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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I drove up to my mailbox last week and found a package for Turner.  I opened it up and this is what I found!  Heath's aunt Laquetta made this and monogrammed it.  How perfect for football season!!  I love it - what a wonderful surprise!!
People usually say they can hear my voice when they read this blog.  Probably because I write in streams of consciousness.  This is not good or bad - I just know that I could never write an anonymous letter!  I was driving to Lindsey's house yesterday and had these thoughts on Mountain Brook Parkway - thought I would give you a peek into my brain.
Hearing Turner scratching his feet against his broken down mirror, "I wonder if he is growing out of that carseat?  Pretty sure he is since the girl at Dale's Southern Grill yesterday told me that he could cut his feet off if he slammed real hard against the backseat (thanks for that - then she ran over to tell me to go ahead and go all out for the one at Target because her 3 year old daughter is almost 50 pounds and she would have had to buy another one.  See - I am already off topic)...Am I doing him a disservice because I selfishly still like taking him out to eat in that carseat because he stays pinned down?  Speaking of disservice, am I a bad mom because I don't have a big, mom camera?  I am not sure I need one yet because I don't take as many pictures as I should with the nice camera I have now, and will I ever learn to work the big one?  I am pretty lazy.  Why is that old man running down Jemison Trail barefoot?  Gross.  Where are his shoes? (I kept looking out the window for them) Why take them off?  Did he start out without them or just get really sweaty or wet feet from the trail?  Why are Nike shorts so popular?  Kate says they are all the rage in Auburn.  Used to be Soffe shorts, now Nike shorts.  Will my hips and stomach ever look like they did in college?  I didn't appreciate them nearly enough then.  What was I thinking?  Babies do a number on your body." Okay - the drive was not that long.  A few miles.  Can we say ADD?  How about all my teachers growing up loved to mention this to my mom in conferences.  Well, she refused to medicate, so here ya go.
Moving on.  We had Gina's baby shower this morning.  So sweet.  Since I have some time on my hands, I made this little project for her shower. 

 I love making chocolate suckers, and they are so easy!  And I have a million baby food jars lying around and my hot glue gun from school, so voila!  Then Lindsey whipped up the little number for the top, mix in some cute blue and brown ribbon and Gina seemed to love it!  I can't wait to meet Baby Luke.  He will definitely have enough monogrammed things to last a lifetime.  Look at the cake and then Volree's creation.  Impressive.

Wish I had taken pictures of people, photography is not my thing.  Good thing it is Gina's thing!

I went to the Birmingham Area Moms of Multiples sale last night.  I didn't have the patience to look for many clothes, but I did get these fun toys for cheap.  Here is the little weasel enjoying them!  I did see an anonymous blog (and real) friend who I would love to admit on here to buying a teacher/Halloween sweater circa 1986 for her daughter.  I say this in love....I wouldn't tease you if I didn't love you.  (I have to put that in there because I am not "sensitive" or "appropriate")

I came home and Heath had dressed Turner.  I laughed, but it wasn't too bad!  You know Turner didn't care!

Here is a Mommy picked outfit.  Not Heath's favorite.  Again, Turner was indifferent.  Lindsey whipped up the little monogram here, too, but you can't really see it.  Here is a better picture.

"Excuse me, I LOVE my bottle.  Don't tease me."


  1. The cake looks awesome!
    You forgot to mention the smelly people at the consignment sale.
    A super nice camera doesn't make that big of a difference to someone who rarely takes pictures anyway.

  2. Kelly, the girl at Dale's Southern grill was wrong! He is only too big for the car seat if his head is within 1 inch from the top of the shell (rear facing, it is even with the ears for forward facing) or he weighs too much. Feet have nothing to do with it. You prob. do need to get the higher weight limit seat b/c they are taller and even if he doesn't reach the weight limit, he will prob. outgrow a 40 lb seat in height.

    See what I do with my extra time? I think I need to make some chocolate suckers instead! :)

  3. This is Megan. I am signed in with my consignment sale blog.

  4. You will be happy to know I passed on the sweater.

  5. And I finally figured out how to comment on your blog.