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Monday, September 21, 2009

9 Months

Turner turned 9 months on the 5th and went for his 9 month appointment last week.  He weighed 21 and a half pounds (75th percentile) and was 29 inches long (also 75th).  I finally caved and his big boy carseat came in the mail today.  He got a Britax Roundabout 50 (I just copy what Lindsey does on things like that), and we are going to set it up tonight - hopefully.  
He is very interactive at this age, and I catch myself truly laughing every day.  I miss that about my second graders - they would crack me up every day.  So it is nice to catch him making me laugh.  His laugh is hilarious - he just giggles and it is contagious!  

His favorite game is to say "Ah" and then Heath or I will respond "Ahh" and so on.  He can do this ALL DAY if you let him.  But it is funny to hear him respond!  Heath has also advanced the game to making a "bmmm" noise with his lips and blow bubbles, and he does the same.  Also, he loves to jump in the jumperoo and crawl around.  He has just mastered crawling in the last 2 weeks, and he still does the army crawl/pull thing.  And he loves to stand up - any chance he gets!  This is how I found him after his nap today. 

Guess we will be lowering the bed now!
He has also gone to all 3 Auburn games so far.  Don't worry - Mom and Dad of the Year here took him to the ENTIRE AU/WVU game.  So fun!  This is the only picture I got - on my cell phone.  
When we were walking to the game, the bottom fell out.  Sheets of rain!!  So, Heath ran back to get the car, and Heath and I stood under an awning at the Fisheries building.  This little weasel stuck his hand out to catch the rain and just laughed.  I was just glad he wasn't screaming because we were so soaked.  Heath came back and picked us up, and Jay and Kate.  We went to Amsterdam, picked up dinner and went back to the house to eat and get dry.  We put Turner in his pajamas and waited for the rain to stop.  Then we started getting word that the game was going to be played soon, and debated the safe, rational idea of putting him in bed.  Then we decided to bite the bullet and take him.  Guess which parent had hesitation - nope, not me.  I knew Heath wouldn't want to miss this game, and I was right!!  For the love, we were only 2 or 3 miles away! 

Why is this on the side?  View of the field while raining that I copied from Lindsey's blog...

We pulled on to campus and got a great parking spot, since so many people had left in the rain.  At this point, Heath and Jay reverted back to little boys, sprinting into the stadium right after kickoff.  Kate and I were trying to catch up, but we were laughing so hard we almost fell.  A drunk college kid ran by and said to his friends "the dude with the baby is beating me in the stadium."  Hilarious.  When we walked in (I had on Heath's friend's XL Auburn shirt and wet hair - but at this point - who cared?  Everyone had been soaked.  Write it down - Heath Henderson had on black running shorts, a long sleeve Under Armor shirt that said "Must protect this house" across the front, and a Baby Bjorn with Turner dangling in his pajamas.  So funny.  We really didn't care, though.  I wish you had seen how many people say "How old is he?"  And I caught 4 people saying "You are crazy."  I know.  But, the game ended up being so fun, and Turner was passed out with 5 minutes left in the first quarter.  He slept until half time, and then again in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  Praise the Lord the noise doesn't bother him!  Especially this game's noise - louder than I have heard it in years!!
Some other favorites of Turner's are bath time and playing drums.  He splashes water as if he has never seen it before.  And he does not like getting out of the tub, but I have to take him out when I am so soaked from his splashing. 

 For the drums, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jonathan have a real bongo drum at their house that he is obsessed with!  Now he likes to make other things drums, too, like his bumbo seat and the wipes container.  Kelly told me this weekend that he was getting a drum set for Christmas, and I suggested we keep it at her house, because I might lose my mind if he did that all day every day.  And he would hit the thing all day. 

Now we are going to start trying solid foods.  However, when we do this, he acts like I have fed him poison and looks like he is gagging.  So, we will keep trying!  Until next time, War Eagle!!!

About to pass out at the tailgate...


  1. What a trooper that boy is! Next time you should leave him at the Hudson Zoo. My guys would love it! He's such a cutie.

  2. I think you drug this poor kid just to see Just kidding but the last picture he truly looks like he is ready to pass out. Y'all are crazy but in a good way. I would love to see Turner again in person before he is grown!!

  3. Really? You have not posted since September? Let's get on the ball. By the way, Weaver talks about Turner when I say "Kelly" now. So cute!

  4. Thank you for your encouragement Kelly! I remember the day you walked in my room at school and said, "What is up? I know something is going on." Then you reminded me of that verse about struggling in 1 Peter.
    I miss you. AND by the way, Turner is edible!! :)