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Friday, August 14, 2009

8 Months

Hanging with his buddy Harrison

Okay, Turner, too much love

Turner is 8 months old!  He giggles all the time now, which makes me laugh really hard.  For example, this morning he was eating breakfast and FloRida was singing on the Today show.  I started singing "Get Low" with the t.v. (as opposed to precious nursery rhymes - oops) and every time I would say "Give that big booty a smack" he almost fell out of his bumbo seat.  Hilarious.
He has started grabbing my hands when he wants to stand up.  I love that.  Also, in the car I will lean back and look at him (because his mirror keeps falling down) and I will say "Boogie?!" (I don't know why I call him that) and he will turn his head and look at me and grab my finger.  So cute.  And he does this ninja flip thing when I am trying to change his diaper.  Funny, but then annoying.  But he just thinks it is funny.  
He loves his loveys - Mr. Lion is the favorite, but he also loves his duck and lamb.  (Boring?  I want to remember this stuff later).  Not so much of a paci lover, though.   He'll take it if he is tired, but more just to play with it.  But if you stick Mr. Lion on his head, he is a happy camper!  Also, he is FINALLY enjoying baby food.  I guess he has been for a month or so now.  He can't get enough of it!  Sometimes he will wake up from his nap starving and have to eat it right away.  What a big boy!

Looking irritated in Daddy's favorite bib

Did I mention that I am going to teach 2 year olds at Mother's Day Out in the fall?  I didn't plan on this, but then a friend recruited me in and I am really excited.  I have gone up to our church to meet people and help out a little and Turner has been hanging out with some of the nursery workers, who he LOVES.  Okay - as I say this, remember that I am not politically correct.  Just a notice.  But, they are mostly black women, and he LOVES their voices, and (inappropriately) their boobs.  His favorite ladies are the older, big bosomed ones who pull him up to their laps.  That little weasel is in heaven!  I need to get a picture ASAP.  But, he likes going and playing, and that is great with me.  And Heath is just glad I have a "job".  Ha.  
Which reminds me - this has been a weird week with school starting and me not being there!  I thought that I would be really sad, but it has been fine.  One of my dear friends and former parent from my class had a Prayer Breakfast at her house yesterday morning.  She asked me to come pray for the teachers and then a bunch of the moms prayed for the kids at school.  So sweet.  It was such a blessing to meet and pray with former parents of mine over the years and friends!

My class last year - from our field trip to Golden Flake in February

I do miss my babies from school, though.  I went bowling with one of my favorites (Mom says I shouldn't have favorites - but seriously?) from last year and she made me cry.  She said something like "What if I am not having a good day?  You won't be there!"  That ripped my heart out.  Which is what she is wanting to do - she knows me well :).  Anyway, that is what I will miss a lot.  Those relationships.  But, I am telling myself that I can see them often, and they know I can't stay away from the school forever!  I have to check in on my little ones.
I went up to the school last week to visit, and though it was weird to see someone else in my classroom, I was good with it.  I just look at my little sidekick, and I have a peace about being home with him.  It is such a hard decision, and there is no right way for any family.  I am very proud (and jealous) of those moms who can balance work and mommyhood and do it beautifully!  

Picture from the pool last weekend.  Turner and his BFF York hung out in the pack n' play at the pool.  They had a ball for 2+ hours while the adults hung out!


  1. Oh my word!! I could hear your voice as I read this post! I miss you! I wish that I were able to see you last week when you visited - when was that?? You had me laughing out loud as you talked about Turner's love for bosoms! I love it! I miss that little man - I need to see him soon! - and you of course!

  2. I'm so glad you posted a picture of Harrison & Turner smiling...that must have been before Harrison knocked him in the head with the toy! They look like such big boys in the picture! Hope you guys are well!