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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sitting Up!

Turner decided that 7 months was just the right age to begin sitting up all on his own.  He had been wobbly, but this day decided he was going to do it right!   This picture was from the doctor's office (2 weeks ago - don't worry, we've been back since).  He sat up the whole visit.  Great with me!

This past weekend, Heath's parents came to visit and spoil Turner.  I had to miss Aunt Kelly's bachelorette weekend.  I just wasn't sure if Heath was ready for all Turner all weekend (and neither was Heath!).  Luckily, Kelly stayed with us this past week to do a rotation in Birmingham and we were able to spend time with her.  And she was a great help with Turner!
Anyway, Heath's mom and I went to get Turner's pictures taken, since he had decided to sit up and all!  Here are some samples.  They make me laugh.  Don't worry - they are cheesy.

While we were there, this turkey laughed the whole time.  When the photographer was taking his picture, another woman came up and said, "Ooh, a baby.  I will be here for backup."  My photographer said to her, "No worries.  We have about the happiest baby in the world."  Praise God!  He really is.  I hope he stays this way.  He smiled and smiled and laughed when a 2 year old little girl walked up and put a Teddy Graham in his mouth.  I laughed too, but I was really looking for her mother!!  So was Melissa.  Melissa "MeMe" helped me dress Turner for his wardrobe changes (ha!) and entertain him.  She was also a big help in picking out poses, because wow, there were a lot!  
MeMe and Pap took us to dinner and then watched Turner Bug while we went to a friend's wedding party.  What a blessing!  They also spoiled him with some clothes and toys.  Here they are playing on the floor.

Meanwhile, I think precious Teddy Graham girl helped out in the fever virus that has overtaken our lives since Tuesday.  He has had 103 and 104 until today, when I thought we were in the clear.  But no, we are holding strong at 101.  Kelly and I were amused that when he had to get his temp taken (in the - you know) he smiled and giggled.  Kelly said, "What baby does that?"  He has been in pretty good spirits, with only a few meltdowns.  These have happened when his whole face is pretty much purple it is so red from the fever.  So sad.  Did I mention this is the one week out of the summer that I was working?  Of course he would get sick this week.  From Sunday to Friday I have spent all day at our county in-service center teaching a math class.  Mom kept him Monday and Lee (his wonderful daycare teacher from his short-lived daycare days) kept him on Tuesday.  She was supposed to keep him on Thursday, but you know how that goes.  Luckily, Heath stayed home and worked from here - mostly working with Turner.  He did a great job, and like I said Kelly helped so I could go surprise Laurahelen for her early birthday party!  Anyway, Mom and Heath tag-teamed on Friday.  I guess that is how it goes with a baby.  So this week was crazy busy!  Luckily, we didn't have much going on this weekend, so we're still recuperating.  Here is Sicky Sickerson.  

Next week we head to Fairhope for Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jonathan's wedding.  Pictures (and stories) to follow!

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  1. Kelly, He is just precious! I'm sad he's been sick and hope you're all well soon!