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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Up in NYC

Last weekend, Heath and I headed to New York (Thursday-Sunday) because Heath had to go up there for work.  When he said he'd be staying at the Waldorf, I said count me in.  The Hendersons so graciously kept the weasel from Wednesday night until Sunday night.  What a blessing!  They kept him and seemed to enjoy it!!
We flew out of Birmingham early in the morning - our flight left at 7.  It was a super small plane - so small that we had to walk outside and get on the plane with stairs!  Wow - that might be normal for some of y'all, but not this girl.  When we landed at La Guardia (and I started looking for anyone famous - don't worry, didn't see anyone), it was FREEZING and raining.  We had to ride a little trolley in from the small plane to the airport (I mean - it wasn't private plane small - maybe 50 people total?!) and it was so interesting riding with people from Alabama at the New York airport.  At one point a woman said very loudly "It's like country came to town!!"  Awesome.  
Anyway, Heath met a gentleman (who followed him out of the bathroom - sketchy?) who was a limo driver.  He offered to take us into town for a very discounted rate - almost the rate of a taxi.  We said, "Of course."  He was supposed to pick up a group of executives, but they cancelled.  So he settled for us.  It was very nice to be taken care of - he grabbed all of our bags and gave us his umbrella to walk under.  Actually, he opened his umbrella over me while we were waiting indoors for our baggage to come down the runway.  I thanked him, waited a minute, then put it down.  I didn't want to look like a VIP - ha - or ridiculous!!

He told Heath when he was giving him the sales pitch - "A big limo.  Like prom!"

Inside of prom limo

Fresh from the airport 

Then, we got to the Waldorf-Astoria.  We stayed there one time in college and I remember Heath saying, "We will never be able to afford to stay here again."  So I was thrilled for trip number 2!  However, our room wasn't ready.  We scooted on over to the concierge, and asked about shows.  He told us none were playing (which was fine, because we saw Wicked last year when we went, and I wasn't dying to see anything this time).  We headed a "few" blocks away - it ended up being 27!! - to watch a movie.  They had told us it was "about 10" blocks away.  Luckily, we were high on New York adrenaline and armed with Waldorf umbrellas they had given us.  
We found a great place to eat, called Christine's.  Heath asked where I wanted to go, and I told him that a place would just jump out at us.  Luckily, that place did and the food was delicious.

Heath made fun of me as I took a picture of my chicken, but I am trying to do better with documenting trips.  I usually don't take that many pictures - not a good picture person.  The blog helps.  But I digress.  We went and saw 'Couples Retreat'.  That might sound lame that we watched a movie, but let me remind you - we did plenty of sightseeing on our little hike, it was freezing and raining, and we didn't have a certain 10 and a half month old with us that we would usually pass off to someone to watch while we saw a movie.  I thought that movie was funny.  However, Pregnant/Woke-Up-Super-Early-For-Flight here  fell asleep at the end.  Sad.
Right when we sat down for the movie, the Waldorf called and said that our room was ready.  So we headed back for our trek to the hotel.

The Waldorf - Park Avenue side

Fun lobby - last time we saw Dr. Ruth and Pat Sajak here, but not so much this time!

Our room was very nice, and the lobby is beautiful!  We got ready and headed to meet Heath's friend/BFF from work Mike Sosnowski or "Soz".  He lives in New Jersey, and the line for a taxi was really long.   A guy on a bike with a little buggy on the back or a "bike taxi" (sort of) came by.  It was raining.  He asked us if we wanted a ride, and simultaneously I laughed in his face and Heath said, "Sure!"  What??  

Pedicabs - I think that is what it is called

We rode on this little contraption through the city, zipped under some plastic - to the train station.  We took the train (2 trains) to Hoboken and then to East Rutherford, New Jersey.  
We met Mike, his wife Patti, and his mom, Elizabeth for dinner at a great place called Park and Orchard.  It was wonderful food and even better company!  I had met Mike once before, but never his mom or Patti.  We had a great time!  Heath really loves his buddy, so it was fun that they got to hang out!

Sosnowskis and Hendersons

Work BF - that was for you, Mike :)

Afterwards, they drove us back to the city.  We counted our modes of transportation that Thursday - our car/airplane/airport bus/limo/walking/bicycle/trains/car.  Wow.  All in one day.  
On Friday, Heath had meetings all morning.  I slept in!  It was glorious.  Turner is a wonderful sleeper, but I felt like my mom appreciating being in the hotel room all by myself!  I never understood that until I had a child - I watched t.v. and rested while Heath worked.  Last year I freaked out at about 20 weeks pregnant, and we took an anniversary trip to New York.  I thought it was a last trip for a while, and that we wouldn't travel for a while.  It was great - we saw Wicked and ate at Serendipity and went to Chinatown and Central Park and shopped and did all sorts of touristy things!  So, I felt off the hook this time to relax!  Loser?  Maybe.
When Heath got back, we headed to Rockefeller Center to eat a late lunch.  Then we walked around - touched Times Square and saw a line around the block at Magnolia Bakery.
That night, the company Heath was doing the seminar with had a nice dinner at The University Club.  

The ballroom where we had dinner

We made some friends from Merrill Lynch Memphis and ended up sitting at their table.  They even helped me steal the dessert I wanted (you got assigned!?).  Afterwards, we went outside to the balcony and I tried to get a picture (not great) of the buildings lit up at night.

Saturday we wanted to do something different, so we tried SoHo.  So cool!  We found so many cool shops!  Heath wondered what the Ugg store was, and I was more than willing to show him - until there was a line outside the door and you had to take a number.  No thank you!  I found a store that reminded me of market in Atlanta - I got a jacket and 3 sweaters for $116 total!  Heath wasn't as excited as I was, but we both loved SoHo.
We walked in several places to eat lunch, but pregnancy struck again.  Everything smelled funny!  It is really sad that we passed a Wendy's in the taxi on the way there, and that is ALL I wanted!!  Luckily, we settled for California Pizza Kitchen.  I know - country really did come to town.  But, it was delicious!  And it was right next to my favorite place in the city - Dylan's Candy Shop.  3 floors of wonderful candy!!  (We went there last year, too, and I HAD to go back.)

Dylan's Candy Shop

Saturday afternoon we chilled and got ready for the Auburn game.  We found out where the New York Auburn club watched the game - Bar 515.  It was so cool!  We got there early to get a seat, and all the bartenders and waitresses, etc. had Auburn shirts on!  Then we ended up knowing 5 or 6 people there.  ADPi friends - I saw Kiley Durham and she looked fabulous!  Told me that she just stopped working for Kay Unger, and is pursuing several different things with art and fashion.  What a fun life!  She downplayed it, but she is a big deal up there!  We also saw Jan Paul, Mary and Riley (all younger friends from Auburn).  And I actually teared up at kickoff when the entire bar said "WAAAAARR EAGLE" in unison.  Auburn all the way up in New York!  That ended up being the most fun part of that game!  And Heath and I realized that in 8+ years of being together we have never watched a game together by ourselves.  It was nice!

Inside New York's Little Auburn away from home
We flew out early Sunday morning.  As we were checking out, we thought we would get brunch somewhere.  We asked at Waldorf - guess how much for brunch?  95 dollars.  A person!!  We passed on that, though it was gorgeous!  Chili's at the airport was just fine!  We had a nice flight back and made some more friends in the NYC airport.  It is a small world!
And, just so I don't forget Turner, here is a picture of him from lunch today.  He is with Grandad Starr.  I really missed him while I was gone - funny thing about being a parent.  Nice to get away, but even better to come home to him!!  Again, I was so, so thankful that MeMe and Pap and Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jonathan took such wonderful care of him!  He had a ball!!

91 and a half and 10 and a half months!


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