Halloween - exactly one year apart.  So Sunday we celebrated Blake-ums turning one.  Hilarious!  Turner doesn't seem too jealous that Blake can walk and he can't.  I might be a bad mom, but I am sure not rushing it.  He already crawls too fast for me.  It stresses Heath out when we are at home.  I will be in the den doing something very productive like reading blogs and we will hear a noise in the kitchen.  10 seconds after I just saw him in the den!  And I have to watch because his favorite place to hang out is the dishwasher.  I don't think so!

Today I had to take the weasel to the doctor for a "nameless, faceless fever virus" according to the doctor.  He has been pretty pitiful - the last 2 days he has cried and cried and I have just had to hold him.  But, 2 and 3 hours later you would never know he was sick!!  Last night, he slept with us.  Well, he didn't start out with us - I went and got him when he was screaming and burning up at 10:30 and threw him next to me.  Sidenote - I don't know how people sleep with their babies all the time.  This kid is a bed hog.  Anyway, by 3:30, I woke up thinking there were 2 children in my bed because he was flipping and jumping from Heath to me and back.  I am not exaggerating.  At first I thought he was having seizures or hallucinating from fever, which was scary.  Then I realized, no, he was just awake and wanting to play!!  I grabbed him and he laughed in my face.  He kills me.  So, he got to go back to his bed, where he stayed.  The doctor actually said "It should be over now.  He can do whatever he wants to tomorrow."  Like he has been begging to go to a friend's house or something.  Ha!  More like we can get back to whatever we want tomorrow, which if you know Heath of course involves the Auburn game.  I am trying to get pumped up about Homecoming...
2 weird things at the doctor - 1.  He didn't cry when they poked his finger and filled the little lab vial with blood.  He just stared at it and then back at me, and resumed playing with his water bottle.  What??  I want to cry NOW whenever they take my blood and fill things with it.  Then he tried to scheme a way to take the bandaid off.  I think it was off by the time he got in the car.
2.  We play this game with him (well, Heath would want me to clarify that I do this more often, because it does sound sort of crazy).  But we have done it since he was about 7 months old.  I will (usually in the car) say "Ahh."  And he will mimic the noise back "AAhh"  This can go on for several minutes, if not hours.  I shorten it or try to make the noise different, just to see what he will do.  No kidding, he will go all day.  I sometimes think it is funny to see how long Heath can handle it in the car before he (Heath) loses his mind.  But, I digress.  When we were sitting in the doctor's office, there was a younger baby in a room down the hall.  Turner and I were playing while waiting for the doctor, and the baby was crying - not screaming in a fit, just crying out.  Every time the baby would make a noise, Turner would respond "Aaahh."  Like a game.  Then he would laugh.  Is this psycho or just a sense of humor?  I tried to tell him to be quiet, but I kept laughing, because it reminded me of animals communicating - like echolocation or something.   

Check out these party animals!!


  1. Kelly,
    you completely crack me up! he is precious!!! hope you are feeling well.

  2. LOVE the tiger suit, Halloween or not!
    Your posts are always so funny. Hope you are feeling good!

  3. The whole bed hogging thing is crazy--David used to sleep with us when he was up cutting a bad tooth and I swear it was like sleeping with a 10 year old kid. I was perched on the edge and he was laid out like he owned the place! Not a fan of co-sleeping!! Also--did you really just put the term 'echolocation' in your blog. I am laughing. Too funny!