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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!  This holiday is one of my favorites.  Ranks right up there with Christmas.  I love it!!  I was able to exploit Turner in a "Baby's first 4th of July" shirt and a star-spangled bathing suit.  Awesome. 

 I really do get too excited about this day, but it is always so fun!  A few years ago I was watching the fireworks and I yelled "These own me!" and my caring sister said, "You are ridiculous.  Get in the car."  

Around lunch time we went to my parents' house to go swimming with family and friends.  The weather was wonderful and we had more food than we knew what to do with - ribs, burgers, hot dogs, brats (not so wonderful to me), but the best were the desserts.  I made a fruit pizza, brownies, apple pie, potato salad and Texas caviar dip all Friday night.  Like I said, a little psycho about our Nation's birthday!  Lindsey made the peanut butter pie from The Pioneer Woman blog.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Amazing!  

We played a rodeo game in the pool (my coordination was amazing) and the boys played bocce ball and cornhole.  Grandad Starr was there to take it all in.  Funny story about him.  Brandon, Heath, Turner, Lindsey (with Blake in her lap) and I were sitting at the table.  Grandad asked Lindsey if she was still nursing.  The 4 of us looked at each other like what do we say here??  Then Grandad said, "Are you still hospital nursing?"  She tried to respond in all seriousness about how she is flexi now because of the 2 children, etc.  But Brandon and I kept saying things in a low voice to Lindsey like "Are you lactating?"  "Do you still feel the let down?"  "How many ounces?" etc.  I am laughing as I type this because it was so awkward.  Luckily Grandad informed us that he only had one hearing aid in, so he probably didn't catch it.  Oh, breastfeeding humor.  Things change so much after you have a baby.
Back to the 4th of July.  Heath and I went to our friends Ty and Meg's house for a great steak dinner.  They have a 17 month old (Charles) that Turner is going to be tight with as soon as he realizes he can.  He went to bed and then Meg went with Heath and me to downtown Homewood to watch the fireworks.  I always love them, and Turner slept right through them.  This year they added some gold fireworks that looked like a waterfall as they fell in the sky.  Wow - it doesn't take a lot to amaze me in the fireworks department.  All in all, a perfect American holiday!  You know that always makes Heath happy!!

Cute Meg.  I love her because of course I was wearing red, white and blue, but she and Ty and Charles were, too!  How festive!  Turner had on those red, white and blue overalls - I couldn't resist.

Anyway, today I have a 7 month old.  That is crazy!!  In his sixth month, he officially began eating baby food and 100 percent formula.  His mother does not like change, so these things were an adjustment.  I never knew watching him grow up would be kind of sad.  However, I believe the cliche that I like every age better than the last.  Though he is not a tiny newborn anymore, he is more fun when he laughs and makes faces and develops his own personality.  Side note - one thing not as fun has been his teething the last 24 hours or so.  He got a bad report in the nursery at church today.  This is his first bad report ever - evidently he cried a lot.  He doesn't usually do this (Praise God!), so his teeth (which haven't shown up yet) must really be hurting.  Thank God for Tylenol and Orajel.
When he eyes his bottle, his eyes get big and he gets excited and grabs it and sticks it in his mouth.  Also, he rolls from one side to the other, flips up and is starting to get in position to crawl.  I said starting.  He doesn't get very far, but he is determined to try as often as possible.  I am okay with him not being too mobile yet.  I don't want to wish the time away where he sits somewhere and I can leave him!


  1. We were in Homewood for the fireworks too! Where did you watch them from? We met our frieds Hal and Maghan at their restaurant, Momma G's. Turner just gets cuter by the minute.

  2. I'm dying to see Turner in person!! He's a doll!

  3. how is the boot camp going? :) lindsey had some funny stories for me... can't wait to hear more about it - and see how awesome you look!!

  4. Glad to see things are going well for you guys. Very disappointed we had a conflict this past weekend, would've like to have seen ya'll.

  5. Turner is getting so big!

    I love reading your blogs, because you write like you speak. Whenever I read your blog I have to shut my office door because I usually start laughing out loud. :)

  6. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so much. Also, I would like to point out that Heath holding Turner up while under the covers in the first picture is hysterical to me. Did you have to cover him after he was holding Turnbug or did he do it himself? Hysterical.